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The people of Sun Island who were being watched as if they were thieves did really want to further cooperate with the Dark Mystical Palace.

There were several countries on Sun Island, and although the country named Ri was the leader, they werent really nothing but sexual violence.

Apart from the self-produced androgynous slaves and other modified humans, as well as the elementary-grade cauldrons they researched with Hehuan Island, they had deep research in biological weapons.

The people of Sun Island had experimented on the battlefield many times.

Even when they were defeated and retreating, they did not forget to bury poison gas bottles.

They had an extremely thorough understanding of the human body because they had dissected the bodies of the prisoners of war one by one, studying the reactions of living people to various biological weapons.

In fact, if not for the restriction of current conditions, they might have even developed a genetic weapon that targeted a certain race! Indeed, they were very confident.

As long as they could meet the Palace Master of the Dark Mystic Palace or the leader of the Dark Mystic Group who was rumored to be very passionate about “research”, the people from Sun Island would definitely be able to convince him to join this grand plan!

“At that time, so what if one was a true God One would just be an ant that was harder to kill!” Thinking of this, the eyes of the Sun Island emissary flashed with a crazy light, as if he had already seen the victory of the empire.

“With biological weapons, we will rule! As long as we continue our research, the future will belong to the Sun Empire!”

The immortals at the end of the Dark Mystical convoy suddenly met the fanatics gaze and immediately looked away.

“Another madman!”

Time passed bit by bit, and the fleet was getting closer to the Dark Mystical Palace.

When they arrived outside the Dark Mystical Palace, the familiar screams pierced through the walls, as usual, causing some of the rookies in the team to feel their scalps go numb.

The three true Gods and dozens of immortals in the team entered first, followed by over a hundred totems and the Sun Islanders who rushed into the underground palace impatiently.

The remaining few hundred members of the Dark Mystical Palace followed closely behind.

In the darkness, there seemed to be laughter.

“Old friends who had fallen into the abyss of illusions, come and welcome the new prey! Theyve come to accompany you!”

A rookie who stayed at the end of the team rubbed his arms as goosebumps rose and felt that something was wrong.

But soon, screams interrupted his thoughts.


“Group, group leader!”

“F*ck, theyve gone crazy!”

“Hurry up and run.

This place is full of crazy people who are killing each other!”


Screams and wails.

It was another symphony.

In the chaos, some lucky immortals and true Gods stepped on corpses as they ran to the entrance of the underground palace.

Just when they thought they were saved, they found that they couldnt escape no matter what!

“Whoosh!” Sounds of something tearing through the air rang out, and a ferocious vine monster pounced over, biting off the neck of its prey.

Desperate wails resounded throughout the space, and the scariest thing was that this nightmare would never end!

Of course, some were lucky.

A few totem-level rookies who had just been accepted into the team and did not have the time to do too much evil, fell into an abyss as they fled for their lives in fear… their figures suddenly disappeared.

They were teleported to different places.

When they saw a living person, they only managed to utter broken sentences/

“The Dark, Dark Mystic Palace has been destroyed, destroyed!”

“Crazy! Everyone in the underground palace went crazy!”

“It turns out that bad karma does come back to us.

Father and mother were right…”

“Hahaha! The captain went crazy.

The team leader is dead too.

I saw the people of Sun Island… Im crazy.

You, you are crazy too!”

The other parties were shocked and quickly left with their companions.

Some bumped into true Gods and ended up with their heads on the ground in the next second.

Most people didnt care about the madmens words.

Only some continued to investigate and came to a shocking conclusion.

“The Dark Mystical Palace in the wild region, whose strength is second only to the Black Flood Dragon Gang, has been destroyed!”

This news spread quickly and shocked many true gods and immortals.

Some were frightened, while others cheered, “Well-deserved destruction!”

On an uninhabited planet, a certain sentence was repeated and spread, “The Dark Mystical Palace that once imprisoned and tortured us has been destroyed!”

The humans and beasts that no longer had slave imprints on them cried hard when they heard this.

In their despair, it was as if a flower of hope had bloomed.

The day the wild regions auction ended, the Black Flood Dragon Gang, the Nvzhen Kingdom, the Gu Sect, and other factions reported the events that happened at the auction back to their headquarters.

The response they received was roughly the same.

‘We will respond to the myriad of changes with no changes.

Lets see how the Slave Chamber of Commerce and the underground auction react for now.”

“Dont stand out.

It is best to wait patiently.”

“Dont worry, we are definitely not the ones who are the most anxious.

Lets wait and see.”

There was no need to say much about the reason for temporarily lying low.

It was better to let other factions probe the mysterious expert who could instantly kill a God King.

Some forces felt that it was no big deal to pay more for the time being, while others secretly gritted their teeth.

After leaving the auction house, the people from Hehuan Island were very unwilling.

To think the top-grade cauldron that they had spent so much effort to refine was lost in the auction house just like that.

They did not even get one-tenth of the earnings from the usual auctions!

The members of Hehuan Island wanted to cooperate with Sun Island, but the latter planned to use the many human plants that they had bought in the auction house in exchange for a chance to cooperate with the Dark Mystical Palace.

As long as they could develop a more advanced biochemical weapon, even true Gods couldnt stop them!

The Sun Island people who followed the Dark Mystical fleet back to the Dark Mystical Palace didnt realize that the human plants they had obtained this time seemed different from usual.

After all, their minds were focused on another matter, so they naturally didnt notice it.

This journey to death destroyed the souls of the Sun Island people.

Compared to the Dark Mystical Palace, who could say which had a better ending The members of Hehuan Island couldnt find anyone to cooperate, but when they remembered the Island Masters earlier requests, they gritted their teeth and decided to do something big.

They would risk it all!

At midnight, a group of people sneaked into the wild regions auction house.

After creating a diversion and luring the enemy away, the ten or so people in dark clothes finally arrived at the secret chamber where the auction items were stored.

However, when they removed the brocade from the cage, they were dumbfounded.

“Where are they !”

“F*ck, weve fallen into a trap!”

“Quickly retreat!”

The auction staff who received the order from their master to just “sit and wait” began to catch the people who had jumped straight into the trap.

With the help of the Mirage Butterfly who had come out to get some fresh air, this battle quickly came to an end.

Fei Nuo Sha perfected the attack and defense settings of the wild regions auction house while she was at it.

In the future, even if a true God-level thief came, they would still be like rabbits in a cage.

Looking at these ten or so people, the auctioneer smiled, “I wonder how many treasures and resources I can get from Hehuan Islands Island Master for my Lord”

A light laugh sounded as if meaning “its better than nothing”.

The chess pieces placed in the various large factions had long merged with the people who had rushed back to their headquarters.

“Black Flood Dragon Gang, the Nuzhen Kingdom, Sun Island, Gu Sect, Hehuan Island… Slave Chamber of Commerce, underground auction…” Chu Feng, who was sitting on the luxurious throne that was titled the treasure of the wild regions auction, looked into the distance and smiled.

“I hate rats who play tricks in the auction, and slaves are also an eyesore… Who should I choose to deal with next”


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