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Upon hearing the pagoda spirits notification, Chu Fengs expression turned cold.

“Next, I will release the guardian beasts from before.

Based on the previous battle between the factions, the guardian beasts and the evil spirits should be irreconcilable enemies.

When the time comes, we will act according to the situation.”

Just as he finished speaking, the sounds of a ferocious beast could be heard.

“Roar!” The evil spirit was in a different form from before.

This time, it turned into an incomparably huge wolf.

As soon as it appeared, the wolf did not even look at Chu Feng and the rest of the people.

It directly launched all kinds of violent attacks on the bloody pagoda.

The huge black wolf was very powerful and aggressive, both in terms of physical strength and magic attacks.

With a swipe of its claws, the ground would break and the magma or deep sea below would be exposed.

After a few moves, there even seemed to be the potential of a volcanic eruption in the bloody pagoda!

“Whats the difference between such destructive power and demolishing an entire house” Chu Feng couldnt help but grumble.

He flew to a spot not far from the giant black wolf that had a personality similar to that of a husky.

Then, he separated the remnant souls of the blood dragon, the tentacle monster, and the Ultraman giant monster from the cage.

Lila, who was beside him, followed closely behind, using a combination of resurrection and the manifestation of life.

When the three giant monsters appeared, the giant black wolf, which had originally been focused on destroying the Bloody Pagoda with a combination of physical and magic attacks, suddenly stopped.

As if it did not understand why its nemeses had appeared, a hint of question flashed through the giant wolfs blood-red eyes.

Perhaps it was enemies would be especially furious when they met, but in just a few breaths, the two parties started fighting.

The three guardian beasts, which were in their best conditions and had combat strength that surpassed higher God Kings, began to work together.

It was unknown whether it was because the evil spirits would become stronger after revival, but these guardian beasts were unable to do anything to the giant black wolf, which was the evil spirits avatar.

Even so, the guardian beasts were not injured at the moment, perhaps due to their battle experience.

Chu Feng supported his chin and commented casually, “The guardian beasts are at a disadvantage.

They shouldnt be able to hold on for long.”

Cena came over and said respectfully, “My Lord, the evil spirits power seems to have become stronger.”

The others nodded in agreement.

Leng Qiu said worriedly, “Its said that the evil spirit born from the Bloody Pagoda last time was comparable to a God Venerable.

In the end, even the God Emperor of the Eastern Temple had been alerted and forced to make a move.

This evil spirit now seemed to be in the God Lord realm.

Could it be that it will evolve”

Richardson nodded, “Im afraid so.”

Santana suggested hesitantly, “Why dont Brin and I try using light magic”

Chu Feng shook his head, “Lets put this matter aside for now.

I just set up a barrier while I was at it, so the black wolfs pagoda-demolishing speed will probably be stalled for a while.”

Then, he turned to look at the two temple officials, “Can the key to the Bloody Pagoda that you obtained last time be used now”

“That key is still sealed, so not yet,” Sydney answered respectfully.

The puppeteer, who had been quietly observing, suddenly said, “That wolf seems to be looking for something…”

Hearing that, everyone subconsciously turned to observe the wolf.

They saw that the wolf was moving left and right, sometimes attacking the sky, sometimes destroying the ground, and sometimes scratching the guardian beasts with its claws.

It was hard to understand why the puppeteer had come to such a conclusion.

Chu Feng narrowed his eyes slightly.

He could tell what was going on, “Every time the wolf attacks in a certain direction for a while, it will pause slightly, and then it will adjust its direction… it seems that it doesnt know the direction at all.”

The others looked at each other, nodded, and were curious.


Chu Feng explained, “The thing that the evil spirit is looking for is either something that can quickly increase its strength or something that can counter it.

If its the latter, once it finds it, itll destroy it.

No matter which one its looking for, we cant let the other party find it first.”

Leng Qiu nodded, “Indeed.

If the evil spirit becomes stronger, we wont be able to get out alive.”

Since they had to find it first, there was a problem.

“How do we find it” Richardson frowned, “We dont know the exact location at all.”

Chu Feng did not beat around the bush and said frankly, “Isnt that wolf looking for it We just need to follow it.

As for the problem of the Bloody Pagodas destruction, we just need to stop it.”

He was smiling and saying this very easily as if stopping a God Lord was a piece of cake.

The other true Gods secretly exchanged a few glances, both speechless and impressed.

Does he think they could stop the evil spirit just because he said so Did he think that everyone was as monstrous as him

True, though.

A person as powerful as the Lord should probably even be able to defeat a God Lord!

Such an expert is truly terrifying.

He seemed to have come from an unknown planet, right As expected, experts are among the people.

Chu Feng did not care about their thoughts.

He continued, “When the giant black wolf finds the object, we will split into two parties.

One party will stop the wolf while the other party will search for the item.

At that time, we will observe the wolfs reaction and make a choice.”

When everyone heard this, they felt that this method was the best at the moment.

At the very least, it was better than falling into an endless battle after recklessly killing the giant wolf.

Since no one objected, this matter was decided.

At the same time, outside the Bloody Pagoda.

On the sixth day after the pagodas gates opened, the crowd outside still hadnt dispersed.

Other than the people who had exited after entering the pagoda a few days ago, some had arrived late and didnt manage to go in.

Since they had missed the opportunity, they might as well watched the show from the outside.

“That human magnate from the Blue Planet is also known as Tyrant.

His first deed famous to the outside world is none other than his feat of entering the illusory worlds totem leaderboard when he was just a legend-level Beastmaster! First, he defeated the being ranked number 10, then he consecutively defeated the beings ranked number 2 and number 1.

Even the famous genius of the central divine region, Hanlin, had to admit defeat.

After that, he killed four God Generals in a row in the Blue Planets secret realm.

It was truly awe-inspiring! … And now, hes even defeated God Kings while still underage.

If it wasnt for the fact that everyone had witnessed it, many should still think its impossible.

I have never seen such extraordinary talent in my tens of thousands of years of life!” A white-bearded old man was holding an ancient book and speaking to the lively crowd outside.

At this moment, a large number of people surged past the roadside.

Some curious people within the crowd asked why those people were in a rush to leave.

The old man sighed, “I heard that at the end of the seventh day after the appearance of the Bloody Pagoda, those who entered the pagoda and are still alive would turn to kill the surrounding creatures like the evil spirits… As a result, life will be plunged into misery and sin.

Those people are following the lead of the Nine Gods Council.

Theyre bringing everyone willing to leave with them.

Leave, leave.

If you dont leave in time, you might lose your life.

I am just an old man.

Even if I die today, I have lived enough,” The white-bearded old man looked at the soldiers of the sky region who were guarding the Bloody Pagoda, “What a pity for these kids.”

Hearing this, most people couldnt help but feel fear.

On the seventh day, the number of people outside the pagoda decreased significantly.

Some that had come to become temporary storytellers combed their long beards, packed up their things, and left.

Gradually, only rows and rows of armies in straight military postures were left.


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