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The rumors about the collective dream world became increasingly wild as they spread among the regions.

Even people who were extremely far away from the wild region had heard about it.

Some of the nobles who frequently beat and scolded the slaves became more and more cautious in their actions.

They were deeply afraid that the mysterious existence would follow the slaves painful screams and teleport over, giving the high and mighty who didnt treat the slaves as living beings a punishment that they couldnt bear.

From then on, only the Black Flood Dragon Gang and the Nuzhen Kingdom were two stronger factions left in the vicinity of the wild region.

Of course, this was only on the surface.

As for the underground auction, which was once the carrier of the evil desires of many domains, it hid deeper and deeper.

Entering the underground auction with a special token, just like Luo Ya had done, no longer worked.

Even the method of being recommended by others to join the auction had been renewed repeatedly in a short time.

Chu Feng returned to the sky region with his beasts.

While developing his territory and establishing diplomatic relations with the surrounding territories, he also explored the dimensional dream.

The uninhabited galaxies near the sky region were gradually included in the sky region.

A small number of humans and beasts were successfully sent back to their hometowns while the vast majority settled down and became the residents of the sky regions subsidiary territories.

On Blue Planet, everyone knew that the “dimensional dream” was the reality on another level.

It even gave birth to some industries and professions.

There were many full-time players.

Every day, they would enter the dimensional dream and start work like they punched their cards at work.

Entering the dimensional dream once more, the environment had undergone great changes.

Chu Feng brought his six beasts, Luo Ya, and Taotie to travel through the initial plane.

The Milky Way and Solar System used to be a mixture of black and white areas, but now, the map was only a pure white area with two black rings.

The white area in the initial plane was equivalent to the absolute safe zones.

Many built their homes within those areas.

Wu Yu, Zhong Hen, and the other team members felt that when the time was right, they could expand the range of players to the entire sky region.

However, this was only an idea.

It would probably take quite some time for it to be realized.

After roughly understanding the details, Chu Feng didnt bother about it anymore.

Either way, if someone needed to fight or if they were met with a difficult problem, they could come to him.

However, if it was a mission that anyone could complete or if it only took a little longer to be done, then they could just send anyone over.

Speaking of interdimensional travel, the people of the Blue Planet had already come into contact with thousands of dimensions.

Some were primitive dimensions that fed on raw meat and blood, while others were civilizations that were more technologically advanced than the Blue Planet.

These dimensions were divided into six levels, F to A, according to the difficulty of surviving in them.

For safety reasons, only players who had reached the average strength of each dimension could enter the dimensions of the corresponding levels and below.

The level A entry line was the immortal level, level B the totem level, level C the overlord level, and level D the commander level, …

The place that Chu Feng was going to enter today was the dimension that was marked as level S by the Dimensional Traveler.

While he was at it, he would bring back some specialty products for the Blue Planet!

In the Blue Planet Research Center, there was a secret room where the actual Dimensional Travereller was placed.

Two rays of blue light flashed past, and Luo Ya and Taotie, two humanoid beasts, appeared in the room.

They said, “Boss has entered the level S plane.”

Perhaps due to the influence of the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, the two children also called Chu Feng “boss”.

Hearing this, everyone was shocked.

The magnate Wu Yu, who was now an overlord, said in a deep voice, “Just the level A plane alone is hard enough to stop all the races of the Blue Planet from entering.

Our third brother hasnt even broken past the immortal level, yet hes already going to a level S plane… this is too dangerous!”

Zhong Hen was also worried, but when he thought of the scene outside the Bloody Pagoda, his tone became a little more relaxed, “Dont worry, even if thousands of soldiers and horses wont be able to do anything to him!”

Tian Xuan and the others also indicated that the sovereign was invincible, so there was no need to worry too much.

Luo Ya was quite surprised.

She didnt expect that the young man who had cultivated for less than two years would be respected and trusted so much.

It was quite rare.

Thinking of the countless food that the other party had provided to the Taotie, she had a vague thought.

When that person came out, perhaps she could recommend herself After all, he had only used up half of his beast slots.

It did make him sound a little poor.

In the dimensional dream, a man and his six beasts had just landed when they were attacked by endless zombies.

These zombies had copper heads and iron arms.

Just their individual combat strength was enough to compete with the Desolate God back when the latter was a region lord.

The Desolate God was like an ant to the current human and his six beasts.

Even if there were hundreds or thousands of them, to the Wild Bear, Mirage Butterfly, Mythical Tree, Dark-sky Azure Dragon, Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, and Astral Spirit, they didnt even have to take the enemy seriously.

After all, the six beasts were currently already God Generals whose strength surpassed that of God Lords.

In front of them, the former War God could only be considered a pebble at most.

“Awoo!” In an instant, the Wild Bears body expanded to tens of thousands of meters! The terrifying pressure brought by that endless giant creature even made the zombies, who were only left with the instinct to eat, stunned on the spot.

The huge mountain made of countless zombies only lasted for a few breaths before it was swallowed up by the space vortexes beside the bear as well as the countless cracks in the void!

The vortexes and cracks in the void were formed from the Wild Bears sudden transformation.

Just from this scene, one could see just how powerful the Wild Bear was now.

It didnt need to use any skill or even fists.

Just the shockwave from great transformation alone was enough to turn countless immortals into bloody mist and minced meat!

Different from Gods world, there was no godly soul in the bodies of the living beings in this zombie plane.

“Boom, boom, boom!” Punch after punch, the Wild Bear was like a demon god in this world, destroying all the zombies in front of it.

“Boom, boom, boom!” Countless cracks appeared in the void, and tens of thousands of cannons shot out from them.

They were aimed at the zombies who had long forgotten what was life or death.

For a moment, the sounds of explosions were endless.

Only deafening explosions could be heard between Heaven and Earth.

Even the zombie roars from afar were completely covered by the noises on the battlefield.

The Dark-sky Azure Dragon and Astral Spirit also joined in.

A dazzling light flashed, and a large area of zombies was cleared.

“Roar!” An extremely angry roar barely penetrated through all the noise.

With that, the originally chaotic zombie horde began to divide their work and work together.

They retreated in an orderly manner, though under the combined attack of all the beasts, only a few could survive.

In fact, it hadnt even been five minutes since Chu Feng had arrived.

However, if the Wild Bear was the standard, the zombies that had died under their hands could be piled up to a third of the Wild Bears height!

Lila waved her hand in the sky, performing the miracle of life at the max level.

The beasts that hadnt suffered any casualties, to begin with, immediately returned to their best fighting condition.

On the other hand, the other side was completely defeated.

“Roar!” The zombie emperor in this dimension roared furiously as if it was enraged.

In the next moment, purple rain fell from the sky.

Countless true God-level zombies fell from the sky like rain!


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