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Hearing the other partys suggestion, Chu Feng replied, “I might go in the future, but it definitely wont be now.”

Charoen did not comment on this reply.

She squatted to pick up the broken blade and pierced through her heart with it, “Then Ill see you next time.”

With that, the woman blossomed like fireworks, turning into dust.

Chu Feng stood on the empty battlefield for a while, then left in silence, thinking, “That person is really strange.”

[Battle rankings – Immortal]


Eastern divine region: Human, Tyrant]


Central divine region: Human, Charoen]

[ … ]

After the battle ended, the immortal battle rankings changed as usual.

Chu Feng looked at his name which was etched in the first place again.

He didnt feel anything, but being ranked first would allow him to stay in the inheritance zone for a longer time, as well as come into contact with more true God inheritances that were hard to obtain in the modern world.

For a Beastmaster like him who needed endless resources to build up his foundation, it was the best shortcut he could take.

When he had time later, he would have to come back for another round of group learning.

In response to this, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon only wanted to say, “No!”

Unfortunately, the minority obeyed the majority, and his companions were all learning.

Even if Geer was saying that he refused to learn, he couldnt possibly completely let it go.

If he didnt learn and improve, he might end up at the bottom in the future!

Beastmasters werent always able to pay attention to the mental activities of their beasts.

Under normal circumstances, they would be able to sense each others thoughts and emotions during battle.

Other times, unless both parties had been mentioned, or when their emotions were exceptionally strong, they wouldnt be able to sense the other partys emotions that well.

“God Chu, congratulations on becoming first on the immortal battle rankings!”

“Lord Tyrant, weve completed what you asked us to do earlier.

Do you want to go over and take a look”

The young man, who had planned to log off immediately after taking a turn, was slightly startled when he heard that.

His brain seemed to have short-circuited for a moment, “Whats the matter”

The smiles on the faces of the few sycophants who had gathered over stiffened.

“Its those people who spoke arrogantly earlier…”

“Oh, then Ill take a look along the way.”

Chu Feng wasnt in a hurry at the moment, so he simply let the immortal next to him lead the way.

He wanted to see what had happened to those people who were spouting profanity and whether they would repent or not.

When they reached the place, the originally clean arena was now covered in a layer of sticky flesh and blood.

Those unlucky immortals who cursed were no longer in their human forms.

Chu Feng only took a glance before saying, “End it.”

This punishment, which could be considered torture to those who had bad-mouthed Chu Feng, finally came to an end.

In fact, it hadnt been long.

However, if someone else dared to disrespect the old and bully the young, or scold his parents and ancestors, they wouldnt be so lucky this time.

Hearing Chu Feng say “its a blessing to be at a disadvantage”, the bystanders smiled and didnt dare to say anything.

Originally, although this illusory world was not an online world, there was a communication zone.

Many would issue challenges to fight each other.

After all, one having immense strength was not equivalent to being high-cultured.

Sometimes, even “Mr.

Nice Guy” would have a darker side.

Furthermore, some who thought themselves powerful would be greedy for power and pleasure, thus allowing the dark forces to grow more rampant.

When would the fat rats hiding in the dark sewer have their bellies cut open and solarized

The time was still unknown.

Chu Feng left the applause of the illusory world and returned to the real world.

He went to the center of the Solar System.

The Tree God, the Flower God, and the Collector Rat were all working hard in the office.

The sun shone on the two flower fields beside the tall building, making the place seem exceptionally peaceful.

He did not know about other places, but at the very least, his home was safe.

“Chu Feng!” It was afternoon, and a beautiful woman was lying on the windowsill, addressing the sovereign who was passing by.

“Flower God Luo Li, what do you want now” The young man turned his body slightly, not intending to stay in his comfort zone for long.

A few flower branches extended from the Flower God, and she smiled sweetly, “Since were staying in the sky region, you promised to settle the slave trade and help the Mountain God find his eldest son.

Shouldnt you keep your promise”

Chu Feng watched her dance quietly and asked, “When did I agree”

The Flower Gods expression changed immediately and she slapped the window angrily, “Evil capitalist, you want to enjoy me and Sheng Yis labor for free!”

The Tree God, who was handling all kinds of miscellaneous matters like she usually did, heard her name and walked to the window with her iPad.

Then, she patted the flower bud on the Flower Gods head, “Stop fooling around.”

Although it was only a light pat, the Flower God still pretended to be wronged, “But Luo Ya is still in the Chamber of Commerce…”

“Alright, go back to work.

As long as theyre in the wild region, I can find them,” Chu Feng sighed helplessly.

He planned to leave after taking care of some matters.

Hearing these words, the Collector Rat came over as well.

It was obviously for the matter of his colleagues eldest son.

“Dont worry,” After saying that, Chu Feng didnt stay any longer and left.

Sitting in his small courtyard in Tianyu City, he propped his head up and began to enhance his beasts.

Each beast had a copy of the myriad races skill catalog, something he had obtained in the illusory worlds trading zone.

Of course, the skills contained in each catalog were the ones suitable for each beast to learn, all filtered by the Beastmaster core.

The sea of information could be said to be boundless.

If they didnt choose carefully, a large portion of the time and energy of the beasts would be wasted.

Unlike before, when only the Mirage Butterfly and the Dark-sky Azure Dragon would learn new skills, in these two or three days, almost all of the beasts had new skills.

As usual, Chu Feng first invested a large number of enhancement points to derive the corresponding myth skills.

Then, he used the divine source points to obtain a number of max-level beast skills.

If it was in the past, just the investment of divine source points alone would have made Chu Feng broke.

As for now, it was easy and enjoyable!

Under the continuous enhancement, the foundation of the bear, butterfly, tree, dragon, fighter jet, and Astral Spirit became increasingly profound and solid.

If the current Dark-sky Azure Dragon participated in the battle for the inheritance in the Ancient Tower of Gods, it would probably only take it a few minutes to rush from the lowest platform to the highest platform, seizing the final inheritance in the heritage space!

If this scene were to appear, who knows how many teeth would be bared from the shock

Thinking about this, Chu Feng immediately took out the Tower of the Gods from his spatial treasure.

Since there was already immortal divine strength in it back then that could support the Blue Planet beings improvement, he might be able to infuse it with his divine strength, letting this treasure that was piling dust in the corner be reborn.

“Tower spirit, can I infuse my strength into the tower”

[Tower Master, you have the highest authority in the Ancient Tower of the Gods, you may charge the tower.

After charging, the immortal divine strength will automatically transform into the divine strength of different attributes.

At that time, the Ancient Tower of the Gods can accept anyone below the totem level to enter and cultivate.]

After his thoughts were verified, Chu Feng was still calm, “Other than me, who else can charge it”

[Other than the Tower Master, the beasts you have contracted can also perform this operation.]

Hearing this answer, Chu Feng smiled, “Thats good then.”


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