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After the people left, only the human and his butterfly were left in the courtyard.

Chu Feng lay on the swing, both resting and thinking.

The Mirage Butterfly was dancing among the colorful flowers and leaves.

It seemed that she had just been dazzled by the two flower fields in the Solar System, but the butterfly suddenly cried at the Beastmaster to report that she was going to visit the Flower God and the Tree God.

Chu Feng had his eyes closed.

Sunlight shone on his face through the gaps between the leaves.

“Okay, remember to come back early.”


Soon, there was only one person left in the small courtyard.

The warm afternoon sun shone down, and Chu Feng closed his eyes to rest.

In a trance, after an unknown amount of time, his spiritual sense seemed to float to the horizon, overlooking the entire sky region.

It should be that the order of return that he had issued earlier had taken effect.

In the west where the sky region and the wild region intersected, large groups of creatures began to move.

Their speed varied.

In front, at the back, on the left and right, as well as above the team, armies were escorting those creatures.

Even if he did not zoom in, Chu Feng could sense that the escorts were from the sky region army.

It seemed that the Mountain God had started his operation.

Before he retracted his spiritual sense, the scene that left the deepest impression on him was the dead sky region and the bustling solar system.

It made one sigh.

To be honest, it was normal.

After all, it had not been long since he had become sovereign and the two sides had yet to build up trust.

It was no wonder that so many residents of the territory would move upon hearing the news.

After all, Chu Feng was only at the immortal level.

No matter how heaven-defying his battle records were, in the eyes of some living beings, he still couldnt compare to those old true Gods.

Chu Feng opened his eyes, and an indistinct emotion flashed through his eyes.

He opened his attribute panel and looked at it carefully.

[Chu Feng]

[Level: Immortal (the tenth realm of origin)]

[Beastmaster talent: Unlimited Enhancement (unknown), Beastmasters Divine Heart (supreme)]

[Beasts: Six tenth-realm beasts.

Wild Bear, Mirage Butterfly, Mythical Tree, Dark-sky Azure Dragon, Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, and Astral Spirit.

Among them, the Astral Spirit is an advanced true God, while the other beasts are immortals.]

[Principles comprehended: Beast principle source (level 50)]

[Beastmasters Core]

[Beast skill learning: Currently, your progress in learning the skills of your six beasts is less than 3%.

It is hoped that the progress can be improved.]

[Human-Beast Ties: Four and a half stars in terms of tacit understanding, five stars in terms of mutual trust… Overall Evaluation: The abilities of the Beastmaster and his beasts have been increased by 300% based on their strongest unleashable strength.]

[More effects to be unlocked.]

Seeing the description of the Beastmasters core, Chu Feng subconsciously opened the panel on the Beasts core to compare them.

[Beasts Core]

[Companion (level 1): As beasts under the same Beastmaster, those who are not involved in the battle will automatically cheer for those who are.

As a result, those who are in battle will receive a 30% temporary attribute bonus from their non-battle companions.]

[Alongside Battle (level 1): On the battlefield, the beasts that fight alongside each other inspire each other.

All beasts who are in battle will receive a 30% attribute bonus.]

[Communication (level 1): With the Beastmasters beast contracts as the link center, the beasts can communicate quickly.]

Unlike the Beastmasters core, which brought an attribute enhancement, the various effects of the beasts core could be enhanced with the divine source points.

Chu Feng spent all the remaining divine source points he had left, and the panel changed accordingly.

[Beasts Core]

[Companion (level 10): Beasts who are in battle will gain a 300% attribute bonus from those who are not involved in the battle.]

[Alongside Battle (level 10): When the battle starts, the attributes of all comrades will be increased by 300%.]

[Communication (max level): Beasts can communicate with each other without hindrance.]

Level 10 was the max for Communication.

He only needed to upgrade one beasts beast core, and the beast cores of the rest of the beasts would be automatically synchronized on the interface.

Immediately, a new program appeared under the Human-Beast Ties.

[Fetters: Invincible in close combat (dragon and bear), space-time suppression (Mystic Fall Fighter Jet and Mirage Butterfly), divine support (Mythical Tree and other beasts), Mechanica Eye (Mystic Fall Fighter Jet and others)… currently, four fetters have been activated.

When fighting together, the attributes of related beasts will be doubled.]

Companion and Alongside Battle could each be further enhanced.

Communication had already reached the maximum level, and Fetters was different from the first three.

Chu Feng sat on a chair, resting his chin on his hand as he pondered.

“Fetters was passively unlocked.

It looks like it can be trained.”

Currently, if the Beastmasters core and the Beasts core were combined, the two could be considered the fetters between the Beastmaster and his beasts.

In other words, a bond between the human and his beasts.

In the Beastmasters core, Human-Beast Ties included but were not limited to the tacit understanding and trust between the human and his beasts, and so on.

From the looks of it, all of these needed to be trained and advanced in the real world.

Due to the merging of many effects into one, if he wanted to find out the connection between the final bonus on the Beastmasters core interface and the various effects, he would have to investigate further.

As for the beast core, it was more of an open book.

Apart from a small part of the content related to the Beastmaster, most of it was about the bond between the beasts.

Other than stating the specific fetter each beast was affiliated to, the other effects were all under the beast core.

The basic attributes of Chu Fengs six beasts were already incomparably powerful.

With the buff of the percentage attribute bonus this time, it could be said that their strength had increased once more.

Chu Feng was not surprised by this at all.

He stood up, and in the next instant, he disappeared.

At the same time, in a certain corner of the solar system, an almost ethereal voice of a perception sounded.

[Youre here…]

Chu Feng nodded and walked into the huge treasure trove.

Just like the usual steps of transactions, countless treasures and resources were piled up on the exchange platform, all of them being replaced with the pearls of divine source.

The treasure trove was exceptionally silent today.

Even after seeing Chu Feng convert his treasures into close to 100 million divine source points, it did not say a word.

It was only a long while after the guest left that there was a belated exclamation of shock that was filled with emotion.

[This child is extremely terrifying.

In the future, he will even stir up the entire universe…]

[When the time comes… I… Free…]

The mumbling was faint and could not be heard clearly.

After leaving the huge treasure trove, Chu Feng went to the center of the Solar System and handed over a portion of his treasures and the dimensional traveler to Wu Yu and Zhong Hen.

He also took the Mirage Butterfly home.

The name dimensional traveler was actually related to the player system, though the details would have to be explained in detail another time.

In short, the highest authority was in Chu Fengs hands.

At this moment, the man and his six beasts were gathered.

Of course, the beasts had transformed to be infinitely small.

Lila was the normal height of a human, while her main body stood tall in the beast world.

When the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet opened its wings, it was only the size of a palm.

The height of the Wild Bear had minimized itself countless times but was still more than two meters tall.

If it wasnt for the support of its divine strength, Tianyu City would have collapsed instantly!

The Mystic Fall Fighter Jet had many forms.

At this moment, it looked like a model fighter jet, carrying the Mirage Butterfly as it glided.

The Astral Spirit had been in the beast world for quite some time, but even with her 10,000-fold growth rate, she was still in her infancy.

At this moment, the Astral Spirit was lying obediently on Chu Fengs left shoulder.

Chu Feng lowered his head to look at his beasts interfaces.

It was only then that he realized that a line had appeared on the beasts cores interface.

He wondered what had triggered it.

[Borrowing (level 1): The beasts can borrow a skill from another of the Beastmasters beasts.

The effect of the skill is 10% of the original.]


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