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The fanaticism that had occurred before everyone left the auction venue was too coincidental to say that it was the embryonic form of everyones inner demons.

Although he hadnt caught the person who had made the move, the source of it could be traced back to the underground auction.

What had happened at the wild regions auction today had clearly been quickly spread to the ears of those who were paying attention, such as the hidden agent in the crowd who was in charge of auctioning beasts.

The ripples caused by the announcement were definitely not limited to the wild region.

However, if one wanted to deal with outsiders, one had to settle all internal problems first.

Currently, what Chu Feng wanted to get rid of the most were the slaves and beasts trade.

The darkness behind the beast trade had yet to be revealed, for the time being, so he decided to deal with the slave trade, which involved the most people, first.

The local organizations that participated in the slave trade included the wild regions Slave Chamber of Commerce, which was formed by the alliance of many large families and had a deep connection with the wild regions auction.

The other was the underground auction.

The foreign organizations were the Black Flood Dragon Gang, Sun Island, Gu Sect, Hehuan Island, and other factions that had come to participate in the wild regions auction.

Chu Feng had other plans for them.

When they returned home, the good show would begin.

As for the beasts that were abused, even though Zhou Cheng of the Unaffiliated Cultivator Alliance had provided some information, it was not enough to find the source and destroy the stronghold to save the beasts.

There were plenty of sins in the world.

Even if a true God spent his infinite amount of time, he wouldnt be able to manage all of them.

Chu Feng didnt intend to be a benevolent person who swept away all evil.

He would just take care of what he saw.

“To the creatures I killed, Im also evil,” Thinking of this, Chu Feng laughed instead.

In this world, the strong were always respected.

It was just that the way power was presented was different.

For example, the effects of money, power, and technological innovation in godless planes…

The Sun rose and soon, it was the second day.

Chu Feng hadnt even gone to settle old scores with the Karu Family when he welcomed a group of guests who had their own plans.

The venue was still the wild regions auction house.

In the spacious hall, a few groups of people sat there, some gathered and some scattered.

The former Master of the wild region, Desolate God, whom he hadnt seen for a long time, was among them.

Behind him were a few close immortals and more than ten followers.

Those immortals called the Desolate God “father”, obviously the sons of the Desolate God.

Apart from this group, there were also some others that he saw at the auction yesterday.

Basically, a few of each faction had stayed behind.

Madam Gu who had previously caused trouble outside the central room, as well as the man from Hehuan Island who sounded like he had a kidney deficiency, were all here.

The Black Flood Dragon Gang, Nuzhen Kingdom, and other factions only sent a few people that were unable to take charge.

Chu Fengs gaze swept past the Desolate God who had transformed into the height of an ordinary person.

His gaze paused on the pair from the Gu Sect and Hehuan Island.

Then, he moved his gaze away and finally landed on the most eye-catching group of people.

After all, the two middle-aged men with big bellies were as ugly as pigs compared to the beautiful women beside them.

The contrast was too big.

No wonder they were so conspicuous in the crowd.

The stairs that had been destroyed by the poisonous spider earlier had been repaired.

Chu Feng walked down calmly.

Other than showing up at the beginning and after the auction, no one had seen the appearance of the big shot upstairs.

Moreover, those who had seen Chu Fengs face after his transformation were not present at the moment.

Perhaps they had mistakenly thought that the invincible expert from yesterday had left, but someone began to stir up trouble.

Madam Gu with her long green hair that danced like snakes and scorpions frowned and said, “Whats going on with the wild regions auction house Why is there an ordinary and ordinary poor kid walking down the stairs used by honored guests”

The waiter who was politely serving tea to the guests was displeased when he heard this and emphasized, “Lord Chu s our honored guest!”

If not for his self-restraint, the waiter would have poured the cup of tea in his hand onto this woman so that she could wash her eyes.

When the man who was close to Madam Gu, He Lin, heard the word “honored guest”, he became suspicious.

“Could this be the ultimate powerhouse who killed the God King yesterday” He secretly sized up Chu Feng.

When he sensed that the aura on the other party was only at the immortal level, the speculation in his heart immediately disappeared.

How could an invincible expert who could easily kill a God King be a young man who was less than 18

Thats absolutely impossible!

Among the nearly 100 people present, many had the same doubts as He Lin.

However, no matter how they thought about it, they still felt that it was impossible.

“This young man is at most that persons attendant!”

“There havent been any major movements from the auction house until now.

Perhaps that important figure thought that the matter of the slaves was too troublesome and left…”

“This person is most likely just a cover for the auction house.

Perhaps he is deliberately mystifying things”


When Chu Feng sat down on the throne pushed over by the auction staff, the immortals and true Gods across from him had already made a judgment in their hearts.

Seeing this, Madam Gu frowned unhappily.

She really wanted to open her mouth to curse, but she kept recalling the scene where the Poison Widower was killed in an instant yesterday.

Coupled with the fact that she wasnt sure if that invincible expert was still in the auction, she couldnt help but feel uneasy.

In the end, she still didnt dare to say anything more.

To be honest, even if she didnt say anything, just the look of disdain on her face was enough to explain what she was thinking.

Chu Feng took a sip of tea and spoke calmly, “There was a thief at the auction yesterday.

It seems that Hehuan Island is ready to redeem their people”

He Lins heart jumped, but he remained calm on the surface, “Little friend, please dont talk nonsense.

The people of Hehuan Island never steal goods.”

As soon as he finished speaking, someone casually said, “Indeed, they dont steal goods, they only cheat.”

As soon as these words were said, many humans and beasts who were easily amused could not help but burst into laughter.

All of a sudden, only the sound of laughter could be heard in the hall.

The corners of Chu Fengs lips curled up.

He looked at the manager next to him and raised his right hand slightly.

Not long after, a few black-clothed people who were tied up and unable to move were dragged over.

The men in black were thrown onto the empath ground between Chu Feng and the other factions.

After they fell to the ground, they began to beg for mercy and cry out in pain.

One or two started to cry for help when they saw someone they knew.

“Steward He, please save us!”

“There are ghosts in this auction house.

Its not a place for living people to stay…”

He Lin cursed “trash” in his heart.

If possible, he did not want to care about these idiots who acted on their own accord.

Hearing the word “ghost”, everyone couldnt help but reveal a strange expression.

“How would a ghost appear in broad daylight”

“Could it be that their minds had gone crazy after they tried stealing once…”

“The people of Hehuan Island spend their time on dual cultivation day after day.

Its really not useful!”

“When it comes to spending time on that matter, Hehuan Island isnt the only place with that practice.

Look at the head of the Karu or Zelda family.

Dont they look like theyve had too much sex”

Someone glanced at the fat men and mocked them softly, “I heard that those who like to buy Sun Islands aphrodisiac are the rich merchants in the Slave Chamber of Commerce!”

“The topic has gone too far… Do you think Steward He of Hehuan Island will use the money to redeem his people”

“In my opinion, the wild regions auction is just putting up airs.”


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