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At this moment, if any living creature could see the figure running at extreme speed in the darkness, they would definitely be shocked.

They would see that this person was dressed in black and his expression was cold.

It was as if he did not care even if the sky collapsed before him.

Moreover, his eyes were closed.

Chu Feng was alone at this moment.

All of his beasts had been sent out.

Although his eyes were shut, he had a much more vivid picture of the scene in his mind than what he could see with his vision.

Even if he didnt open his eyes, he could still move around freely in the darkness.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Sounds of something whistling through the air came from not far away, and he was getting closer to them.

Chu Feng turned and changed directions, chasing after the “thing” step by step.

He could feel that the evil spirit was around here, but perhaps it was because the other party had also used some kind of concealment spell, he couldnt detect its tracks even if he used space or spiritual power.

The sky was bright in the distance.

It was obvious that the others and their beasts were fighting against the enemies in the darkness.

Rustling sounds resounded in the surroundings, but when one listened carefully, there was not a single sound.

The silence was unsettling.

Chu Feng was getting tired of chasing, so he simply gave an order through the beast contracts.

“All beasts, use all your strength to kill the enemy!”

As soon as the order was given, the sound of the six beasts agreeing to the order rang out in his mind.




In that instant, the pace of killing the enemies on the other side suddenly accelerated.

The evil spirit hidden deep in the darkness could no longer suppress its anger.

With a loud rumble, after a shocking earthquake, a black-clothed man was swallowed by a large stretch of darkness!

“Crack!” As if he had solved a huge problem in his heart, a voice that was lined with incomparable joy resounded throughout the Bloody Pagoda.

Leng Qiu and Annies hearts trembled.

Their hearts were filled with worry.

However, there wasnt much time on the battlefield to grieve over anything.

Moreover, seeing that the few beasts were still slaughtering the enemies at the side without any special expressions, the others felt slightly relieved and continued to fight.

“If we kill these dark creatures, we may be able to go home!”

“These armies are all derived from the evil spirits power.

As long as we keep weakening its power, well definitely win!”

“Its just refreshing not to need to worry about dying in battle.

The more we fight, the braver we become!”

“You guys are still in the mood to chat How many have you killed!”

“There must be tens of millions of them.

These evil spirit creatures are like cockroaches.

Weve killed so many of them, but they dont seem to be getting less…”

“Chu Fengs beasts are so powerful.

I didnt expect the Mythical Tree to have an army!”

“Haha, I wonder how the pagoda spirit is feeling when it sees the blood souls fighting against the evil spirit creatures”

“Unfortunately, the evil spirit is becoming stronger too quickly.

Even the guardian beasts are not of much help anymore.”


As the battle continued, the small teams that werent too far away from each other started to gather.

When they fought side by side, although the rate of their killings didnt increase by much, the rate of casualties was greatly reduced.

Only a small group of survivors among those who entered the pagoda was left, so the communication between them had unconsciously increased.

As such, they understood each others abilities better and the various battle arrangements were naturally more efficient and reasonable.

The people slaughtered the dark creatures in the inner circle, while the Wild Bear, Dark-sky Azure Dragon, and the others killed outside.

No matter which beast it was, every time it attacked, it would annihilate many.

This was true for even Lila, who was at the back of the battlefield and didnt personally go to the battlefield.

Whether it was the tree god domain that she created with a wave of her hand or the treant armies that were formed by true Gods, they were like the most terrifying weapons on the battlefield, taking the enemys lives!

In fact, Lila now had both the treant army and the undead army.

However, the size of the undead army was not considered large and was still to be developed.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Ear-splitting sounds continued to ring out, all basically a combination of multiple sounds of bombardment.

Not only did it consist of the Mystic Fall Fighter Jets terrifying artillery attacks at full blast, but also the combined bombardment of the treant army, the stacked destruction of the Mirage Butterfly, the demon god sky splitter of the Wild Bear, and the Dark-sky Azure Dragons elemental explosion…

In the air, countless golden sword energies instantly formed, densely packed as they dashed toward the dark creatures below.

“Whoosh, whoosh…”

Like arrows, with every flash of golden light, several lives would be lost! These dark creatures were basically at the Region King to the advanced true God realm.

The most terrifying thing was that they were endless!

As such, a few of the weaker people had been put back into the tree world by Lila.

These people werent even able to deal with one dark creature, much less this endless army.

Lila hovered high in the air, constantly providing support to those on her side, which included the others who had entered the tower.

Miracle of life, life guard, light of life, manifestation of life, divine protection of life, divine light…

The battle satisfaction brought by max-level support skills was absolutely incomparable.

Regardless of whether it was the humans or beasts, the more they fought, the braver they became!! Until a certain moment, the fearless dark army suddenly stopped and began to retreat!

Leng Qiu was just about to say something when the beautiful figure of the Mirage Butterfly suddenly appeared high in the sky.

No matter how dark the night was, it could not hide its impeccable beauty.

“Fei Nuo Sha has already stopped all the dark creatures that came over.

You guys just continue to kill.”

It was clearly a chaotic battlefield, but everyone could hear Lilas voice.

After saying that, she raised her head and looked into the distance, a hint of worry flashing in her eyes.

“Boss, do you need us to go over and help” The voice of the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet was heard in the joint communication space of the man and his six beasts.

At this moment, Chu Feng was in the darkness.

He held the peachwood sword and smiled, “Dont worry.

You just need to keep those underlings occupied.”

The evil spirit hatched from the Bloody Pagoda would resurrect every time it was killed, and it would become stronger every time.

From this, the evil spirit seemed invincible.

But dont forget, the giant black wolf that had kept on its act of destruction seemed to be extremely afraid of the peachwood sword.

It had crouched on the ground with its tail between its legs and didnt dare to make any unnecessary movements.

So what if this evil spirit was strong now

In fact, Chu Feng was currently strolling in the other partys lair.

At first, the evil spirit used the thick black gas that was everywhere to find its prey.

It chewed on its target like it was a delicacy!

However, Chu Fengs level on the surface didnt match his true strength.

Let alone this peak God Lord realm evil spirit, even if a God Venerable came, it wouldnt be able to kill him any time soon.

After being gnawed on like a toothpick for a while, Chu Feng became impatient.

He raised his hand and shattered the black unknown object that was restraining him.

After shattering the surroundings, he found an interesting point.

“So the outside is just a layer of protection The real you is hidden in the outer shell of your body.”

Along the way, he shattered everything.

In front of Chu Feng was darkness, and behind him was nothingness.

Through the extended spiritual power and space power, he could detect that the damage done to the evil spirits body was already as high as 50%.

Chu Feng raised the peachwood sword high, and the principle energy of various elements fused into it.

Just by looking at it, it was shocking.

With one strike, a terrifying shriek shook out countless sound waves.


After a long time, it was once again the familiar darkness.


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