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Not all the immortals were ignorant of the underground auction.

Among the 100 immortals labeled as “slaves and sheep”, about 10 of them were well-informed.

If they could kill the “wolves”, or do something that satisfied the program team, audience, and guests, the sheep could also be upgraded to become wolves! Chu Feng, who was being looked at openly and secretly, lowered his head and chuckled.

He was now paying attention to another big show.

Dozens of immortals had gathered and started to fight for their rights and interests on the other end of the camera.

“How can an organization that is not even ranked on the faction leaderboard kidnap us !”

“My uncles second nephew… has a friend who is a divine official of the Eastern Temple.

If he learns of my disappearance, he will definitely search the entire eastern divine region for me.

Evil people like you will never succeed!”

“The underground auction is indeed overbearing, but we dont have any enmity between us.

Why dont we stop here and discuss a win-win situation”

All of a sudden, all sorts of suggestions to said.

Some humans cursed loudly, and some beasts who couldnt bear it encircled the true Gods, demanding an explanation, while others ridiculed the true Gods as birds who flocked together.

Mocking voices came from all directions.

“Everyone here is evil, so why are you pretending to be innocent”

Some had ugly expressions and wanted to curse and rebuke, but then there were screams.


“Help… Help!”

“No, dont kill me… Ah!!”

It was the screams of the immortals that were closer to the true Gods.

Some humans and beasts lost part of their bodies in an instant.

The hosts voice was calm, “See that 100-meter blue circle in the center Any living being that enters will be randomly teleported to another place.

My dear sheep, if you want to live longer, then run! Of course, if you confront the wolves or the mutants in the sheep head-on, then you can only hope for the best.”

After the ear-piercing sound of the microphone being turned off sounded, only the wolves, the sheep, and the mutants were left on the stage.

A butcher who didnt care about the reality show, performance points, and guests and audience started slaughtering with a machete!

After chopping up nearly ten “sheep” in a row, no more living sheep were left in the central square which was the initial teleportation point of the game ground.

The butcher, who was still two to three meters tall even when he was compressed to the size of an ordinary person, looked at a true God who was also a wolf.

“Kill, kill… To make soup tonight!”

The chaos was not only in the sheep.

The wolves were also on alert.

Other than killing the sheep, there were also points for killing the wolves.

The difficulty of killing the latter was higher, so the points were more.

For the audience and the program team, it was also more interesting!

The difference in strength between an immortal and a true God was indescribable even with the comparison of the difference between Heaven and Earth.

At the very least, it had to be measured in light years.

Because of this, when an immortal stronger than a true God appeared in the flock of sheep that had been deemed as weak, the audience became excited.

“Isnt it usually a game where 10 wolves devour 100 sheep Has the program team been enlightened”

“Interesting, there are quite a few dark horses in this flock of sheep this time!”

“Even the vampire almost lost her halberd.

This time, the top 10 escapees will definitely be quite surprising!”

“Strange, we searched several times, but the executioner is not around…”

“F*ck, an immortal broke through to the true God level on the spot and killed the Reincarnator!”

“F*ck! The mantis stalks the cicada and the oriole follows behind… a human Beastmaster!”

“F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, even the Butcher was killed.

Where the f*ck did the program team get this monster contestant”

“One, two… three kills in a row!!”

Amidst the chaos of the massacre, the youth who still maintained a casual expression attracted many gazes, both from the audience who were so excited that they revealed savage expressions, as well as the shocked immortals and true Gods within the game.

If one only looked at the other partys appearance, even the weakest immortal wouldnt put them in their eyes.

After all, no matter how one looked at the combination of a normal-looking young man with a boy and girl behind him, it didnt seem right for this team to appear in a bloody scene.

At first, no one paid any attention to these three.

It was as if they had been forgotten by everyone, even the cameras almost couldnt keep up.

The reversal of the situation was due to a dark horse that the audience called the Carnivore.

When he saw Luo Ya and Taotie next to Chu Feng, saliva dripped from the corner of his mouth.

This was a carnivore that had been long starving.

Its race had a stinky reputation that was comparable to the cannibal race.

Before this, he had already left the impression of a “sheep mutant” on the audience.

An immortal “sheep” that could even devour a true God “wolf”, could there be anything more impressive than this

Even if the program team cursed at the screening mechanism that kept making mistakes, they still had to turn a blind eye to this “immortal” that was loved by the audience.

“The carnivore is clearly a true God, how can he be a sheep!”

“Dont bother about this, after its over, well just bow and apologize.”

“Indeed, we just have to remain silent.”

“As long as the program team doesnt make a statement, the audience will naturally make these accidents reasonable themselves…”

When the orc who was favored by the audience stopped in front of the three, many sentenced the three to death in their hearts.

However, in the next moment, their eyes widened in disbelief.

On the screen, on the game grounds, the lips of the young man with a common face moved as if he said something.

Just when everyone was puzzled, a boy walked out from behind him.

Faced with the salivating beast, the boys eyes curved as he smiled.

He then raised his right hand and extended it in the direction of the bloody mouth! Obviously, the true God who had eaten many wolves and sheep was also confused by this sudden change.

However, the meat was already in front of him, so how could he not bite on it

“Roar!” The carnivore revealed his fangs where pieces of meat from different creatures were still hanging! It excitedly pounced on the boy, bit on the lotus-like arm, and pulled.

“Roar!!” A scream sounded as expected, yet it was not the non-human young boy who let out the painful roar, but the carnivore who had won ten victories in a short time since the start of the game!

The carnivore opened its bloody mouth as if he wanted to swallow the boy in pain.

However, the boy only stretched out one hand and firmly held the carnivore down.

A terrifying roar came out from the true Gods teeth, but the crazy struggle only lasted for less than a minute.

The true Gods internal organs melted, and in the end, only a piece of fur was left… The audience, who were watching the show through the screen, was so shocked that they almost lost their voices!

“Bang!” The camera suddenly exploded, bringing with it a sudden sense of cessation that made some of the speechless people snap back to reality.

“F*ck, a newborn immortal!”

“Wasnt the carnivore even capable of eating a true God-level wolf clean How could he be suppressed by a child!”

“What child Thats clearly a beast!”

“The program team is really generous.

To think they even invited a human beastmaster over…”

“It doesnt feel like they invited him over.

Otherwise, why would the cameras be destroyed It cant be that theyve attracted a tough enemy, right”


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