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The vampire bat was devoured by the Taotie, but a trace of true Gods power still lingered.

The girl fainted on the ground, unconscious.

Chu Feng walked over unhurriedly.

With a wave of his hand, a stream of divine strength filled with life energy merged into the girls body.

After a while, she slowly woke up.

“You, who are you” She covered the wound on her left neck that had already healed and realized that the three people before her were her lifesavers after some time.

“Dont just stand there.

Since youre awake, follow me,” Taotie mocked.

Luo Ya walked over and helped the unfamiliar girl up.

As they walked, the girl spoke and everyone quickly knew her identity.

She was the daughter of the leader of a faction that spanned across a small area of the southeast region, Wei Qingqing.

“Even though the Nanli Sect isnt an orthodox sect either, we can make it onto Gods worlds factions leaderboard too, though barely.

I didnt expect that this underground auction would dare to insert a chess piece into our sect.

After I leave the game grounds, Ill make them pay the price!”

Perhaps it was because the effect of the max-level miracle of life was too good, after Wei Qingqing recovered, her condition was extremely good.

Although she couldnt be compared to a true God, she wouldnt be at a disadvantage against an ordinary immortal.

Chu Feng said indifferently, “The underground auction can even abduct you.

Dont tell me you really think its some small force that cant be ranked on the leaderboard”

Just by looking at the tip of the iceberg that the underground auction had revealed now, one could tell that it was an unimaginably huge faction.

The reason why it was not ranked on the leaderboard was probably that the person behind it wanted to keep a low profile.

If its entirety were to be revealed on the surface, this seemingly omnipresent force could at least be ranked in the top 30 of the strongest factions in the universe!

Otherwise, it would not be so impudent.

Such a huge entity would naturally not be destroyed in a short time.

What Chu Feng was doing now was at most giving it some obstacles.

Although Wei Qingqing was not very strong, she had been trained as one of the heirs since she was young.

Her eyes flickered for a while, and she focused her attention on this seemingly ordinary young man who somehow made others feel that he was not simple.

She calmed down the various emotions that were surging in her heart and said with a smile, “Cultivator Chu, what do you think”

She knew Luo Ya and Taoties names, but for that person, she only knew that he was surnamed Chu.

It was not appropriate to call him brother, so she imitated the way people of the same generation addressed each other in books.

After all, she couldnt possibly keep addressing him as a “benefactor”.

Chu Feng did not have any great ideas, and his lips moved slightly as he spat out a word, “Kill.”

Just like how rich people often used their money to clear the way, those whose strength was at the top relied on their martial strength in the end.

Since they were on the game grounds now, they would use killing to clear a path.

As for the various schemes, all of them could be broken through by force.

As the saying went, someone physically strong enough could defeat ten who knew martial arts.

As long as one was strong enough, no matter how many schemes and tricks came ones way, they would be useless! Chu Fengs gaze was very calm as if what he was about to do was just a trivial matter.

Wei Qingqings heart suddenly skipped a beat, and the admiration in her heart surged.

It was very strange.

She should have said to this person, “An immoral is an ant in front of a true God.” However, when she saw the other partys calm and composed attitude, inexplicably, she couldnt say it out loud.

As if he felt that the speed they were moving was too slow, Chu Fengs brows furrowed slightly and he shot out a beam of divine strength from his right hand.

The divine strength in the form of a ball of blue light split into two balls with a “whoosh”, one big and one small.

The big one condensed into a large door, while the small one instantly stretched to an extreme length, extending to a distance that was invisible to the naked eye…

Luo Ya and Taotie were still resonating with the Beastmaster.

There was no need for him to say anything, as they already understood Chu Fengs plan very well.

On the other hand, the young lady beside them, who looked younger than Chu Feng and was slightly older than the two human-shaped beasts, had a puzzled look on her face.

“Buzz!” The large door made of blue laser light suddenly began to vibrate, and then, as if it had been injected with some source of power, the blue light burst out!

The door opened by itself, and Chu Feng and the other two walked in.

Noticing the girl who was still in a daze, Luo Ya immediately pulled her to the other side of the door.

Isnt this just sister Fei Nuo Shas spatial door Was there a need to be so surprised

Taotie glanced behind, then looked at the calm Chu Feng, and sighed in amazement inwardly, “As expected of the boss.

This unfathomable strength is simply beyond description!”

Although the two humanoid beasts had just joined the team of beasts, their understanding of the original team of the human and his six beasts wasnt shallow.

First of all, the teams big brother, the Wild Bear, had the most basic strength, defense, and speed as his core.

With the various amplification skills, along with the conflicting divinity and demonic bloodlines in his body, his bodys various attribute values were thus extremely shocking.

Although the Wild Bear had a weakness in terms of mental attacks, he was not at a disadvantage even against the powerful mental skills of the Mirage Butterfly.

If he was facing an ordinary true God, he would be able to crush the opponent in 99% of the cases!

When it came to fighting against cultivators of the same realm, the Wild Bear was almost invincible.

The same went for the Mirage Butterfly, the Mythical Tree, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon, the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, and the Astral Spirit.

The Mirage Butterfly had spiritual, space, and illusion skills as her core.

The number of skills she had mastered now was already close to being able to compete with the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, which had dozens of skills.

As one of the first to learn the beast skills, the Dark-sky Azure Dragons progress was much slower.

Even so, if he were to really go all out, his combat strength would definitely be able to compete with the Wild Bear!

Although the Mythical Tree Lila guarded the rear for most of the time, just her treant army that could constantly be produced from the max-level tree world and attack, made her an existence no one dared to underestimate.

Not to mention, she also had other types of soldiers.

The Mystic Fall Fighter Jet was sometimes used as support and sometimes as the main fighting force.

With his powerful computing ability, even if he created countless mechanical soldiers, he could guarantee a 100% degree of control over all soldiers! The so-called “one-man army” could not only be used to describe Chu Feng and Lila, but also the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet.

As for the Astral Spirit, although her mind was still young, there was no need to mention how powerful she was.

Just from the fact that the plane consciousness had been so fearful of the white fog transformed from the disaster skill, it was enough to tell how terrifying Heras combat strength was.

As for the Taotie and Luo Ya, although they were relatively weaker now, their growth potential wasnt any weaker than the Astral Spirit that possessed the core skill of Planet Refinement Derivative Ability! Devour and lottery, coupled with the combination skill the two had when they cooperated… If Lilas creation principle allowed her to have countless soldiers, then Taotie and Luo Yas production could arm all the soldiers to their teeth!

Although most of the battles they were currently facing were individual battles, Chu Feng was making another kind of preparation as well.

Luo Ya gripped Taoties hand, the conviction in her eyes incomparably firm.

They had to do their best to become stronger and more useful life forms!

Even if their current strength could not catch up to the teams average now, they could not give up on striving toward their goal.

As long as they continued to grow stronger, they would definitely be able to protect the weaker ones… One day, they would in turn protect their boss and siblings.

At this moment, Chu Fengs voice sounded, “Were here.”


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