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Dangerous places similar to the Bloody Pagoda of the eastern region were common in the five divine regions.

Other than the three races of the gods, demons, and celestials that seemed to have received some news, many others risked their lives to enter the pagoda.

In comparison, the eastern regions losses were relatively acceptable.

First, there was the widely circulated saying “all who enter the pagoda will die”, which filtered out a large number of people who were weak, worried about their families, or worried about their own lives… In total, not many had entered the pagoda in the eastern region.

In addition, some who did had left in succession in the beginning days.

Although there were casualties, it was not to the point of harming the areas foundation.

In the other divine regions, they did not have the Nine Gods Council that released the shocking “myth”, nor did they have the white holy lotuses Chu Feng obtained in the Bloody Pagoda.

As a result, those who managed to escape in the middle and later stages had no chance of survival.

Of course, even if Chu Feng was willing to sell the white sacred lotus, the beings who entered the Bloody Pagoda in other regions might not be saved either.

After all, the dangers they faced were different.

Naturally, there didnt exist an all-purpose cure.

Chu Feng had left some white holy lotuses with the Mountain God Cullen.

Those in the eastern region who had entered the pagoda and had deep blood-curse imprints could use their treasures and resources to exchange for the holy lotuses.

After a few days, they would be able to recover.

Because of this, the other four divine regions could not help but be envious of the eastern domain.

The various races of the eastern region naturally respected the sovereign of the sky region, Chu Feng, even more.

Because of this, the factions behind the few hundred immortals and ten true Gods that were killed in the Bloody Pagoda didnt dare to pressure the sky region.

“Cultivation is against the heavens, to begin with.

It is only natural that countless people die halfway through.”

Other than those who didnt care or pretended to let go, those who did hold grudges didnt dare to act because of Chu Fengs shocking battle results.

Regardless of whether the rumor of the “killing a God Venerable” was true or not, the only ones in the eastern region who dared to fight against Tyrant were probably the Eastern Temple and the three major forces!

However, having this ability did not mean that they would do it.

Even the Eastern Temple was secretly paying attention to this young man who had heaven-defying talent.

The other forces couldnt wait to rope him in, so how could they create an enemy with such terrifying growth potential like Chu Feng for themselves

Most of the time, being cautious would allow one to live longer.

Of course, for the super strong, the method of surviving was useless.

After Chu Feng sent a challenge letter to the first place on the immortal battle rankings, he ignored the omnipresent onlookers in the illusory world and went to the inheritance zone.

He directly used the virtual currency to choose an undisturbed zone, and the human and his six beasts began to study the true Gods inheritances.

The four true God inheritances of the Insect Empress, Wild Lord, Star God, and Human Lord had been respectively learned by the Mirage Butterfly, Wild Bear, Astral Spirit, and Chu Feng.

What they were doing now was equivalent to advancing the original progress.

Apart from the human and his three beasts, the Mythical Tree, Dark-sky Azure Dragon, and Mystic Fall Fighter Jet had not confirmed their true God inheritance.

The Mythical Tree had the plant, life, and creation principles.

It just so happened to be able to cultivate both the World Tree God and Lord of Creation inheritances.

The Dark-sky Azure Dragon had the element, dragon, and war god principles.

Apart from the dragon ancestors inheritance, there was also the War Gods inheritance to cultivate.

As for the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, it had energy, spirit, and mechanical principles.

Considering Mystics heaven-defying learning ability, apart from the Mechanical God, it could also learn the other invincible true God inheritances.

In elaboration, it could cultivate the War God, Time God, Origin God, and other true God inheritances.

Apart from the tree, dragon, and fighter jet, the bear, butterfly, and Astral Spirit could also cultivate true God inheritances that were related to their principles or skills.

Even if they didnt cultivate true God inheritances, they could look for the skill records of each race in the illusory world to learn.

All in all, after two days, the human and his six beasts were exhausted from the learning.

At the same time, many humans and beasts were secretly paying attention to the immortal battle rankings.

The person ranked first on the immortal battle rankings was Charoen, a human from the central region.

She had accepted the battle invitation yesterday.

Who knew if this old God who had dominated the rankings for so many years would be able to successfully defend her position

“There are only thirty minutes left until the start of the battle.

Why hasnt Tyrant appeared yet”

“Could it be that Chu Feng is afraid of the goddess”

“Rumor has it that Charoen is only a step away from the ninth realm of the origin of the universe.

Even ordinary true Gods cant defeat her!”

“God Charoen guards the people at the borders.

How can those who dont dare to go to war be compared to her”

“If it wasnt for the great battle tens of thousands of years ago that damaged her foundation, she might have already become a God Marquis!”

“No one can survive more than twelve moves from that natal sword of hers!”


The outside world was abuzz.

Charoen, who had become the center of heated discussion, was quite unsettled in her heart.

She had witnessed the scene of Tyrant killing a bunch of totems in an instant when he was just an overlord.

Even though she was separated by a protective barrier, the feeling of the other party slaughtering totems like livestock was even more turbulent than the boiling blood that splashed on the battlefield.

Wearing a black mask and carrying two swords on her back, Charoen heard someone say “Tyrant is inferior to God Charoen” when she passed by, and she immediately stopped.

“Oh, are you guys blind or ignorant Tyrant can even kill a true God, so how can he be inferior to me” Her tone was very calm.

Her pair of cold eyes swept across the crowd, and then she directly entered the arena.

The onlookers behind her looked at each other, somewhat confused.

“Thats strange.

Does God Chaoren know Tyrant”

“Charoen has a cold personality.

She never meddles in anything other than cultivation… Could it be that the two of them are old friends”

“Dont spout nonsense if you dont understand the situation! How could a figure like the goddess have a relationship with an aborigine from a remote planet!”

“Gee, a &$%& aborigine.

No matter how powerful they are, they are only @%!”

“Aborigine” A clear male voice rang out.

Everyone looked towards the source of the voice and saw the other main character of the topic.

“F*ck, Chu Feng He, hes here!”

“To think we were caught badmouthing someone else.

This is simply social death…”

“F*ck, what bad luck!”

“In the chaotic battle earlier, many more went overboard.

Why did he just have to catch us”

“What are you afraid of Its not like were going to die just because we say hes a gigolo!”

Chu Fengs ears twitched.

He clenched his right hand into the shape of a claw and grabbed a few immortals who were cursing non-stop.

Then, he brought them onto the arena that was used for friendly competitions before throwing them down.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Just like cooking dumplings, the savage-looking immortals fell to the ground, screaming in pain! Chu Feng said a few words to the manager beside him, who nodded in agreement.

“Everyone, Im offering 3,000 virtual currency.

All the immortals can come over and beat these few up.

The more you beat, the more you get,” He pointed at the immortals on the stage, “With the recovery effect from the arena, no matter how you beat them up, they wont die.

Just treat them as human sandbags.”

The moment these words were said, everyone couldnt help but be shocked.

They didnt expect Chu Feng to be so sensitive towards his ancestors being scolded.

To think he took out 3,000 virtual currency!

One had to know that this was equivalent to 30 million universe dollars in the real world! It could at least buy two rich planets! Even though they had to share the sum with others, since they had nothing to do either, it was a waste to not try and get a share!

After receiving the hungry-wolf-like greedy gazes of the others, the immortals who had just stood up immediately felt their legs go weak, regretting it.

“Its not like hell lose a piece of meat if I curse at him.

Why cant he just endure it…

“Why would we be scolding you instead of another person Theres clearly something wrong with you!”

Such thoughts appeared in their minds.

It turned out that other than spoken words, mind thoughts also had lethality.


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