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When the beast attacked and killed, Chu Feng naturally made a move as well.

However, unlike the previous time when he killed the enemies with one sword, this time, he kept a low profile.

Sometimes, killing might not solve the problem, and Chu Feng was here to solve the problem.

If he wanted to completely eliminate the evil yin energy and evil spirits, ultimately, he still had to dig deep into the reason why the yin energy evil spirits could continuously revive.

Otherwise, no matter how many beasts he had, or how many yin energy and evil spirits they killed, they would still be unable to get rid of the root of the problem!

“How do I find the evil yin core among the endless evil yin energy and evil spirits”

Phrasing the question in different words, “How do I find an existence hidden among thousands of living beings”

However, if he took the initiative to find an existence that wasnt too different from the others, it would be no different from looking for a needle in a haystack! As such, the best strategy would be to set up a trap.

Or rather, make the other party take the initiative to expose itself from the group.

Chu Fengs side had formulated a few plans, so the next step was to take action.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Amidst the extremely familiar background sounds, Chu Feng broke away from the beast group and began to move alone.

Of course, this was only the situation on the surface.

In the dark, more than one or two gazes were focused on Chu Feng.

Although the distance between the beasts and their Beastmaster seemed far, if anything went wrong, they would probably fly over in the blink of an eye and perform a scene of “beast saves hero”… After all, their promise of the so-called “protection” wasnt just for show!

Chu Fengs actions now were like a fragrant snack being placed unguarded on the table, or a seemingly naive young deer stepping into a hunters trap.

The distance between Chu Feng and his beasts grew further apart, and at the same time, the former was also getting deeper into the enemys interior.

At first, the evil core seemed to be worried about something.

The evil spirits that appeared around Chu Feng were mostly of relatively ordinary levels, and the lingering evil energy seemed to overlap with the prying eyes for a moment.

Gradually, as if it was testing him, the evil energy around the young man became denser and denser.

Even the evil spirits that could be ignored at first became stronger.

Until at a certain moment, the human young man with the lowest level at the scene disappeared! The time difference before and after he disappeared was just the blink of an eye!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”



On the game ground, the mixed sounds of battle continued.

It was unknown whether it was an illusion or not, but when the teenager disappeared, the atmosphere in the underground game ground suddenly changed.

At this moment, if someone compared it carefully, they would easily notice something.

As the yin energy and evil spirits had been replenished by the “resurrection”, their rhythm of the battle with the beasts seemed to be roughly the same as it had been a few minutes ago.

However, under the constant rumbling sounds of battle, large swaths of yin energy evil spirits were quickly annihilated.

On the surface, the rhythm didnt change, but in the dark, undercurrents were surging!

Although they were still fighting, when they lost sight of the human, the group of beasts became more and more distracted as they fought.

At the same time, the attacks they launched against the enemy became increasingly fiercer…

All of these showed just how important God Chu was to them!

To be honest, if Chu Feng hadnt given them orders in private beforehand, and the beasts had come to the conclusion that the Beastmaster was in a good condition based on their shared perception, they would have gone berserk the moment that figure disappeared!

“Dont worry,” A clear voice fell into the ears of the beasts.

As if a breeze had brushed past, their originally flustered hearts calmed down.

“Since God Chu is still able to divert his attention to comfort us at this time, it seems that everything is under his control.”

In fact, Chu Feng was currently in complete darkness, but he didnt show the slightest hint of panic.

Not only was he not panicking, he even casually condensed a red lantern for himself and strolled around in the darkness with great interest.

The thick darkness around him was formed by the concentration of the evil yin energy that was so high that it was almost a physical substance.

In such an environment, the divine strength in his body naturally could not be replenished at any time.

Fortunately, the energy in his body had always been inexhaustible, so he was not in an awkward situation where he did not have divine strength to use.

Speaking of which, this young man was clearly drawn in by the evil energy as prey, but he had a faint smile on his face.

He looked very calm, unlike prey.

It might be more appropriate to say that he was a hunter or a death god who specialized in harvesting lives.

If the yin energy and evil spirits in the game could think, they might even have doubts in their hearts, “Is this person really prey Or is he a hunter in the form of prey Is he bait, or is there another conspiracy”

Unfortunately, after a wisp of the evil gods spirit, Samael was destroyed, the yin energy and evil spirits thus lost their leader and became a pile of loose sand that could be resurrected continuously.

In short, they werent very strong, but they were more or less difficult to deal with.

To be honest, if Chu Fengs beast team hadnt appeared, then the game ground would have long been known as the boneyard of true Gods!

In the underground, once such a game ground appeared, it would be sealed up and classified as a forbidden area.

But now with Chu Feng, such an outcome might not be the case.


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Suddenly, the faint sound of water dripping could be heard.

Chu Feng raised his eyebrows, and his left hand, which was holding the lantern, paused slightly.

Then, he turned around and followed the sound.

When he reached his destination, he saw a bone pool that was so dry that the bottom could be seen.

At the bottom of the pool, there were many broken limbs and broken bodies of humans and beasts.

All of them had turned into white bones.


A drop of blood-red liquid dripped down from the thick darkness above his head, landing right in the middle of the bone pool, on a piece of jade bone.

In the next moment, the drop of blood, which was so dark red it was almost black, suddenly disappeared.

The occurrence was even more sudden than when it landed.

Chu Feng keenly sensed that the piece of jade-like bone seemed to have become a little more lustrous than before.

“To think that piece of jade-like bone can absorb blood! Perhaps, the entire bone pool can absorb blood…” Several thoughts flashed through his mind.

Chu Feng composed himself and casually placed the red lantern in his hand to the side.

After freeing his hands, his two slender and powerful hands immediately flicked in all directions.

After two breaths, the gloomy space suddenly became brightly lit.

It was not until this moment that the passer-by who had accidentally entered this place finally saw his surroundings clearly.

Not only were there bones in the white jade bone pool, but there were also bones under his feet!

These bones were either hard or brittle, scattered all over the place.

Some piled up into a mountain of bones, while others shattered into ashes and piled up into a sea!

What was even more terrifying was the bright red liquid dripping down from above…

“Drip, drip, drip!”



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