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“What do you know” A crazed killing intent flashed through Lu Nans eyes, “The geniuses who are a minority should all die!”

The reason why he took the risk to enter the Bloody Pagoda was an attempt to fill in the gaps.

But now, there was no hope.

Thinking of this, Lu Nan became even more furious.

That anger was inexplicably fierce and actually caused his aura to soar.

In just two seconds, he rose to the region king level!

His originally unsolid strength was now no different from a pavilion with no foundation.

However, the pavilion itself was extremely sturdy, even sturdier than some immortal region kings who had cultivated step by step.

If it wasnt for the fact that his foundation was too unstable, normal people wouldnt have been able to tell his true cultivation level.

Chu Feng narrowed his eyes and felt an aura that shouldnt exist in a humans body.

A thick, dark aura that was so red that it was almost a black substance spread out from Lu Nans body.

The four-sided space domain, which didnt have much of a presence before, was now filled with an extremely dense, violent aura.

If one had to give it an attribute, it was probably yin energy that was mixed with many negative emotions.

Chu Feng tried to probe, “What did you come into contact with earlier”

The only thing that answered him was a beast-like roar, “Roar!”

At the same time, the immortals and true Gods who had settled down in the shrinking red circle felt their scalps explode! Countless places seemed to be emitting a sinister aura.

Chu Feng looked over in shock and saw that the ground and the lower altitude were already in a mess.

In the blood-red color, both the immortals and true gods were fighting.

Moreover, they were all using killing moves!

“Bang! Bang!” Lu Nan, God knows what state he was in, kept smashing the space domain around him.

Chu Feng sensed the wear and tear of the domain and didnt even look back.

Even if the other party bombarded the space domain for tens of millions of years, he still wouldnt be able to shatter the space barrier he had set up!

The heavenly chasm between the immortal level and true God level was something that ordinary people couldnt cross even if they spent their entire lives.

No matter how long or short a cultivators life was, one had to break through one bottleneck after another until ones potential was exhausted.

Then, one would have no choice but to stop in front of a realm unimaginable to ordinary people.

Chu Feng had unlimited enhancement that was of an unknown grade.

The strength of his beasts could be said to be without an upper limit.

Without an upper limit, he could naturally find all kinds of treasures and resources to increase their potential.

Even if there were countless geniuses in this world, Chu Feng would always remain at the top.

After all, geniuses had their limits, while Chu Feng had no limits!

He would continuously break through cages until the cage-makers were bound in the cages he created instead.

This was a small goal he set for himself.

He retracted his thoughts.

Chu Fengs gaze passed through the dark red aura and stared at the strange creatures that were writhing crazily and restlessly in different forms.

It wasnt just the humans.

Some of the many beasts had also mutated.

For example, in the team of temple officials closest to Chu Feng, Cate and the unknown fourth God King temple official had both turned into monsters.

While Cena and Richardson were stunned, they inexplicably became enemies of their comrades.

They were attacked by Cate and the other temple official, whose cultivation had somehow risen by a small realm! The other true Gods were also caught up in the chaotic battle.

Most of them were fighting within their teams.

As for the immortal-level cultivators who were the most numerous in the Bloody Pagoda, they were almost all caught up in bitter battles.

On Chu Fengs side, things werent too bad.

He was safe and sound, though his beasts were a little restless.

However, after they returned to the beast world, they quickly returned to normal.

It seemed that the space within the pagoda wasnt safe.

The ratio of beings who mutated was roughly 3 to 1.

Among every 4 beings who entered the tower, one would mutate.

Many of the immortals who were arguing passionately before seemed to have changed into monsters.

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“I dont know the reason for the change for sure now.

However, it should be related to personal factors, such as personality, emotions, willpower, growth process, and others.

In addition, it could also be related to the white holy lotus…”

If the white holy lotus was useless, he and his six beasts couldnt possibly be spared.

However, the holy lotus shouldnt be of too much importance in this mutation.

Otherwise, those who didnt have it had no chance of being spared.

This was a matter of probability.

As for the specifics, Chu Feng didnt want to investigate it.

In short, what appeared before him now was chaos.

As long as there one had mutated, one would have an additional body part that wasnt there originally.

Some also lost body parts and were instantly bound by the unmutated immortals.

In reality, not everyone could steel their hearts to kill their companion, even if this companion was now neither human nor beast.

If they simply could not do it, they would use special methods to bind the mutated person.

Among the hundreds of mutated humans that were gradually decreasing, some had mutated greatly while some only mutated a little.

Examples of those who had mutated greatly included a great roc who had grown a few human heads out of its neck, a snake who had grown many human limbs out of its white belly, and a man-eating flower that was made up of humanoid creatures that had all been skinned…

As for those that were originally humanoid, such as humans, countless mutations had occurred.

Some grew multiple arms and legs, some had severed limbs, somes belly buttons turned into mouths, some had golden hair that suddenly turned into a head of green snakes, some had a lower body that turned into the short tail of piranhas… An immortal beastmaster whose mutation was the deepest, all twelve of his beasts turned into non-human, non-animal, and non-plant mutated beasts.

This team of mutated beasts caused the already chaotic battlefield to become even more chaotic.

They were like a meat grinder, grinding all living and dead things into pieces! Casualties appeared on both sides in the chaotic battle between the unmutated and the mutants.

Never mind if the mutation was deep since one could see their strange appearances at a glance, but some mutations were lighter, causing quite a bit of trouble for those who were still normal.

At the center of the chaos, Chu Feng, who was calm as ever, noticed a normal cultivator who was focused on fighting against the mutants.

In the blink of an eye, the other party was pierced through by the person behind her! What pierced through the woman was a forked tongue that was like a snakes tongue.

After the attack, the tongue instantly bounced back between the attackers lips.

Human blood slid down from the male mutants lips.

If one did not notice it, one might be stabbed in the back by this seemingly normal monster again.

Chu Feng frowned slightly and pressed his finger down across the space.

In an instant, the mutant who had just been talking to a young girl next to him was crushed into a pile of meat paste.

Among the meat paste that did not seem to be human or beast, there was a forked tongue and poisonous fangs that were stained with green venom.

They were particularly eye-catching.

“Ahhh!” The young girl, whose beautiful dress was thus stained with blood, cried out in shock.

As she screamed, she also used all sorts of offensive spells.

It was hard to say how many of those spells hit her enemies and friends.

The artillery fire and stray bullets flew in all directions without any pattern.

One of them even hit an innocent bystander.

Chu Feng, who was in the sky, was speechless when he was suddenly hit by a disaster.

He was about to wave his hand to destroy the extremely red space domain when he heard a shout, “Senior! Please spare the life of the third young master Lu Nan!”


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