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The residents of the territory cheered for the powerful sovereign.

There was no need to elaborate on this matter.

On the other hand, on Blue Planets side, the dimensional traveler that was also called the player system, which had been handed over to Zhong Hen and the others, had been thoroughly studied.

The item itself was kept in the Blue Planet Research Center while it split into countless sub-systems.

From the looks of it, it looked like a game called “Dimensional Traveling Dream 2.0”.

Information about it was distributed on various websites.

When humans and beasts with Blue Planet ID downloaded the app and signed a series of agreements, they could experience a surreal holographic game in their dreams.

At the beginning of the game, the players position would be where he was before he slept.

When the player “woke up”, they would find themselves in ruins.

For example, during the first trial run, other than the building where Zhong Hen and the other administrators were, the entire Blue Planet was in ruins!

Following that, the ground beneath their feet shook.

Those who could not escape were buried in the rubble.

Those who were lucky escaped themselves or were dug out in time.

As for the overlords and totems who broke the windows and left, some chose to rescue others, while others left.

According to ones detailed choices, the whole game could be divided into a few storylines, but lets not talk about them for now.

In short, there were a few general types of players activities.

Some players were rooted on the Blue Planet, and their mission was to build and revive the planet.

Some players collected trash to accumulate initial wealth.

In the process of trading with the merchants, they would then each go on different routes, For example, one could become an adventurer, going on an adventure to an unfamiliar planet…

Through the starship, the adventurers could bring the specialties of the other planets back to the Blue Planet and assist the development of the mother planet.

For those who stayed on the Blue Planet, other than developing the mother planet, they could also choose to ignore everything else and focus solely on cultivation.

According to the experience of the players, cultivation in the “Dimensional Traveler Dream” game could be reflected in reality.

In other words, they could cultivate even in their dreams! This way, even the Blue Planet beings who didnt have time to cultivate during the day could continue to cultivate.

“In fact, no matter what the Blue Planet creatures do in the dimensional traveling dream, they can receive additional cultivation bonuses!”

Other than self-cultivation, building the Blue Planet, and exploring the universe, one could also achieve dimensional travels.

There were three stable methods of doing so, namely using dimensional travel points, stepping into the Dream Gate, and sleeping in the space-time ship in the galaxy.

“Of these three methods, the first one allows one to choose the method of travel and is thus the one with the highest degree of safety; The middle one has a higher degree of danger since it is equivalent to challenging a dungeon that is one level higher than ones abilities.

One might be able to get through if they give it their all; The last one is extremely dangerous, so no matter what level one is at, one has to be careful.”

All in all, option one allowed the players to collect ordinary resources, option two allowed the players to could fight and cultivate to break through, and option three should only be entered cautiously.

In addition, there were also rare incidents.

For example, going berserk when cultivating and thus questioning oneself upon entry to the heart demons prison, stepping into nothingness when building and thus falling into a space-time crack, being accidentally sucked in by a black hole when interstellar traveling…

In the conference room of the Blue Planet Research Center.

“The currency in the dimensionals dream can be represented by ones cultivation value…” On the podium, the leader of the dimensional traveler research group, Wang Ya, was explaining the relevant information.

Chu Feng quietly listened to the report, deep in thought.

The ladys voice was steady and serious as she continued, “… Those with higher levels and stronger abilities in the real world will be able to stay in the dream world for a longer time in one night.

The time flow of the dream world as compared to the real world is about 1:3 for overlords, 1:7 for totems, and 1:20 for immortals…”

After the various charts and data were played, the core members moved on to a more hidden point.

“As long as all the cultivators are in the dimensional dream world, no matter what they do, they will receive cultivation value,” Wang Ya paused for a moment and looked at the leader of the dimensional traveler management team, Tian Xuan.

She continued, “According to the player and administrator data, the cultivation value generated in the dimensional dream world will be rewarded to the participants in a certain form.

For example, our magnate Zhong Hen is both a closed beta player and an administrator.

Before the test started, he was still at overlord-level 3.

Now, in just two days, hes already at overlord-level 4!”

Zhong Hen, whose name was called, stood up and nodded with a smile, “Its not just me.

Wu Yu and Tian Xuan are the same.”

Hearing this, Tian Xuan nodded.

His administrator level was naturally the same as the other team leaders.

As for the faith of the myriad races Monica, the magnate Wu Yu, and the magnate Zhong Hen, their authority was one level higher.

“People with different levels of authority will obtain different percentages of the cultivation value in the dimensional dream.

Most ordinary players can obtain 50-70% of their total cultivation value.

As for administrators, apart from their respective cultivation values, the remaining cultivation values of the entire Blue Planet are also distributed to them.

The specific distribution ratio is related to the level of authority as well.

Currently, due to the small number of players participating, the significance of this portion of cultivation value is limited,” Wang Ya looked at Chu Feng and said slowly, “According to speculation, 50-60% of the total cultivation value should have gone to the core binder.

Magnate Chu, have you sensed the power feedback”

The eyes of the few people present were all focused on one person.

The young man, who had revealed his monstrous strength before he was even of age, sensed for a moment and said calmly, “No.”

At this moment, everyone seemed to be speechless.

Otherwise, why was the place so quiet

Zhong Hen lowered his head and chuckled, his brows slightly curved as he said, “My third brother is now at the peak of the immortal level.

Even if hundreds of millions of people give their cultivation values, it would be difficult to notice any significant changes in a short time.”

The others were speechless.

Thats true.

Chu Fengs current strength was unfathomable.

How could he be considered in terms of the overlord or totem level Even if they used an immortal, senior Monica, as the standard, they still couldnt possibly know his depths.

Logically speaking, the stronger Chu Feng was, the more peace of mind they had as creatures of the Blue Planet.

However, the people present at the meeting suddenly thought of the same thing.

Wang Ya and the others could not help but tense up.

“Is the current Blue Planet and even the entire sky region a burden to him”

Zhong Hen patted Chu Fengs shoulder and said frankly, “Third brother, why dont we give up on the administrators authority We dont need to go to other places anyway.

Besides, you are in the sky region.

As long as you are strong enough, the Blue Planet is the safest place.”

The others also spoke one after another, all saying that they would return the authority to Chu Feng so that he could accumulate more foundation faster

At this moment, Chu Feng frowned, “I dont lack what you guys have.”

Truth be told, he was no different from a true God now.

The foundation of a true God was something that ordinary people wouldnt be able to accumulate even if they spent tens of millions or even a hundred million years!

“The authority should still be distributed according to the original distribution.

Other than that, you can also set up temporary authorities for the geniuses of the various races.”

Only by making generation after generation stronger could Blue Planet continue to become stronger.

Even if Chu Fengs path of becoming stronger had no limits, he could not fight alone.


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