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Tong Xiao asked with a gloomy expression, “Brother Zhu, what happened”

Zhu Zhihan said, “Lets leave first for now.

Your pet beast is also injured, and the Six-Tailed Fox will be back soon.

We might be in danger.”

Huo Yan also said, “Lets go.”

Tong Xiao was a little reluctant to leave.

He glanced coldly at Chu Feng and walked away.

Chu Feng thought to himself, “Those who are powerful would not warn before they fight.

I have to be careful.

They might be a threat in the future.”

But Chu Feng didnt take any action because he knew that the elders would be paying close attention.

If Chu Feng didnt stop there, Zhu Zhihans elders would come personally.

Chu Feng was still no match for commander-level and king-level Beastmasters.

At this time, the Six-Tailed Fox dragged its wounded body back.

It was sad because it was difficult for the Six-Tailed Fox to choose between its race and its child.

But in the end, the Six-tailed Fox decided to fight for its race.

However, it was now tired.


A giant bird slowly descended from the sky.

It was a commander-level Valiant Bird with a middle-aged woman on its back.

Chen Ping said to the Six-Tailed Fox, “Lets go back.”

The Six-Tailed Fox looked at her, and the fatigues in it gradually dissipated.

It nodded lightly.

Seeing the pet beast egg in Li Siyus arms, it naturally understood what had happened.

Chen Ping said, “Chu Feng, your Wild Bear is strong.

I believe that you will obtain a good result in this exchange competition.”

“Miss Chen.”

Chu Feng knew Chen Ping.

She was a professor at Diming High School, a commander-level Beastmaster.

He heard that she would advance to the king-level at her sixties.

Chen Ping said, “Alright, Ill take the Six-Tailed Fox and leave first.

After that, you guys can leave.”

Chu Feng asked, “Wheres Principal Gao”

Chen Ping didnt answer.

She rode on her Valiant Bird and left.

A spatial crack appeared, and Principal Gao walked out.

He asked helplessly, “How did you know I am here”

Chu Feng was speechless, “According to your personality, it would be strange if you didnt join in the fun.”

Principal Gao was helpless.

He wondered how Chu Feng knew so much about him.

As a king-level Beastmaster, he felt somewhat embarrassed.

Then he said, “Actually, this is an encounter between the participants of the exchange competition.

It is an unwritten rule.

We will not notify the participants beforehand.

The purpose is to let the executives of each base city have a certain understanding of the participants.”

Chu Feng instantly understood.

He thought, “No wonder.

These people were troublesome.”

“What about the executives of Dibei City Didnt they watch us” Chu Feng asked.

Principal Gao stroked his beard and said with a smile, “They had something to attend to and left.”

Chu Feng understood and smiled.

“It seems that Dibei City is going to target me during the exchange competition.”

Principal Gao was confident of Chu Fengs ability, “With Wild Bears current strength, its useless even if they target you.

Zhu Zhihan is already a very powerful extraordinary-level Beastmaster.

But he is practically powerless in front of you.”

“Principal,” Chu Feng suddenly said seriously.

“Whats wrong” Principal Gao was startled.

Chu Feng quipped, “Praise me more.

I like it.”


Li Siyu was somewhat shocked.

Chu Fengs relationship with Principal Gao was way above tutor and student.

She wouldnt dare speak to Principal Gao like that.

That was because Principal Gao was a stern man.

He could kill king-level beasts at ease.

In the world of Beastmasters, strength was the most important thing.

Principal Gao stared at him and said, “Brat, I will beat you up when you reach the king-level.”

Chu Feng smiled and said, “Then I will not fight back to show my respect to you, principal.”

Principal Gao was speechless.

Then he thought of another question.

He wondered if he would be able to defeat Chu Feng then.

Chu Fengs talent was special.

The pet beasts he had nurtured were powerful.

Needless to say, the Mirage Worm was a rare kind.

The strength of the Wild Bear was terrifying.

He could easily use an extraordinary-level pet beast to defeat a sovereign-level beast.

“Lets go,” Principal Gao suddenly sighed.

He hadnt expected Chu Feng to advance so quickly.

It wouldnt take too long for Chu Feng to reach his level.

A spatial door appeared, and Principal Gao immediately made the Space-piercing Spider teleport Chu Feng and Li Siyu back.

Li Siyu hugged the pet beast egg and said softly, “Chu Feng, thank you.”

Chu Feng smiled, “Youre welcome.

I promised to get it for you.

Besides, you also know that this is the process I must go through to participate in the competition.”

“No matter what, I wouldnt even have the pet beast egg of the Six-Tailed Fox if it werent because of you,” Li Siyu expressed her gratitude sincerely.

Her Red Firebird didnt even have the chance to make a move.

Chu Feng had already taken care of everything.

She looked at Chu Fengs smile, and her heart hammered in her.

Her mind went blank.

She stood on her tiptoes and kissed Chu Fengs cheek.

Soon, she realized what she had done.

Her face immediately blushed.

She was somewhat worried that Chu Feng would be disgusted.


She whispered, “This is my gift of thanks to you.

In short, thank you…”

Li Siyus voice grew softer and softer until it finally disappeared.

Finally, she could not stand Chu Fengs gaze and ran away.

Chu Feng touched his face.

He could have dodged it just now.

After all, his current physical fitness was comparable to that of a Wild Bear.

But he also had an affection for Li Siyu.

If he did not like Li Siyu, he would not have agreed to help her capture the Six-Tailed Foxs pet beast egg.

He thought, “It seems that handsomeness is an advantage.”

Chu Feng looked into the distance and suddenly realized that Tao Dong was staring blankly at him.

He suddenly recalled a rumor in the past.

Tao Dong had been pursuing Li Siyu ever since school started, but Li Siyu had never paid attention to him.

Li Siyu was the most beautiful girl in Diming High School.

She possessed an A-rank beast tamer talent, and many boys pursued her.

Not only from Diming High School had a crush on her, but also boys from other schools.

Some freelancer Beastmaster liked her too.

She was popular.

However, all of that was different.

Tao Dong felt that he could win Li Siyus heart sooner or later.

Now, he saw Li Siyu taking the initiative to kiss Chu Fengs face.

His imagination ran wild when he saw them kissing in public and thought they were a couple.

Fury stroke Tao Dong.

Coldy, he said to Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, how dare you!”

Chu Feng was speechless, “What has it got to do with you”

Tao Dong said nothing more and released his Earth Wild Dragon.

After training for some time, his Earth Wild Dragon had already reached awakening Level 7.

He was confident that defeating Chu Feng wouldnt be a problem with his current level.

In his opinion, as long as he had enough time, it wouldnt be difficult for him to be stronger than Li Siyu, not to mention Chu Feng.

Chu Feng had only a B-rank beast tamer talent and was only a tiny obstacle in Tao Dongs path of advancing.

So, Tao Dong could finish off Chu Feng with ease.

The one thing he could not accept was that a person like Chu Feng could win Li Siyus heart.

That blinded Tao dong with jealousy.



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