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Chu Feng raised his hand and destroyed the altar with strange patterns.

“Caw!” The crow let out a strange cry and pecked over.

Chu Feng was still a little slow to react, so he just slightly turned to dodge the fierce peck.

The crows body instantly expanded by more than ten times to turn into a giant crow.

With a flap of its wings, it stirred up gales of wind and thunder, all charging toward the enemy! Chu Feng changed the black heart to his other hand.

After emptying his right hand, he casually pointed at the giant crow.

“Break!” A calm voice rang out in the maze.

It was not even as loud as the other side, but it somehow suppressed the opponent.

As one of the so-called twenty-four words of truth, no matter how ordinary it sounded, it was definitely extraordinary.

The body of the giant crow shattered into countless pieces the moment the truth took effect.

Even if one had extraordinary abilities, one would not be able to stick the pieces back into the original crow.

Not to mention, in an instant, the pieces that filled the sky disappeared into thin air, it was as if they were never there.

Chu Fengs true strength was naturally stronger than the crow.

Therefore, just saying the word made it the truth.

From ancient times until now, history was decided by the few who had the ability, courage, and luck.

Just like in reality, it didnt matter how rich the resources one had.

Those who didnt have the ability to protect those resources were ultimately allowing others to plunder the fruits of their labor.

Take the Bloody Pagoda for example.

Those who entered the pagoda were like both dry firewood and raging fire.

They killed countless blood souls, but in the end, they were then killed and plundered by those stronger than them.

When Chu Feng opened his eyes in the darkness, the vicious-looking heart on his left hand was beating wildly.

It was more vivid than a living creature.

He lowered his head slightly.

His expression was hidden in the darkness and it could not be seen clearly.

However, the stillness only lasted for two breaths.

Chu Feng raised his head and looked into the distance.

He could sense that the evil spirits aura was still lingering in the Bloody Pagoda.

Moreover, it had gotten even stronger.

After the evil spirit was killed, it would be resurrected with a stronger power.

It seemed that he had killed the other party in the illusion.

Chu Feng was not worried about the fact that the evil spirit was becoming stronger.

In fact, resurrecting from the dead usually required a huge amount of energy.

The evil spirit seemed fine now, but it did not mean that there were no ripples beneath the surface of the water that could not be seen.

There was a price to pay for everything.

It was either pay in advance or pay with ones future.

In Chu Fengs opinion, the stronger the evil spirit became, the closer it was to complete destruction.

Perhaps it death would befall it this time, or perhaps it was the next time.

Its energy reserves would eventually be exhausted, and the evil spirit that fed on the blood of others would also suffer a backlash!

A powerful and evil aura suddenly emerged from the ground and crazily turned to attack the twenty or so survivors.

Chu Feng brought the heart with him and laughed as he moved forward in the pitch-black night.

Dawn was about to fall.

If he could survive this battle, he would definitely welcome the light he had been waiting for.



The beasts had been fighting in the darkness for the entire night.

Regardless of whether they were humans or beasts, most of them were in a sorry state.

Even Lila, the Mythical Tree, who had been acting as an auxiliary commander in the rear all night, had a hoarse tinge in her voice that could not be hidden.

The only ones who could still stand in the light barrier and kill the dark creatures other than Chu Fengs beasts were Cena, Richardson, Leng Qiu, and the puppeteer.

As for the weaker Santana and Brin, they would occasionally come out from the tree world to kill the enemies.

In short, other than the four God Kings, most of the others were not able to hold on for long before they had to stop to recuperate.

If not for the space domain of the Mirage Butterfly and the time domain of the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, as well as the constant fighting of the beasts in the outer circle, no one would have been able to survive this battle! At this moment, the hands of Leng Qiu and the others were so heavy it was as if they were filled with lead.

Just raising their hands became extremely difficult.

“The evil spirit is about to arrive.

Everyone, return to the tree world immediately!”

Annie, who had just come out of the tree world and had not even killed two enemies, as well as the others who had wanted to help, all had a change in expression when they heard Lilas words.

They could hear the anxiety in her words.

Clearly, the evil spirit seemed to be coming for them this time! After a night of battle, even Annie, who had been rather impulsive earlier, immediately helped her sister back to the tree world.

Cena, the puppeteer, and the others were also supported back into the tree world by the others.

After going back inside, most of them leaned against the big trees or sat on the ground alone.

Through the external light screen that the Mirage Butterfly had set up before the battle situation became critical, they nervously observed the battle situation.

Many of them were drenched in sweat.

Speaking of which, the reason why there was such a light screen was all thanks to the fighter jet.

If not for the screen, they would probably be just like before, waiting for the outcome of the game without knowing if they would live or die.

“There was no time to rest during the previous battle.

Say, why hasnt the big shot appeared”

“Senior must have gone to chase after the most powerful evil spirit.

Naturally, he didnt have much time to care about those underlings…”

“The evil spirits minions are already so powerful.

I dont even dare to imagine how powerful the evil spirit is now!”

“Just during the short while when we were out there, the normal level of the dark creatures had already reached the God General realm.

If it wasnt for seniors beasts protecting us, Im afraid we wouldnt even have a complete corpse.”

“Speaking of which, were also considered lucky.

Fortunately, we met Lord Chu Feng.

Otherwise, we wouldnt have been able to live until now.”

“If we can get out of here alive, Im willing to give up everything I have!”

“With your meager treasures, who are you trying to annoy”

“Sigh, I miss the food at home.

I wonder if mom and dad have finished my funeral…”

“Can we get out of here alive this time”

“I havent seen senior in a long time.

I feel that its a little risky.”

Just as the people in the tree world were watching the live broadcast anxiously, their gazes suddenly stopped at a certain corner.

“Big brother… Big brother Chu has appeared! !”

“F*ck! He attacked with his elbow the moment he came out and knocked that gigantic creature down!”

“Big brother bear and dragon have both rushed up!”


The atmosphere among the people suddenly changed.

Those who were originally so nervous that they were cracking their fingers and clenching their fists stared at the light screen without blinking.

At the same time, when Chu Feng arrived at the scene, he took down the enormous black evil god without saying a word.

There was no need to communicate.

The Wild Bear and Dark-sky Azure Dragon, the two melee fighters, charged straight at the evil spirit.

The formers arm expanded, and the strength principle surging on half of its chest was so violent it could be seen.

The latter opened its mouth and released a dragon gods roar as usual.


At this moment, standing in front of the man and his six beasts was an evil spirit with the ability to revive and the strength to fight against a God Venerable! Even so, no one retreated even half a step.

The Mystic Fall Fighter Jet opened the mechanical treasury, and all of its skills were activated in the mythical mode.

The originally incomparably dark void instantly cracked open, and countless cannons poked out from the void.

Under the control of Mystic Falls photon calculation, it brought the worst battle experience to the enemy.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The sound of cannon fire was incessant.

With the support of the time domain, the feeling of the incongruous flow of time was so chaotic that even the evil spirit would go crazy.


As if it was enraged, the black gas around the evil spirit surged.

In an instant, a thousand God King realm beings were born!


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