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“Boss, were here!” The Dark-sky Azure Dragon and Wild Bear, who had also demolished the room together with the Beastmaster, heard the conversation between the man and Lila.

Immediately, their eyes welled up with tears, and they excitedly followed the Beastmaster into the battlefield.

In the distance, Lou Xiao, who could faintly hear part of the conversation, couldnt help but sigh, “What a touching human-beast relationship!”

Qiluo didnt speak, but the emotions in her heart couldnt be hidden since some of them could be seen on her face.

In her currently scattered and messy information database, countless memory fragments would flash past her mind.

Among those memory fragments, she had seen Beastmasters and beasts killing each other time and time again…

Now that she could truly feel the unbreakable bond between a Beastmaster and his beasts, only then did she know that perhaps, peaceful coexistence, friendly mutual assistance, equality, mutual benefit, and cooperation for win-win results was the normal way for Beastmasters and beasts to interact, huh The logic stood true even when placed between certain groups, or between different groups.

Only through mutual promotion and good competition could Gods world, which was rather limited in all aspects, become more open, and be able to accommodate more living creatures.

Otherwise, if they continued to reduce the number of certain existences through constant internal strife, for example, expelling the stronger experts from Gods world, suppressing the number of Gods, and continuously eliminating the weak, this world would eventually come to an end.

To give a simple example, it was like cutting off rounds after rounds of leeks.

After cutting off the head, the roots would be cut, then the head again, and the roots next… Round after round, it would finally be the turn of the “survivors”.

“Hey, what are you doing” A hand covered in scars shook in front of the woman, and his tone was a little surprised, “I didnt expect you to be distracted, too.

Come on, snap back to your senses! God Chu and his invincible beasts have already arrived at the battlefield.

If you get involved in the God-level battle later, dont blame me for not reminding you…”

Qiluo snapped out of her thoughts and glanced at the man coldly as if she despised him, “Youre so long-winded.”

As soon as she said that, Lou Xiao, who felt like he had been a good samaritan for once, immediately furrowed his brows and flew into a rage, “You think Im long-winded I dont even like talking to you!”

Lila, who happened to be a beat too slow to catch up, was rendered speechless when she heard the conversation that was like primary school children quarreling.

The Beastmaster who had arrived on the battlefield earlier was already meeting up with the Mirage Butterfly and the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet.

Chu Feng and the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet first discussed the progress of the game grounds invasion.

As of now, Mystic had successfully seized control of the game ground, which was marked with the name “grand escape”, as well as the ten surrounding game grounds.

This was especially true for the game ground where the group of humans and beasts were currently in.

Apart from the supreme existence whose chances of appearing were close to zero, they had taken over the highest level of control.

In other words, if any follow-up members of the program team wanted to use the control room to destroy the game ground later, they wouldnt be able to do anything to the human-beast team.

Not only would they not be able to cause any damage to the human-beast team on the game ground, but they might even be injured instead.

As for the degree of damage, that would depend on the most mobile one-man-two-beast team on the game ground, which was Chu Feng, Mystic, and the Mirage Butterfly.

Of course, this didnt mean that the other beasts werent strong.

It was just that they were relatively unskilled in this area.

The eight beasts that Chu Feng had contracted each had their strengths.

Whether they fought alone or as a team, they were able to display relatively good results.

Especially the first few beasts.

After their potential was unleashed, their battle prowess was extremely astonishing.

Even Luo Ya and Taotie, who had just been contracted not long ago, were slowly revealing their unique battle characteristics… It wouldnt be too much to say that they had a bright future ahead of them!

As for the Astral Spirit, who had yet to appear in the game ground here, was slowly beginning her path to becoming an expert.

Chu Feng lowered his head slightly and sank into deep thought.

He had thought of many ways to deal with the issue of the underground worlds game grounds.

There were three plans that involved the beasts, namely Taotie, the Astral Spirit, and Mystic respectively.

Among the three, the plan with the Astral Spirit, who possessed the innate principle and skill of refining, obviously didnt need much explanation.

Let alone a small game ground, Hera could even refine an entire region!

Then, there was that involved Taotie.

The core skill of Taotie was to devour.

Due to the mutation pill he had taken later, his skill thus had an effect similar to the Astral Spirits Planet Refinement Derivative Ability.

However, the plan that Chu Feng had originally thought of when he brought Taotie into the game ground was actually triggered by Taoties “gluttony” characteristic.

He had planned to let Taotie use the game ground as food and directly devour it.

This was the earliest plan.

Now, it seemed to the plan had both advantages and disadvantages.

In general, it was not much different from the Astral Spirits refining.

Whether the game ground was refined or devoured, it would be the same to the underground world such that a game ground had cut off the connection with it.

And cutting off the connection meant losing control.

After many game grounds had lost control, it would be bound to attract the attention of the higher-ups.

It was because of this that even if the Astral Spirit had the power to devour the illusory world, Chu Feng didnt let her do it.

In short, they couldnt afford to provoke a supreme existence yet.

Thus, actions that involved directly flipping the table and snatching the cake could only be controlled to be within a certain degree.

Suppression, logically speaking, wouldnt feel good.

However, it was actually not that bad.

After all, with Chu Fengs and his beasts current powerful strength, he could completely walk unhindered among the true Gods.

“I wonder what the result would be if I were to fight against an invincible true God” A thought inadvertently flashed through his mind.

Chu Feng shook his head.

He felt that it was not yet time.

“Boom, Boom, Boom!”

The most commonly used cannon fire suppression rhythm of the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet could be heard.

Amidst the incessant rumbling sounds in the background, he looked at the place outside the game ground in a daze.

His incomparably vast divine strength extended out, and he could only sense a stretch of the void.

Even his thoughts seemed to have been cleared out immediately.

Returning to the temporary plans of dealing with the game ground, other than getting Taotie or the Astral Spirit to make a move, there was another more suitable plan.

Different from the other two, the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet would not completely transform the game ground into its growth fuel, nor would it take the game ground away from the physical level by “refining” it.

However, looking at it from another angle, this plan was thorough.

As mentioned before, the underground world had several names.

In addition to the abbreviation of “underground”, there were also the names “underground dark net” and “underground auction”.

Among them, the name “underground auction” originated from the stereotype of the outside world.

To put it crudely, those who had never been to the underground dark net did not know that the place had so many reality shows.

Of course, Chu Feng already knew that the underground world did not only have underground auctions, but also underground games, various dark forces, and an inner city!

As for the underground dark net, it included everything that was left after excluding the offline entities.

The ratio of the dark net to the underground was about 70%! Even the underground game grounds were inseparable from the underground dark net.

Since it was the internet, it was thus data and information… Regarding this, what other tool would be more suitable than the supercomputer and photon calculation Thinking about it, there probably wasnt.

The mission that Chu Feng had given Mystic earlier had been done when the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet used two max-level skills in the mythical mode, namely photon calculation and quantum invasion.

It didnt take long for it to seize control of the game ground.

In other words, Mystic had seized the game grounds authority in the underground dark net! In the online world, there was really nothing more important than authority.

Moreover, unlike “refining” and “devouring”, the probability of Mystics “authority seizing” attracting the attention of those in charge of the underground dark net was very low.

Unless someone really came to the game ground to investigate, or supreme beings intervened, even the most advanced dark net administrator would not be able to find a problem from the data!

On top of that, supreme beings basically had zero interest in creatures below the God Emperor level.

At the same time, Chu Feng also had a way to deal with those who came to investigate.

To put it more bluntly, he even welcomed such investigations!

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