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Chu Feng sensed that this evil spirit was still a God Lord.

If he did not have the memory of killing the evil spirit just now, he would have thought that he was dreaming.

However, the evil spirit had been killed.

Logically speaking, it should have leveled up after its resurrection.

From this point, it seemed that the killing just now was an illusion.

“Lets sort out the current situation.

First of all, I should still be in the evil spirits body.

This can be seen through the 50% damage dealt just now.

It doesnt seem possible to just destroy the body.

It seems that I still have to find the evil spirits main body,” Chu Feng pondered for a moment and muttered, “Perhaps its at the heart”

He stopped to carefully observe his surroundings and discovered that although the area was dark, it was divided into a thick black and a slightly gray path.

The thick black areas felt like walls, but there were no obstructions in the gray areas.

If he drew a map from above with what he sensed, it would be something like a maze.

Chu Fengs spiritual power continued to explore, but he could not find a way out even after searching for a while.

However, on the black floor that was similar to the ground, some of the corridors had a hint of neon green.

He did not have a clear idea at the moment, so Chu Feng simply flew toward the nearest green area.

Soon, his footsteps stopped.

The neon green spots were all about the same size.

At first glance, they looked like watermarks formed by blood splatter.

They also looked like small footprints.

“Could it be that there are other creatures here” Just as this thought flashed past Chu Fengs mind, he suddenly caught a rustling sound.

Immediately after, a group of black dust balls poked out of the thick black wall and ran to the green marks.

They rubbed the green on their bodies bit by bit and even made some gestures.

Soon, the mark disappeared.

The black dust balls came and left happily.

They did not realize that they had one less partner.

Chu Feng held an unhappy black ball in his hands and tried to communicate with it.

In the end, the only thought he could receive from the black ball was its desire to play.

For example, the color-painting game was one of the few games it had.

Chu Feng wanted to ask for more useful information, but the little guy was small with a pea-sized brain, so it couldnt remember much.

Perhaps it lacked protection, so he could easily find part of the memory in the other partys mind.

However, there was very little useful information.

After removing all kinds of messy and useless information, Chu Feng extracted a small map of this huge maze.

He narrowed his eyes slightly and teleported to a place where the neon green traces were rapidly disappearing.

He trapped the little ones and searched the souls of the two dust balls.

Perhaps because they lived in the same group, the map obtained from the two black balls was basically the same.

More details were added to the map in Chu Fengs mind.

He let go of the black balls and the few that he held in his hands and began to carefully observe the map.

On both sides of the map were curved edges.

If one were to turn the map upside down and put the edges together, it looked a little like a black heart.

Chu Feng compared the path he had taken with the map and quickly determined his coordinates.

He resolutely changed directions and continued to move forward.

After a few twists and turns along the way, he arrived near the black heart area.

The size of the black heart was about a thousand feet.

The surface was made of an unknown material that was difficult to break, and it was hard to see what was inside.

Chu Feng used the Mystic Fall Fighter Jets maxed-out super skill, quantum detection, and obtained the image of a three-dimensional labyrinth that was even more maze-like than the previous labyrinth.

Moreover, there was a black heart that was knotted on the surface at the core!

Even though he did not see the real thing, Chu Feng felt a sense of certainty in his heart, Once I destroy that heart, the evil spirit of the Bloody Pagoda will most likely be greatly weakened!”

At this moment, a black crow flew over and stared at Chu Feng with its blood-red eyes.

“Caw, caw!”

Its hoarse and unpleasant voice sounded.

Just as Chu Feng frowned, his vision turned black.

When he narrowed his eyes to look again, he saw the familiar darkness again.

The memory from before was still clearly imprinted in his mind.

Following his memory, Chu Feng quickly arrived in front of the black heart once more.

With the peachwood sword in his left hand and the destructive divine sword in his right, he activated the power of the 19 elemental principles at the same time, added with the power of all the beasts various skills, he waved his hands down!

The violent power gathered and compressed, bombarding the black heart that was wrapped in the hard shell.

Chu Feng only heard a shocking cry, and the next moment, it was black again.

He frowned slightly and teleported to a spot near the black heart.

The moment he detected the appearance of the crow, he bound it to a newly constructed black cage.

One second, two seconds… After more than ten seconds, there was still no commotion.

Chu Feng carried the bird cage and knocked on the hard layer wrapped around the black heart.


Surprise reflected in his black eyes.

To think the hard layer of the cage was as soft as paper.

To avoid anything unexpected, Chu Feng opened a small opening and brought the bird into the black maze.

As soon as he entered, the cage in his left hand trembled and made crashing sounds as the crow within rammed into the cage.

If the person holding the cage was not Chu Feng, who had the strength of a God Lord under normal circumstances, one might not even be able to get up after being knocked down by that huge force.

Chu Feng raised his right hand slightly, and the palm of his hand condensed dazzling starlight with a suppressive force, coating the bird cage.

The crow continued to ram into the cage, but the bird cage did not even sway much.

Because he had looked down from the outside just now, Chu Feng did not spend much time choosing which intersection to head into.

Not long after, he was extremely close to that sinister black heart.

At this moment, the bird cage had already turned into a bloated and strange object.

The sound of collisions had stopped for a while.

The black heart with dense tendons on its surface was quietly lying on an altar with an unknown magic array drawn on it.

A strange thought inexplicably arose in Chu Fengs mind, “Come, take me.

As long as you swallow this heart, youll be the strongest!”

The sound of flapping wings could be heard.

The birdcage took off from the ground and slowly floated towards the black heart.

Chu Fengs feet suddenly moved.

His eyes were so dim that there was not even a hint of light in them.

He was like a patient who had not moved for a long time.

He slowly lifted his feet and placed them on the ground, gradually getting closer to the heart.

“Very good, good boy.

Thats it,” A voice filled with encouragement sounded from the depths of the maze, poison-coated like a snake or scorpion.

“Only those who reach the altar the fastest and swallow the heart can become the strongest.

You have to be even faster,” Hearing this, the caged bird and Chu Feng quickened their steps as if they could not wait any longer.

The moment they reached the altar, the cage that bound the crow suddenly split into two and fell to the ground with a bang.

This sudden change stunned the bird.

At the same time, Chu Feng rushed to the altar and grabbed the black heart.

“Quickly swallow it.

If you swallow it, youll be the strongest!” The bewitching voice sounded again.


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