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Perhaps it was because it felt that victory was within its grasp, the evil spirit cackled.

Chu Feng curled his lips into a cold smile, “Is this all you know”

After saying that, without waiting for the beasts to fight, he waved his right hand, and the terrifying power contained within the peachwood sword, which could kill and redeem all living beings, suddenly spread out like a rain of swords!

In the darkness, raindrops emitting faint light fell, eliminating the evil spirit minions at the God King realm!

The people who were watching through the light screen couldnt help but gulp, even though they were on the other side of the screen.

“Its too scary!”

“How can he be so powerful”

“Are my feelings wrong God Chu seems to have become stronger!”

More than one had the mentality of idolizing the strong.

Even the injured, who couldnt even stand up straight, widened their eyes in disbelief.

Of course, they knew that the peachwood sword had something to do with Chu Fengs lethality.

However, Chu Feng had used the same weapon to kill the evil spirit avatar before.

Back then, they hadnt seen such an effect either…





On the battlefield, the beasts turned into a group of praising machines, surrounding their beastmaster and praising his strength.

Chu Feng hadnt expected the strength of the peachwood sword itself to be so strong.

With a thought, perhaps the sword wasnt entirely the reason for the momentum.

He turned his gaze to the vicious-looking heart in his left hand.

The beasts, the survivors of the pagoda, and even the evil spirit were all inexplicably focused on the heart.

The six beasts were still fine.

Almost the next moment after the bewitching voice rang in their minds, they broke free from the wandering state of mind.

The reason for this was entirely due to their Beastmasters experience of breaking free from the temptation.

However, the others in the tree world werent all people with a firm mind.

Some were struggling, but when some heard the words “if you eat the heart you can become stronger”, they immediately stared at Chu Feng with bloodshot eyes, as if they wanted to bite off a piece of meat from the latters body.

As the true master of the tree world, Lila immediately sensed their malice.

Without any hesitation, she activated the power of the treants inside, knocking out the two or three people who had fallen into a state of madness!

Although the others looked normal, to prevent any accidents, Lila immediately ordered the treant army to send out troops to spy on the former to prevent them from doing things at critical moments that would disrupt her masters plans.

Generally speaking, beasts cared a lot about their Beastmasters.

Under normal circumstances, unless all battle-type beasts of a Beastmaster died in battle, no one would be able to kill the Beastmaster.

The phrase “unless you step over my corpse, you cant kill my beastmaster” werent just empty words.

No matter how powerful Chu Feng was, the Wild Bear and the others wouldnt be able to just sit by and watch someone who had the intention of harming their Beastmaster live.

If it werent for the fact that their master had reminded them, Lilas punishment would not have been so lenient.

Ignoring the situation of the people who entered the pagoda, Chu Feng noticed that the evil spirits reaction to the heart was different from the survivors.

Sometimes, it would flash its fangs and claws at the vicious-looking heart, and even let out a low growl that carried a sense of intimidation.

But soon after, as if some treasure had been taken away, its figure flashed, and in the next instant, it appeared above Chu Fengs head!

It felt as if a mountain was pressing down on him from the sky.

Chu Feng cast his teleportation spell calmly and smiled as he watched the evil spirit smash a large hole in the ground.

He smiled, “Blink if youre under control.”

The evil spirit naturally would not reply.

If not for the fact that he had heard the other partys voice, Chu Feng would have thought that it was mute.

After its attack missed, several attacks followed closely.

As if wanting Chu Feng to die immediately, the evil spirit roared like a madman.

Not only did it summon over a thousand dark soldiers, but it also summoned all sorts of monsters that hatched one after another.

In comparison, its elemental attacks, including dark magic, as well as various forms of physical and magical attacks, werent as impressive.

Chu Feng put all his beasts back into the beast world, letting them take advantage of the time to rest.

As for himself, he began to tease the evil spirit.

The night was exceptionally long, but only for the evil spirit.

Before dawn, Chu Feng raised his hand.

He didnt attack the evil spirit.

Instead, he stabbed the peachwood sword into its heart.

When the heart shattered and turned into nothing, the evil spirit let out a terrifying cry that could frighten a child to the point the child would stop crying.


It had not been attacked, but the evil spirit spat out a mouthful of black blood.

Its blood-red eyes, which were staring at the only human present, flashed with resentment.

Chu Feng raised his eyebrows slightly.

With a flash, he appeared beside the evil spirit in the next instant.

The creatures that had been summoned previously, such as the white eyes that could shoot out laser beams and had two rows of shark teeth on their eyelashes, the overseers that could drive the army slaves to attract the enemys firepower while acting as cannon fodder, the mutated army that was formed from the strange combination of human and beast parts…

No matter how many legions there were, they were all annihilated under Chu Fengs continuous barrage of cannon fire using the mechanical space!

Chu Fengs strength came from his beasts, this included the battle experience of the six beasts in the Bloody Pagoda.

From a certain point of view, Chu Feng was far stronger than his beasts.

As such, the few who were still conscious and paying attention to the battle were so shocked that they couldnt say a word.

Previously, they had fought side-by-side with the Wild Bear, Dark-sky Azure Dragon, and other beasts.

At that time, they had been extremely envious of the powerful combat strength of these beasts.

If it werent for the endless dark army attacking them, they might even have surrounded those six beasts and asked them for the method to become stronger!

But now, what were they seeing No matter how invincible a Beastmaster was at the same level, there werent many who were stronger than their beasts!

After all, the Human Lords inheritance that allowed one to cultivate a second talent was only in the hands of the illusory world and some aristocratic families.

Basically, only SSS-grade Beastmasters were allowed to learn it.

However, as everyone knew, the probability of awakening a beast tamer talent was very low, let alone one in the SSS grade.

For example, in the central divine region, where the human races forces were the most concentrated, one SSS-grade Beastmaster among countless humans in a thousand years was even considered good.

When their luck was bad, there wouldnt be a single SSS-grade beastmaster in ten thousand or even a hundred thousand years!

Moreover, it was said that there was a difference in strength among SSS-grade Beastmasters as well.

For example, the previous number one genius of the human race, Hanlin, had cultivated to the immortal level in less than ten thousand years!

In contrast, Tyrant who had appeared out of nowhere was even more terrifying.

When he was an overlord, he had already seized the throne of number one on the totem battle ranking board and was revered by countless people.

“As expected of Tyrant.

Hes truly incomparably terrifying!” The puppeteer looked at the figure on the light screen that was moving with ease and felt that the other party was even more unfathomable.

It was said that there was bound to be someone better than oneself.

Before she met this person, she thought that she was the uncrowned king among the unaffiliated cultivators of the eastern divine region.

The puppeteer did not even think that the temple officials of the Eastern Temple were that powerful.

If the other party started from scratch and did not rely on their elders to fight, they might not be able to defeat her.

She had always been fighting alone, so her self-confidence was not weaker than others.

Even when facing Luo He, Cena, and other temple officials, the puppeteer would not feel that she was lagging behind others.

“Hes too strong! I heard that senior is not even of age yet!” Someone exclaimed, followed by another true god exclaiming, “With such monstrous strength, Im afraid that even if I use my entire life, I still wouldnt be able to match…”

Even the puppeteer could not help but sigh, “With such unparalleled talent, its only natural that no one can match up to him.”


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