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Taoties core skill was devouring, but his ability wasnt just that.

Especially after swallowing the “dissimilation” skill that he had drawn from Luo Ya, his devour skill had changed a little.

At this moment, on the bloody battlefield, Chu Feng waved his hand, and the things that didnt belong to Taotie instantly vanished from his body.

The boy thus returned to his original appearance of being a clean and tidy boy.

From a certain point of view, devour could indeed be described as a simple and crude form of eating.

However, after Taotie devoured the carnivores talent skill, as long as any part of his body came into contact with “food”, he could start devouring!

When he learned this, Chu Feng instantly thought of countless slimes with mouths that were parasitic on the living beings.

If Taotie had another skill that dulled the senses of his body, he would be no different from a leech!

Of course, considering the pain of being split into countless pieces, normal people wouldnt be able to do it.

The second mouth that Taotie had grown previously didnt have any sense of taste or touch.

When he devoured something, he didnt feel like he was eating.

If one had to compare, it felt more like an ordinary cultivator absorbing the divine strength in the Ancient Tower of the Gods.

To Taotie, the other parts of his body could be turned into a second mouth to devour.

His initial mouth was naturally used to enjoy the food.

The parts that didnt meet the standards of normal people were all kept back.

At this moment, Taotie looked like an obedient child.

He extended his right hand and a bean-sized particle appeared.

This was the carnivores true God country that contained all sorts of treasures from other divine regions.

Speaking of which, it was a good thing that the other party had underestimated Taotie.

If the carnivore had destroyed his God country before Taotie finished devouring him, Taotie definitely wouldnt have been able to take him down so easily.

After all, no matter how much potential Taotie had, he simply couldnt crush a true God overnight.

Luckily with Chu Feng by his side, there wouldnt be any major problems.

Chu Feng took away the item that was like an interstitial world.

After taking the treasure, he used his extremely powerful divine strength to destroy the spiritual imprint left behind by its master, before returning the true Gods country back to Taotie, “This is your spoils of war, absorb it.”

No matter how powerful an ordinary immortal was, they wouldnt be able to convert true God power into their own.

Since Taotie had this talent, he naturally had to nurture him well.

If the enemy could only make one stronger, that would be great.

Since that night, Taoties memory had recovered a lot.

Seeing Chu Feng give him a valuable treasure that was also useful to him without hesitation, he couldnt help but feel touched, “Boss…”

Luo Ya patted Taoties head, “Lets not talk too much nonsense.

Only when we are strong can we be useful.”

The two seemed to be on the same level as Chu Feng, but when it came to combat power, the latter was in the sky while the former was underground.

It wasnt an exaggeration to say that if the Beastmaster wanted to, crushing Luo Ya and Taotie would be as easy as crushing two ants! The young boy and girl, who were next to the young man, looked at each other, wanting to become stronger as soon as possible.

“My current strength isnt even comparable to the Astral Spirit.

Im really too weak!

“I must fully develop my potential.

If I can reach the legendary ninth realm of the origin of the universe without relying on external objects, then Xiao Tie and I might also be able to reach the tenth realm that big brother Wild Bear mentioned!”

The two of them became much quieter.

Only when they looked at each other would they discover how strong the willpower fire burning in their pupils was.

The area of the game grounds was not very large, but they did not encounter many along the way.

The screams and wails were sometimes less than a kilometer away from them and sometimes extremely far away, so they could not hear the intermittent cries for help.

Although many of the creatures in the game grounds had entered inexplicably, 99% of them had spirits that had been killed by them following them.

Among the immortals that were teleported in, only one could be said to be without sin.

At this moment, the three-man team met that unlucky guy.

“Cough… Save… Save me!” The pale girl tilted her head and looked at the passersby.

Her left hand was in front of her chest, and her right hand was desperately reaching toward the light, “I dont want to die…”

A vampire bat was perched on her left neck.

It was small, but the girl couldnt even struggle.

Chu Feng watched as the young ladys face turned from pale to deathly pale, but he did not move his feet.

“Are you asking me for help” He said nonchalantly, wondering if he had become much kinder recently.

Otherwise, why would all of them dare to ask for help from the god of death, who had killed countless creatures

If someone really thought that Chu Feng was a good person because he had saved many slaves, that would be a huge mistake.

There was no eternal good or evil, only eternal benefits.

“Why should I save a short-lived ghost who looks like she wont live past 20 years old”

Hearing this, the girls eyes widened.

Her slightly out-of-focus eyes brightened a little as she scold the passerby while still on the verge of death, “Youre the short-lived ghost!”

Seeing this, Chu Fengs interest was slightly piqued, “Taotie, go.”

“Yes, boss!” The boy replied solemnly.

In the next moment, he pounced forward…

A trace of human-like disdain flashed across the bloodsucking bats scarlet eyes.

She was also excited because of the fragrance of the blood from the being that pounced over, “In this day and age, its rare to have food delivered to our doorstep.

Since its free, why reject it”

What a coincidence.

Taotie was thinking the same thing in his heart.

The moment he pounced over, a third hand suddenly appeared on his right shoulder.

Immediately after, under the girls terrified gaze, it transformed into a layer of transparent flesh that trapped the vampire bat inside.

From the camera in the corner, it looked like the vampire bat was walking into a trap.

This scene caused many people to laugh.

“The vampire is a famous true God in the killing shows.

Why does she look so stupid now”

“Carola is too careless.

She wont be the first wolf to be killed, right!”

“The three of them seemed to have appeared before the carnivore too.”

“Its said that the carnivore was killed.

The one who killed him was the boy next to the young man.

His name seems to be… Taotie”

“No way Isnt the carnivore already a true God…”

“Could it be that this boy is even more powerful than an experienced true God”

“I still havent seen that young man make a move.

I keep feeling that hes not simple!”

Seeing the boy devour the vampire bat in no time, other than the audience and guests at the underground auction, there were also some unexpected people.

“Eh, that face… Why did he come in as an immortal slave”

“Could it be that the big shot that appeared in the wild regions auction has some new arrangements”


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