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When Cena and the others arrived outside, they realized that the scenery outside had changed drastically.

In the desolate desert, only Chu Feng and his beasts were standing tall between Heaven and Earth.

Sensing the mixed auras, Chu Feng turned to the side and said, “Youre here.”

Cena, Santana, and Brin answered respectfully, “Yes, my Lord.”

The others looked at each other.

They thought that they would be facing a fight as soon as they came out, but what was going on now

Annie tilted her head and asked curiously, “Big brother Chu, why dont we see the evil spirit Have you killed it”

Chu Feng rubbed his temples and said frankly, “After killing that evil spirit a few times, I wonder if it triggered something, but whether its the great evil spirit or the scattered small monsters, all of them suddenly disappeared.”

Hearing that, the group lowered their heads and fell into deep thought.

Leng Qiu was at the end of the group alone, near a sand wall that was slightly out of sight.

Not long after, a rustling sound was heard.

She immediately turned around and saw a small hole in the sand wall.

A gust of wind blew, and the hole disappeared without a trace.

On the other side, the people who entered the tower were deep in thought.

Someone even joked, “Senior is too powerful.

Even the evil spirit doesnt dare to appear now.”

Whether this conclusion was true or not was another matter.

Chu Fengs power was indeed true.

Among the current survivors, aside from a few immortals who were exceptionally lucky, the weakest of the others was at least an intermediate true God.

Some true Gods had even abruptly broken through on the verge of death.

It couldve been said to be a close call.

However, in just two short days, these surviving experts were completely convinced by a youth who wasnt even an adult yet.

It wasnt that no one suspected that Chu Fengs true level wasnt that of an immortal, but there was no need to doubt his powerful strength!

The Bloody Pagodas insane harvesting of life had left only a small handful of survivors among those who had entered the tower.

Every time they thought of this, they would feel fear.

With such a death rate, it was almost certain that they would die.

Even some true Gods couldnt help but sigh, “This Bloody Pagoda is too treacherous.

If I knew this would happen, I would have listened to the old storyteller outside and not come here to die.”

The others also sighed, “Who doesnt think so”

“When we first came in, wasnt there a saying that “the more you kill, the faster youll die” From what I see now, Im afraid that death is imminent!”

“Why are you all so pessimistic I feel that with senior Chu around, theres a chance of survival no matter what.”

“If that evil spirit doesnt come out, will we be trapped here and die”


Everyone discussed and felt that their thoughts were somewhat chaotic.

Leng Qiu walked over from afar and swept her beautiful eyes across the people with different expressions, “Weve already recuperated in the tree world previously.

It cant be that theres still someone who wants to be a coward, right”

Everyone shook their heads and stated their willingness to accept instructions.

Chu Feng narrowed his eyes slightly and smiled, “Looks like Leng Qiu already has a plan.”

Leng Qius clear and cold voice did not waver in the slightest, “Since fear has been planted in the evil spirit due to the multiple killings, it means that it has already developed a deep fear of senior Chu Feng.

From this, it can be seen that the rebirth of the evil spirit is not something that can be easily achieved without any injuries.

Killing it ten times might not kill it completely, but what about killing it a dozen times, or a hundred dozen times We can not rely on the Lords strength alone.

Seniors formidable strength should be reserved to deal with the ultimate evil spirit, and not be placed on the numerous underlings.

I, Leng Qiu, am willing to volunteer to take the lead in killing the following enemies.

Even if I die in the process, I have nothing to fear!”

As soon as these words were said, some who determined themselves to not be weaker than a woman immediately expressed their willingness to kill the enemy as well.

However, someone said very rationally, “But there are no enemies now!”

Hearing this, Leng Qiu raised her hand and the corpse of a yellow sand monster appeared, “That evil spirit is afraid of senior Chu and does not dare to appear.

However, it does not think much of the rest of us.

Whether we act as bait or perform a suicide attack on the enemy, it should be of great use.”

Chu Feng stood up and clapped his hands in agreement, “How about this, those who cant kill the enemy should be bait from now on.”

Seeing the strange expressions on the faces of those who entered the tower, he added calmly, “Dont worry.

With Mia around, as long as you arent killed on the spot, you wont die even if you only have your godly soul left.”

Cena and Santana immediately agreed to Chu Fengs words without saying a word.

The puppeteer, Richardson, Annie, and the rest of the team nodded in agreement as well.

Since things had come to this, all the people who had entered the Bloody Pagoda were in the same boat.

Naturally, there was no need for them to cause any more trouble.

Chu Feng and the Mirage Butterfly could both completely hide their presence.

As for the other beasts, their hiding effects varied.

Fortunately, someone in the team specialized in concealing tracks, so the task was handed to him.

After arranging everything, in a short while, there were only about twenty people left in the desolate desert.

The team wandered aimlessly in the desert, divided into a few small groups.

Leng Qiu still had the same cold and guarded look.

Annie, who was next to her, seemed to be tired after flying for a while.

She plopped onto a big rock and refused to move.

Before they knew it, night had fallen.

Almost everyone except for the night watchmen had rested.

In the darkness, something seemed to be writhing crazily!

In the four hours after they had just left the tree world, the people who entered the pagoda had killed a few monsters, but none of the monsters had been strong.

Perhaps because of this, even the night watchmen began to doze off.

Snoring sounds from god knows who came from several camps.

A yellowish sand scorpion crawled out of the mound and quickly moved to a delicate face.

Annie turned over and wiped her face.

She let out two murmurs and went back to sleep.

Indescribable figures poked out from the darkness and began to probe the twenty or so figures with different methods.

In the quiet and dangerous five minutes, even the wind stopped blowing.



“Get up, theres an enemy attack!”

“What the Hell Is this”

“Stop sleeping, all the snakes, insects, and scorpions are here!”

Before a certain venomous snake could bite down, a scream suddenly sounded, waking up everyone who was not too far away.

The snake hissed twice.

Its peabrain could not quite understand the situation, so it simply rushed over and began to attack.

At first, the people had been panicked as the first thing they saw was endless darkness pouncing on them.

But very soon, an invisible shadow flashed by, and they didnt see any powerful attacks, but the large groups of dark creatures quietly died.

Those creatures that were completely black with blood-red eyes were being killed at an increasing speed.

Perhaps it was an illusion, but the entire Bloody Pagoda seemed to be trembling…

While the fighting was intense on the other side, Chu Feng was chasing after a certain aura that had just appeared and was moving forward quickly!


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