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A strong suppressive killing force came from all directions, surrounding Chu Feng and his beasts.

The extraterrestrial sky god, or rather, a part of the extraterrestrial evil god, exerted the octagonal towers main body to the maximum.

At this moment, other than it, only Chu Feng, the Mirage Butterfly, and Mystic Fall Fighter Jet were on the game ground.

In the beast space, Lila was interrogating Kunda while Luo Ya and Taotie nervously looked through the spatial barrier and watched everything that was happening outside.

As for the other three, the Wild Bear, Dark-sky Azure Dragon, and Astral Spirit, they were currently in the dimensional dream realm of the Blue Planet.

They would not be able to leave and rush over any time soon.

In the vast void, the human and his two beasts were facing off against the octagonal tower that was like an evil Gods hell tower above them.

The terrifying power that was pressing down from all directions was fused with evil power and suppressive killing power…

The terrifying evil suppressive power that was formed by the combination of different powers could even tear a middle God Marquis into pieces in an instant! As for the evil octagonal tower, the violent power that it was emitting had reached an extreme.

Even when its level aura was at its weakest, it was still a God King.

When its aura was at its strongest, it could even compete with a true God Venerable! One had to know that before this, the octagonal tower was only a “mere God Marquis”.

If such a terrifying enhancement were to be known, anyone who learned about it would be shocked to the point of their godly souls would be shaken! However, the human and two beasts that were being suppressed did not reveal much of a surprised look.

Chu Feng raised his head to look at the octagonal tower that was rapidly operating above him, and a flash of understanding flashed across his eyes.

The octagonal towers level had soared, and this was, of course, not just relying on the extraterrestrial evil gods spirit!

Back when the octagonal towers main body appeared and fell from the sky while crushing everything in its way, anything that existed on the game ground, other than Chu Feng and his beasts, was absorbed.

Simply put, the souls of the contestants who had died but not completely disappeared, as well as the existence of the game ground itself, had all become nutrients for the octagonal tower.

The thick black gas surrounding the huge tower had unknowingly wrapped around the spirit soul of Hitler, who had died not long ago.

The same went for the souls of the butcher, crocodile python, wolf fang…

The array with the huge octagonal tower as the eye was in operation.

Restricted by the overly violent evil killing power, Chu Feng couldnt extend his spiritual power to investigate what was happening outside the game.

It didnt matter, though.

He could actually guess what was going on.

This probably wasnt the only game ground that was affected by the octagonal tower! As time went on, more and more black smoke billowed from the bottom of the huge tower, almost filling the entire grounds, so much so that the human and his two beasts that were within the coverage area were unable to accurately sense how difficult their situation was.

How much had the “butchers knives” above their heads dropped How much further were those knives from them No one could answer this question, not even Chu Feng.

The Mystic Fall Fighter Jet flashed with red lights as the Mirage Butterfly circled her Beastmaster again and again.

From the way her wings were flapping at extreme speed, one could tell that it had lost some of its composure.

With the addition of a wisp of the extraterrestrial evil gods spirit, the octagonal tower, even if its highest level was only at the God Venerable realm, wouldnt be easy to deal with!

No one spoke in the game ground, and the atmosphere was terrifyingly stifling.

Seeing this, the avatar suddenly cackled with laughter.

[Tsktsktsk… If youre willing to offer your body as tribute, perhaps I can spare your life!]

“What if I say no”

[Youre just a mere weak God.

Do you think you have the ability to resist the mighty evil god Let alone you, even if there are more than a hundred true Gods here, they wouldnt be able to escape my prison of suppression!]

Hearing this, Chu Feng indifferently glanced at the countless souls struggling in the thick black gas.

He continued, “Oh, so youre not a sky god at all, but an extraterrestrial evil god, or rather, an extraterrestrial sky demon thats even more inferior than the extraterrestrial evil god”

[You sharp-tongued human, since you took the initiative to seek death and offend me…]

[Then accept your death!!]

With that, the octagonal tower, which was so big that one could only see a small corner of it, came crashing down.

The void in its surroundings immediately collapsed in succession.

The game ground, which had been stable during the self-destruction of the God King realm true God country, was now showing signs of collapsing.

Countless cracks appeared in the void at the edge.

Through some of the cracks, one could even see that beyond the game ground, the space was also shaking to the extreme.

A few relatively weak game grounds were even twisted and devoured into the octagonal towers evil array.

Not long after, they were torn to shreds… annihilated!

Under the indescribably terrifying pressure, the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet and the Mirage Butterfly joined forces, using all sorts of max-level space-time skills to confront the enemy that was suppressing them from above.

And now, that tower was only less than a hundred feet away from them!

In the beast space, Lila frowned, while Luo Ya and Taotie stared nervously at the immortal Beastmaster outside.

Qiluo and Lou Xiao rushed out of the tree world anxiously.

When they came to the beasts side and looked at the light screen that displayed the situation in the game, they couldnt help but hold their breaths.

The man and the woman looked at each other, seeing the shock and worry in each others eyes.

“What exactly is that octagonal tower It was originally just a God Overlord who couldnt even defeat me.

How could such a huge change happen in just a few minutes… To think its now even more terrifying than the embryonic form of the disaster just now!”

“This is bad.

Unless a God Venerable or a God Emperor comes over, we wont be able to survive today!”

“Even though God Chu is heaven-defyingly strong, no matter how strong he is, hes still just an immortal level Beastmaster, and the opponent is an evil god thats even more terrifying than an ordinary God Venerable!”

“There are clearly hundreds and thousands of evil spirits and true Gods in that tower, not to mention the countless immortal-level demons inside…”

“How can one person do anything against the power of ten thousand gods!”


The atmosphere became heavier and heavier.

Soon, the bottom of the tower was less than ten feet away from Chu Feng!


Qiluo looked at Lou Xiao who had suddenly patted her, and said in surprise, “Were in this situation already, whats wrong with you”

The man didnt answer her.

Instead, he anxiously took out an item from his dimensional pocket.

Gritting his teeth, he handed it to Lila and the others, “Take it!”

Luo Ya was puzzled, “Whats this”

Lou Xiao answered immediately, “A realm-breaking pill.

Its a perfect realm-breaking pill that can help people break through their current level without any sequelae!”

God Chu was already powerful enough to defy the heavens even though he was only an immortal.

With this item, he would definitely be able to break through to become a true God in one fell swoop.

At that time, even if the opponent was an evil God Venerable, God Chu would still stand a chance to win!

Qiluo was shocked and suspicious, “Where did you get a perfect realm-breaking pill”

“This was passed down in my family…” Seeing that God Chus beasts didnt take it, Lou Xiao instantly became anxious like ants on a hot pan.

He shouted in alarm, “Dont worry, this perfect realm-breaking pill is not poisonous! Luo Ya, Taotie, what are you waiting for! If you dont take it out quickly, well all die when God Chu dies!!”

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