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Chu Feng turned around and saw a few immortals.

They were wearing the same clothes.

From their attire, one could tell that they were servants of a higher status.

“We are members of the Lu Family Fort, one of the top three forces in the sky region.

Please spare our third young masters life for the sake of the Lu Family Fort,” A burly man flew over first and cupped his fists at Chu Feng.

There was no one around Chu Feng.

Although his aura was strong, his level was still at the immortal level.

It was no wonder that someone dared to speak to him.

He asked indifferently, “What if I dont”

Hearing this, the immortals who had fought their way through the chaotic battle to get here looked at each other.

The burly man in the lead laughed.

“Senior is so strong, we naturally cant force you to make a choice,” He paused, “That being said, if we cant bring the young master back safely, we wont be able to answer to the family head.

Furthermore, you are one person, after all.

If you offend a large force, Im afraid there will be some unwanted obstacles in your future.”

Chu Feng narrowed his eyes.

He didnt feel threatened, though.

“Putting aside the trouble that Lu Nan has caused, are you sure you want to bring him away in the current situation”

Hearing this, everyone looked towards the small space.

The thick red yin energy had been extracted to another side and was forcefully compressed into a small red ball that was turning black.

Hence, the group of immortals could see the person trapped in the small space clearly.

Immediately, some were shocked while some rubbed their eyes in shock and looked again.

Unfortunately, the scene before them remained the same.

“Whats going on Didnt young master already mutate”

“But I really cant see anything wrong with him…”

“Just now, I clearly saw a large amount of dark red gas coming out of the third young masters body, could this be a misunderstanding and the young master didnt mutate”

“Are you blind Cant you see that young master is howling at us!”

“Indeed, the third young master has always paid attention to his appearance.

If there werent any changes, how could he be in such a sorry state”

Chu Feng Glanced at Lu Nan who was still in his human form but was acting as crazy as a wild beast.

Then, he glanced at the leader of the Lu Family Fort team who had a troubled expression on his face.

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The burly man showed a hesitant expression.

After thinking for a moment, he said, “Senior, please let young master out.”

From the looks of it now, Lu Nan had not caused much harm to others.

Besides his lack of rationality, he did not seem as terrifying as the other mutants.

Thinking of this, the burly man, who was the temporary squad leader, relaxed a little.

Chu Feng clicked his tongue.

He simply expanded the square space and engulfed all the immortals that had come looking for him into the space.

As for himself, he would obviously be watching the show through the barrier, “Since you want to die, then go ahead.”

Before he could finish his sentence, something happened.

Lu Nan, who had been like a beast that had lost its claws and teeth, abruptly pounced on the few immortals!

The servants immediately panicked.

In just two breaths, two of them were killed, their necks bit off by their young master.

Moreover, Lu Nan even lay on top of the two immortals that were on the verge of death and started to suck their blood!

Just as everyone was shocked by this change, the two originally bulging bodies of the immortals instantly collapsed like deflated rubber balls.

In the blink of an eye, only two pieces of human skin were left!

After absorbing the immortals blood, Lu Nans aura rose again.

Sweat dripped down the burly mans forehead.

He was shocked to discover that the young masters cultivation had risen to the immortal world venerable realm!

One had to know that Lu Nan had originally only been an immortal world lord.

When he saw that the third young masters aura approached that of the world king just now, the temporary squad leader thought that he had eaten something.

But now, the young master had risen from the world king realm to the world venerable realm in just a few breaths! The burly mans expression changed drastically as he had been thinking of relying on his solid foundation as an immortal world king to defeat the other party! After all, no matter how unstable a world venerables foundation was, he wasnt something an immortal world king could deal with!

The immortal who knew he couldnt deal with his young master immediately turned to ask for help, “Please save my life!”

At the same time, the remaining few immortals that were still alive also begged Chu Feng for help.

Lu Nans eyes were faintly transforming into blood-red beast eyes, staring at the youth outside the space barrier.

If he hadnt tried before and knew that he couldnt break through the space barrier with his current strength, he wouldve long broken through the barrier and bitten off his opponents neck at this moment!

Chu Feng smiled faintly, “Ive already given you a choice before, but you just wont listen.”

The immortal who had struggled to escape from his young masters grasp was also regretting it now.

At that moment, he could only agree while in battle, “Yes, yes, sir, everything you said is right.

I beg senior to lend a hand…”

Chu Feng smiled, “You dont want to bring your young master back anymore”

The servant smiled bitterly and did not dare to say anything else.

“Please help us, senior.

Any later and Im afraid we would all be dead!”

Even the burly man who had been acting high and mightly said, “If My Lord is willing to help us, I will definitely give up everything I have.”

The rest also voiced their agreement and only required Chu Feng to help them.

At this moment, they couldnt care about anything else.

Even if they were to be punished after returning to the Lu Family Fort, it would be better than losing their lives here.

In fact, if it wasnt for the rule that they had to protect their young master no matter what, they wouldnt have risked offending an expert.

Although they hadnt witnessed Chu Feng kill the guardian beasts, those who could survive or even kill those giant creatures were definitely not ordinary people!

Tyrants reputation for killing had spread far and wide, but before this, they only thought that his reputation was exaggerating his strength.

Only after meeting him that they knew that the rumors werent reliable.

This young man was clearly many levels stronger than a God General! If the people outside the pagoda knew that someone at the immortal level could kill a God King, they would probably go crazy.

Chu Feng, who was being called for help, was not very interested in the wealth of immortals.

After all, he was someone who had killed several true Gods, so he didnt think very much of such meager possessions.

If he had to say it, it was only better than nothing.

Just as everyone was conversing, Lu Nan pounced on a few more immortals.

As usual, he ate the flesh, blood, and bones, leaving thin pieces of human skin scattered in the space barrier.

In just a few minutes, the human cultivator who was originally only an immortal world lord was already extremely close to the true God level! At the same time, the other mutants seemed to have become even more agitated.

Chu Feng raised his hand and casually flicked his finger.

With that, Lu Nan who was about to continue feeding on the burly mans body suddenly froze, feeling the killing intent that was everywhere.

At this moment, the food that could strengthen his body no longer had any importance.

The mutant who didnt seem to have changed but had been acting like a beast suddenly rammed into the space barrier around him crazily!

“Buzz…” Just as the spatial barrier buzzed, countless spatial blades stabbed toward Lu Nan as if they had eyes.

A sharp cold light flashed past, leaving only a bloody mist and pieces of minced meat in the sky where Lu Nan had been!

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded.

[The leader of the mutated party has died in battle.

Those who lose in battle will all die.

Now, everyone will be judged.]


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