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Chu Feng didnt even bother to take action against trash who kept spouting trash.

However, they still needed to be taught a lesson.

He didnt take action because he didnt want to dirty his hands, but he would kill anyone who dared to scold him for no reason!

“Did the people outside say something again” On the battlefield, the woman wearing armor and dressed as a general opened her mouth to ask.

Chu Feng paused for a second and then asked, “What”

Could it be that those idiots had said something else Otherwise, why would this cold-looking female general say something first

“Its nothing.

Just some blind people thinking that youre not as good as me,” The woman smiled and said, “Tyrant, Im Charoen from the central region.

Im glad to be able to fight with someone as powerful as you!”

Chu Feng nodded and asked, “You know me”

Charoen nodded and smiled, “Chu Feng, the immortal who can kill a true God regardless of the difference in levels.

Im afraid that theres no one in this world who doesnt know you.”

Chu Feng acknowledged the statement casually.

Skipping the small talk, he said, “Lets start the battle.”

Charoen smiled, “Alright.

Let my twelve natal sword forms meet the Tyrant who can even kill a God Venerable!”

Before she even finished her sentence, she pulled out the two swords from her back and made her move! The two swords instantly turned into countless sharp blades that shot toward the enemy like arrows.

For a moment, the sounds of arrows whistling through space could be heard.

Chu Feng casually condensed a chaos sword and swept it across lightly.

“Clang, clang!”

The sound of metals colliding could be heard.

The sword momentum and sword energy of the two had condensed to the point that they were almost substance! At the same time, the agile ghost-like woman rushed over with awe-inspiring sword momentum and collided with Chu Fengs sweeping sword momentum.

In the next moment, she shattered into countless pieces like a shadow in a mirror, turning into countless women!

Chu Feng frowned slightly.

His max-level quantum detection skill was affected.

Just in terms of aura-sensing, body thermal radiation, and energy detection, there were no differences among the countless women in front of him.

However, this could not stop him.

Chu Feng raised his chaos sword and slashed down! A wave of air exploded, destroying the tens of thousands of figures!

This action, which was equivalent to clearing up the space, seemed to have startled the person in the dark.

An aura accompanied by a cold fragrance vibrated for an instant before disappearing in an instant.

Chu Fengs expression did not change.

He turned around and struck back.

The clouds above moved slightly while the youth used his thin sword to stab straight down.

With a clang, it turned out that the youth hadnt made a move earlier.

He had only made a feint, and a glint flashed through his eyes.

He raised his sword and parried, just in time to stop the stab that contained boundless killing intent!

Not only that, the chaos sword, which was originally condensed from the power of chaos, suddenly dispersed, catching the invisible phantom.

The Astral Spirit, which was obediently squatting on the Beastmasters right shoulder, suddenly cried out at that handsome face.

Chu Feng was slightly surprised and nodded in agreement.

In the next moment, the Astral Spirit instantly dissipated into countless specks of starlight, filling the entire battlefield!

Heras action was naturally not to refine the illusory plane.

Of course, with the Astral Spirits inheritance of the Star God, as well as her many max-level skills and level-50 refinement principle, she could totally refine a corner of the illusory world.

To use a simple analogy, the illusory world was an incomparably huge piece of hard fruit to Hera.

If she wanted to digest it, she could only chew it bit by bit, holding a tiny piece of candy and waiting for it to melt into liquid sugar.

The difficulty of refining the illusory world was even more difficult than violently destroying the true God-level battlefield!

Chu Feng had previously thought that the Astral Spirits max-level divine skill, origin spirit power, was performed by the Astral Spirit dispersing itself into countless Astral Spirit particles and refining a part of a planet or world.

However, an existence like the Astral Spirit, which was akin to the will of the world, had control over the worlds matter that was no weaker than the Mirage Butterfly, which possessed the power of space!

Its sensing ability was even more terrifying than the mechanical race! In less than two seconds, a cluster of star-shaped matter flew over, carrying a humanoid figure.

Perhaps sensing that the outcome of this battle had already been decided, Charoen immediately revealed herself.

Separated by a layer of illusory light, she said to the youth, “Wasnt it just the two of us competing with swords What is this”

Chu Feng rubbed his nose and called back his Astral Spirit.

“Yiya!” Hera flew back to the Beastmasters shoulder and looked curiously at the slightly valiant general opposite her.

After being freed from her bindings, a crafty glint flashed in Charoens eyes, “Im sorry but Im winning this battle!”

The two swords that had been hidden God knows when suddenly rose from under the man and his beast, transforming into countless blades that wrapped around the young man like dumplings.

Chu Feng arched his hand to knock on the thin wall around him.

He felt that it was tough and sharp.

He wondered what material it was made of.

After two knocks, the swords that had formed an impenetrable cage suddenly shrank inward!

Chu Feng could even hear the female generals cheerful voice outside, “Young people, you still have to suffer more…”

Hearing that, the young man smiled as well, “Is that so”

Charoen was about to reply “young man, you should listen to your seniors more”, but in the next moment, she felt that something was wrong.

She clapped her hands and strengthened the swords barrier.

“I was almost tricked.

If I really let him break through the air hole, I wont be able to hold on to first place on the rankings!”

But just as she relaxed her heart for a second, she retreated in fear!

“Bang, Bang!”

Continuous banging sounds rang out.

The sword cage, which was comparable to a Diamond Turtles shell, had actually cracked with countless tiny cracks! Charoen, who had only subconsciously turned around to look, was instantly shocked by this sudden change.

She widened her eyes in shock and disbelief.

She watched as her natal swords, which had accompanied her in battles for more than ten thousand years, turned into countless fragments with a “bang”!

This moment of terror had even made her forget that she was in the illusory world where death was fake.

Charoens eyes were bloodshot.

She used her palm as a blade and slashed at that figure in a frenzy!

“Damn it, damn it! Ahhhhh! Give me back my sword!”


Chu Feng, who had just broken out of the cage, was stunned for a moment when he saw this.

Then, he also used his palm as a blade.

In just a breath, the two exchanged moves for nearly a hundred rounds! Besides the extreme speed, there was no other word to describe it other than “fast”!

The clanging sounds of weapons clashing against each other were endless as if a crazy struggle before death!

At this moment, if someone was present, one might be so shocked that ones mind would be in a trance.

The two did not have any weapons in their hands, but when their fists and feet collided, it was even more terrifying than the sword light that could appear on the sharpest blade!

If the sword light they unleashed was used as fire, it would definitely be able to refine a peerless weapon! The battle was fierce, so the energy consumed was naturally extraordinary.

Gradually, the attacks of one party weakened.

Noticing that the berserk red light in the other sides eyes had dimmed, Chu Feng immediately retreated a thousand feet.

Charoens hand slashed twice in the air before she stopped in a daze.

After a while, she recovered.

“Im sorry, I lost control.”

Chu Feng asked calmly, “Why has this happened, senior”

“Its just PTSD,” Charoen lowered her head and changed the topic, “If you hadnt held back just now, I would have died long ago.

Tyrant, you have won this battle!”

She paused for a moment and continued, “Someone as strong as you should consider going to war.”


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