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Theres a saying that goes like this: You can stop a person from doing something for some time, but you cant stop him for a lifetime.

This was especially true in Gods world where the strong preyed on the weak and the strong reigned supreme.

Some love and care were even deadlier than stabbing someone in the heart!

After all, one could protect others for some time, but one simply couldnt others for an entire lifetime.

The love and care of others were, to a certain extent, no different from arsenic wrapped in honey.

Chu Feng was certain that his beasts were sincere in protecting him as their Beastmaster.

However, even if it was the most sincere action done on the stance of “for your good”, it didnt necessarily mean that such an action was truly good.

Faced with Lilas obstruction out of love, the youth suddenly smiled, “Dont say anything more.

Ive made up my mind.”

These words resounded in the void.

Even if all residents on Blue Planet came over to advise him against doing so, he would still do what he should do.

Even if he really made a mistake, Chu Feng still had the confidence that he would become the strongest in the universe!

To be honest, no matter what the result of his choice was, as long as it did not exceed his current limit, it did not matter even if he made a thousand or ten thousand mistakes.

After all, failure was the mother of success.

For 99.9… 9% of the people, failure was the most normal thing.

Although Chu Feng knew that his growth potential was very strong, he also knew that the road to success was littered with setbacks and not just success.

He was probably stronger than others in one aspect such that he firmly believed that he would eventually achieve a great victory!

For ordinary people, just wandering around at the crossroads would have already expended a great deal of their effort.

Excluding the fragmented time they spent on work, eating, drinking, defecating, and entertainment, perhaps they would not even have a few minutes of free time at the end of the day.

Let alone have time to learn, grow, become stronger, and even cross the social strata.

Of course, as a God, Chu Feng had long had nearly unlimited time.

No matter how great the obstruction was, it would inevitably be broken by him!

Regardless of whether it was those who had once disliked him or those who had hurt him, they would eventually receive karma that matched their previous attitude and actions.

As for this universe known as Gods world, it would also inevitably welcome an unprecedented supreme master.

The road ahead was long and the path was arduous, but the journey would eventually come to an end if he continued to move forward.

To head to the future, he still needed to strive!

The clothes of the young man who was standing in the void fluttered even though there was no wind.

Let alone the beasts that were originally inextricably linked to the Beastmaster, even Qiluo and Lou Xiao, who had only known the other party for a short while, looked at the expert, and the admiration in their hearts soared to the extreme.

“God Chu definitely has a grand ideal!”

“If its possible, Im willing to follow him…”

Seeing the persons firm back, everyone suddenly understood what it meant to say that silence was better than words.

At the same time, Lila was also looking at that young God.

A sense of inferiority suddenly rose in her heart.

God Chu didnt need others to tell him what to do.

After all, he was the brightest star that guided countless humans and beasts forward!

As for others, they only needed to follow God Chu with unwavering determination.

They should listen to him, and fight when he asked them to!



Two deafening roars exploded in the void.

The great battle in the game suddenly erupted! The thoughts that lingered in Chu Fengs mind were instantly synchronized with the consciousness of his beasts.

Since they couldnt persuade him to rest at the back, they could only fight together as the Beastmaster had said!

“Boom! Boom! Buzz!”

The Mystic Fall Fighter Jet had been multitasking in controlling a variety of armaments to give the enemy a continuous barrage of attacks of varying strength.

When it received the Beastmasters command, it no longer suppressed its combat strength and began bombarding the evil spirits with all its firepower.

The countless artillery shells poking out from the cracks in the void were like the most terrifying monsters, targeting the enemy!

“Roar!!” The Dark-sky Azure Dragon opened its huge mouth and roared at the countless opponents below.

Super skill, dragon gods roar! After a world-shaking roar, an uncountable amount of yin energy and countless evil spirits were all petrified by the terrifying roar.

Then, under the effect of the max-level myth skill “elemental fusion”, the opponents turned into the primal chaos of the world!

“Boom! Hum!”

Deafening sounds reverberated in the void.

The humming explosions were like a terrifying behemoth that invaded the adjacent game grounds.

The giant monster that had been acting arrogantly in the game ground earlier immediately hid in the depths of the space in fear…

No matter how the program team tried to coerce it, it simply curled up and trembled, refusing to come out even if it died!

Under the various attacks like the Wild Bears terrifying critical strike, the Mirage Butterflys spatial kill, the Mythical Trees treant army, Luo Yas flower leaves, as well as Taoties devour, the evil spirit was forced to retreat.






“Boom! Boom! Boom!”


Terrifying attacks with extraordinary power exploded fiercely on the game ground.

Let alone the yin energy and evil spirits, even Qiluo and Lou Xiao, whose strength could be classified as above average among true Gods, were forced to retreat by the overwhelming attacks.

They didnt have any extra time or energy to attack or even counterattack.

They could only do their best to hold on to the protective barrier and drift with the waves in the extremely terrifying storm…

Fortunately, the two of them were still lucky.

Not long after, they were rescued by Lila, the Mythical Tree, who was guarding the rear.

The latter casually placed them in a safe place.

Lou Xiao, who was already stunned by the terrifying power of God Chus beast, was shocked to the point of speechlessness when he saw that the serious injury on his divine soul was completely healed by a green divinity.

“God Chu is strong, and his beasts are also strong.

Thats fine, but now, even the subordinates of his beasts are extremely strong.

How can others even live! This is truly terrifying! !

Under the terrifying attacks of the beasts, large areas of yin energy and evil spirits quickly “evaporated”.

It didnt take long for one-third of the underground game ground to become empty!

Following the fierce attacks of the beasts, the game ground was so battered that one couldnt even see that it was a game ground.

Because of this, the Mirage Butterfly had to stop and repair it from time to time.

Doing such a thing felt even more tiring than concentrating on fighting!

It wasnt just Fei Nuo Sha who was mentally tired, but also the yin energy evil spirits that were being suppressed and beaten up.

While they were struggling to deal with the numerous beasts whose attacks had suddenly powered up, they also had to pay attention to the only immortal in the game ground.

Soon, they were unable to split further, and they were at their wits end.

However, even in the incomparably chaotic battle, a portion of the yin energy seemed to have eyes and was still staring fixedly at the young man.

Whether it was the yin energy or the evil spirits formed by the energy, they were all different from the humans and beasts that could think independently, that is, living creatures.

Looking at it from another angle, the yin energy and evil spirits were more like low-intelligence beasts that were guided by their instincts.

They stared at Chu Feng only because they were keenly aware that he posed the greatest threat to them! However, such a stakeout was simply useless!

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