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Chu Feng rode the Dark-sky Azure Dragon and flew around the desolate Blue Planet.




Sensing the great change in the world outside of the beast space, the Wild Bear, Mirage Butterfly, Astral Spirit, Lila, and the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet all poked their heads out.

Even Mystic, which was the best at hiding emotions, revealed a sense of curiosity and urgency that Chu Feng could sense through its flickering red light.

They couldnt wait, huh

Chu Feng was amused, “Come out, and help me with some things.”

The Mystic Fall Fighter Jet was the first to respond, “Boss, please speak.”



The Dark-sky Azure Dragon, Wild Bear, and other beasts also expressed that they would definitely accomplish their missions.

Chu Feng was straightforward with them.

He assigned different tasks to the beasts.

Among them, the Mirage Butterfly that had spatial skills was in charge of sorting out the mess on the Blue Planet.

The encyclopedia-like Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, which had the largest database on the Blue Planet, was in charge of analyzing the mess.

Anything useless was to be thrown aside and burned by the Dark-sky Azure Dragon.

On the other hand, anything useful was to be crushed into balls by the Wild Bear.

Lila was to put away the books and relics carefully.

These tidied-up items would be put to good use by the Blue Planet creatures in their dreams.

Hera was still a cub, so the other beasts pushed her into the Beastmasters arms.

She just needed to stay there.

Chu Feng couldnt help but laugh.

The kylin-like cub glared cutely at him.

“Your brothers and sisters are doing some housework.

You can accompany me to see the Blue Planet in the dream.”

The Astral Spirits body shrunk once more, and it flew up before laying on the Beastmasters right shoulder.

Its voice was very tender, “Yiya!”

Chu Feng smiled and brought Hera to observe the Blue Planet in greater detail.

Unlike ordinary players, he and the people from the research center knew that this world wasnt a game.

If they had to define it, it was probably a parallel dimension.

Here, there was also the Blue Planet with 70% ocean and 30% land.

The Solar System, Milky Way, and the seemingly endless universe existed as well.

However, according to the information given by Zhong Hen and the others, only the Solar System that included the unknown wasteland, Blue Planet, was similar to reality.

Other regions, even the Milky Way, were very different from the dimension that Chu Feng was in reality.

After entering the dimensional dream, a small map-like icon appeared in the upper right corner of Chu Fengs field of vision.

After clicking on it, it was a map, as he had expected.

Other than the Blue Planet and parts of the Solar System that were lit up, most of the other areas were shown as gray.

On the map, what was particularly eye-catching were three thin, bright white lines that shot straight toward the area outside the Solar System.

When they reached the Milky Way, the bright white lines transformed into pitch black, especially obvious in the unlit gray region.

“Based on the current exploration progress, I can roughly deduce,” Chu Feng thought of what Tian Xuan had said, “Blue Planet and the entire Solar System are probably the players base.

Other than the Solar System, the Milky Way and even the entire dimensions universe might be a black zone…”

He did not know if this dimensional traveler had been set up like this from the very beginning, or if it was influenced by Blue Planet.

In short, the dream world that the Blue Planet creatures entered could be differentiated into three colored zones.

White zones were explored zones that were harmless.

They could be used as a development base.

Gray zones were unexplored zones where there were both white and black zones.

Black zones were the most dangerous.

Even if one had entered such a zone before, it would still be difficult to determine where the next step would lead.

Aside from the cultivation value that could be obtained by just surviving in the dream world, exploring the unexplored zones and taking the initiative to enter black zones would be rewarded with different amounts of cultivation value as well.

“Yiya!” The Astral Spirit on his right shoulder had unknowingly climbed onto his left shoulder and was patted twice by the Beastmaster.

Hearing Hera say that there was no problem with this Blue Planet, Chu Feng didnt probe further.

He glanced at the beasts that were working and told them to return to the beast world to rest when they were tired.

Soon after, the human and his beast landed lightly on the ground.

The overlord Beastmaster, who had been dozing off at the side, widened his eyes when he saw Chu Feng.

His mouth was agape, so large it could even fit an egg.

“Ma-magnate Chu!”

It really was the magnate Chu Feng.

Didnt that mean that they hadnt seen wrongly just now… Other than the stunned humans and beasts, most of them were in good condition.

Chu Feng vaguely heard the words “idol, magnate, God” and so on.

He nodded at some of the people who greeted him and walked towards the dimensional traveler merchant at a moderate pace.

Behind him, the beast who had frozen suddenly had a flushed face as he left in a hurry.

“Damn, Ive met my idol!!”

When Chu Feng walked to the side of the dimensional traveler merchant, he couldnt help but raise his eyebrows.

He didnt expect to meet someone he knew in this place.

The person he knew wasnt the merchant, but the woman who was doing business with the merchant, Wan Wanqing.

“Eh, Chu Feng!” In less than two seconds, the person who was being stared at turned around in shock.

Chu Feng nodded and smiled, “Senior sister Wan.”

Wan Wanqing was stunned for a while.

Even her right hand, which was about to reach out, stopped in mid-air.

The merchant looked a little like a rusted robot.

He didnt ask for money and just stared blankly at the man and woman before him.

“Chu Feng, is it really you!” Wan Wanqing repeated in disbelief, looking dazed.

Chu Feng couldnt help but smile, saying, “Senior sister, its me, Chu Feng.”

The last time they had met was outside the Ancient Tower of the Gods.

Wan Wanqing, who was also an alumnus, had been an overlord level 3 Beastmaster then.

When they met again this time, he didnt expect that this S-grade Beastmaster was already an overlord level 7 Beastmaster.

It seemed that she had grown as well.

Being stared at by the young mans bright black eyes, Wan Wanqing subconsciously reverted her gaze.

Just as she turned her head, she met with the dimensional traveler merchants gaze instead.

She was dazed for a moment, then hurriedly handed over the currency in her right hand to the latter.

Chu Feng asked curiously, “Theres already a prototype currency in the dimensional dream”

This didnt seem to be one of the points he had received about the dimension.

It had only been a few days since he handed over the dimensional traveler, so it shouldnt have developed so quickly, right

“Youre talking about this” Wan Wanqing raised the exquisite and transparent ball in her hand and explained, “This is a quantitative item of the cultivation value.

An overlord can condense three of them in one night, totems can condense seven, and if its an immortal, I heard that they can condense twenty.”

She blinked, still a little dazed, “Not long ago, someone tried to perform a transaction with the dimensional traveler merchant with this, so Im trying it out too.”

Hearing this, Chu Feng also understood.

Looking at it from another angle, it was very much like bartering.

Chu Feng tried to condense the same “currency”, but in the end… He failed.

“Yiya,” The Astral Spirit flew to the empty right palm of the Beastmaster, finding it strange.

Her eyes sparkled as if asking, “What are you doing”

“Wow, so cute!” Wan Wanqings eyes sparkled, and she couldnt help but scoot closer.

Chu Feng tossed Hera, which had shrunk by more than a few sizes, into the other partys hands.

Then, amidst the repetitive background music of “so cute”, he fell into deep thought.

“Do I have to spend some time in the dimensional realm before I can condense the cultivation value”


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