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After Chu Feng killed the vampire-like Lu Nan, the pagoda spirit, which had been silent for a long time, spoke again.

The leader was killed, the losers were all killed, and the bloody/holy judgment was starting…

All the people who entered the pagoda were shocked and uncertain after hearing the pagoda spirits words.

However, before they could react, they were shocked by the scene in front of them again.

All the mutants were annihilated in just an instant! The same went for the bodies of the mutants who had died earlier!

At the same time, the blood-red light that enveloped the center of the pagoda suddenly brightened, shining in an extremely dazzling manner.

The light was so bright that even Chu Feng, whose constitution had been improved to an extremely high level, had no choice but to close his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again, the scene before him had changed drastically.

The environment around him was extremely dark and green ghostly flames were floating a few meters away.

They seemed to be used as a light source, though weak.

Moreover, Chu Fengs hands and feet had been shackled.

From time to time, the sound of metal clanging could be heard.

There were many others like him who were in prison uniforms and chains.

The team Chu Feng was in now only had a black figure leading the way.

Although no one made a sound behind him, he could hear a similar clanging sound that was chaotic.

Judging from the sound, there were at least twenty people behind him.

Of course, it was also possible that they were not humans.

These words were not a joke.

After all, Chu Feng saw with his own eyes a small team of demons and monsters with a black figure leading the way and a white figure escorting them.

They were just as silent as the team he was on, and only the same sound of metal clanging could be heard.

Chu Feng lowered his head slightly.

Through his transparent soul-like body, he saw a green ghostly flame drifting by.

He wanted to speak but found that his tongue seemed to be suppressed by something.

He couldnt.

The power in his body was still there, but it was somehow blocked when he circulated it.

Moreover, he couldnt summon his beast space at all.

Even the connection with his beasts was so weak that it was almost non-existent.

Considering that he had inexplicably arrived here, Chu Feng chose to wait and see.

Of course, he had been quietly observing his surroundings along the way.

Even without using his telekinesis power, he could still feel the yin energy that was everywhere.

Without saying anything along the way, they arrived at the entrance of a large hall.

“Chu Feng of the Blue Planet, enter!” A “person” dressed in a special uniform chanted at the entrance of the hall.

In the next moment, Chu Feng was chased into the hall by the black figure in front.

The space inside the hall was huge.

In the middle of the hall sat a man with a serious face wearing a black hat and a vermillion official robe.

The man was extremely black and had a tattoo on his forehead.

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Next to the man who looked like he had a high official position, there were two other men, one dressed as a civil official and the other as a general.

On the high platform, some officials whose cultivation level could not be determined either stood or sat.

Below the platform were some bailiffs with ox heads or horse faces…

With a “pa”, the judges gavel fell, bringing with it an oppressive atmosphere.

The high and mighty Yama said, “Chu Feng, you are guilty!”

Chu Feng suddenly smiled and subconsciously replied, “If youre determined to condemn me, Im sure youll have a list of crimes to accuse me of.”

Then, he raised his eyebrows and asked, “What crime do I have”

Yama took a file from the magistrate beside him and started reading, “You have committed countless killings in the past but you still dont know to repent.

According to the law, you should die to atone for your sins.”

Chu Feng chuckled and felt that this play was too absurd, “If I dont kill, then Ill be the one who has to die.

So is it also a crime if I dont go along with the killers intention”

When he said this, he already had some understanding of his current situation.

It seemed that the moment he closed his eyes and opened them again, the Bloody Pagoda was causing trouble again.

To think it even created a “castrated” and blindly modified version of the netherworld…

He wondered whether this folk culture was targeting him alone, or was it the same for everyone who entered the pagoda previously.

They should have come separately.

After all, since entering this place, he had not seen any foreigners with different colored skin and pupils.

After thinking about it for a few rounds, Yama, who was on the high platform, was stumped by the question.

Before Yama could speak, a messenger of death said angrily, “Whoever one is, one should only do what one has to do! You are just someone from a foreign land.

What right do you have to decide the life and death of people from this world Are you looking down on the reincarnation of the netherworld!”

The white figure with a tall hat and pale skin also cast an unhappy gaze, “In my opinion, this person doesnt think much of the netherworld at all.”

The people and ghosts each had their opinions, causing the hall to be extremely noisy.

Even the solemn atmosphere from before had been lost.

Chu Feng watched the show without a care in the world.

At the same time, he was also speeding up the recovery of his strength.

He could not see the level of the people in this hall.

There were only two possibilities at the moment: Either the messengers of death were really of a higher realm than the God King realm, or they had no cultivation at all!

The reason why he said so was that even ghost cultivators, such as the spectral race who cultivate the path of ghosts, their strength levels could also be classified in the conventional classification.

The clamor in the hall did not last long.

Yama rubbed the space between his brows and gave the order, “No matter what, the punishment must be given for the sin of killing too many! Chu Feng, considering that most of the people you killed were out of reason, I wont sentence you to death.

However, the death penalty can be avoided, but the living punishment can not be escaped.

Ill punish you to walk the thousands of steps that have been derived from the sin of killing.

When you reach the highest level, the sins on your body will be reduced.”

Chu Feng was noncommittal and was taken away by a messenger of death.

Chu Feng had heard a story before.

It was said that a god had once been sentenced to “push a big rock to the top of the mountain”.

Therefore, the god chose a rock from the bottom of the mountain and started to roll it up.

However, the rock became rounder and rounder and also bigger and bigger… In the end, the rock became extremely heavy.

Every time he rolled the rock halfway to the top of the mountain, the round, heavy, and huge rock would roll down from above and crush the god who was like an ant.

The next day, the god would be revived, and the punishment would remain the same.

Day after day, a person who had achieved nothing would start to repeatedly ask himself, “Is what I do really meaningful” The god was the same.

He lost his heart and willpower to survive as he repeatedly asked himself this question.

At this moment, Chu Feng slowly moved up the stairs.

The chains shackling his feet became increasingly heavier.

It was as if something was roaring and dragging the chains down the abyss!

“Staying at the bottom is your fate.

Come down!”

Chu Feng looked at the stairs in front of him that were an unknown height and then turned back to look at the path he came from that was ten thousand feet high.

Then, he clicked his tongue and sat on the stairs, “Im so tired, I dont want to move anymore.”

In pretense, he was sitting to rest, but he was actually relying on the convenience of being high up to observe his surroundings.

There were tens of thousands of people who were climbing the stairs like him.

However, most of them were not as fast as him, and the one on the highest step now other than him was only a portion of his current step.

With Chu Fengs ability, he only needed to spend some time to complete this mission, but he did not want to follow the procedures.

Since he had recovered his strength, he would destroy this hell

Everything in the world could be transformed into energy.

Even the thick yin energy that was everywhere was the same.

While the beasts stayed in the beast space, they could still use Chu Feng as a medium to continuously absorb energy from the outside world.

When they reached a certain threshold, the isolated beast space directly broke through the barrier and appeared in this hell.

“Bang!” The chains on his hands and feet exploded simultaneously.

In the next instant, Chu Feng teleported to the highest step of the stairs and looked down at the infernal hell, where all kinds of divine punishment were being executed.


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