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Since its Beastmaster wasnt here, the Mirage Butterfly showed some of its true colors, “You should know that Im not someone you can afford to provoke.”

Fei Nuo Sha flapped her wings in the air.

As she danced, her celestial-like aura was naturally revealed, but there was also a hint of killing intent.

The indescribable beauty bewitched the group of Immortals.

They had come here in despair, but at this moment, they had forgotten everything.

The only clear thought in their hearts was: It was so beautiful…

Beauty and power did not go against each other, just like the Mirage Butterfly at this moment.

It was beautiful and powerful.

The silence did not last long, especially after Fei Nuo Sha, the controller, intentionally weakened her control.

Among the group of immortals, a middle-aged man in a gorgeous robe shouted, “That butterfly has a charm spell! Dont look at it!!”

These words were as disgusting as flies.

She did not know about the others, but Fei Nou Sha was extremely disgusted.

If she had to use special methods to deal with a mere ant, it could only mean that she was either despicable, hypocritical, or as weak as an ant.

Some people looked fine, yet always blamed others for their mistakes.

The Mirage Butterfly had once searched for many books in the library of the Blue Planet.

What she had seen and heard in the past had opened her eyes.

The difference between a human and a beast was actually not that big sometimes.

Fei Nuo Sha had recently been studying the skill catalog though.

Even though she hadnt comprehended much, compared to that stupid dragon, she had made some progress.

If it used them to test its new moves, it could probably be considered recycling trash.

Outside the barrier, the gathered immortals were enraged with a few words.

The Mirage Butterfly found it funny.

Through the transparent barrier, it was as if she could see the various officials that had been tricked by the flames of war.

No, at most they were just some greedy boors with bloodshot eyes.

Within the barrier were Ming Ze and Qian Haos group as well.

At this time, all of them wore serious expressions, as though they were prepared to rush out and fight the moment the barrier was broken! Outside the barrier, the dozens of immortals had greed and cruelty in their eyes.

That middle-aged man seemed to have controlled the group of unrelated cultivators within a few breaths.

At this time he was even already discussing the division of the spoils of war with the other immortals.

“That Mirage Butterfly has a white holy lotus.

After we work together to defeat it, we will divide the spoils of war based on everyones attack power and damage… Its just an Immortal Butterfly.

We have dozens of world lords and world kings! As for the dozens of region lord realm and world lord realm Beastmasters, even though they can deal a lot of damage when they work together, once we break through their formation, itll be like catching a turtle in a jar.

Well definitely win this battle!”

Not only was the leader full of confidence, but the other followers also revealed confident expressions.

“That Mirage Butterfly is no different from a demoness.

Were doing justice for the Heavens!”

“Since Chu Feng and his beasts are so strong, they dont have to worry about not being able to get the white holy lotus.

Compared to them, we need it even more!”

“Demon butterfly! If youre sensible, you should hand over all your treasures.

Were not unreasonable people.”


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As the immortals were attacking the Mirage Butterfly with their words when they suddenly changed what they were saying.

They started to persuade the Mirage Butterfly to surrender.

Fei Nuo Sha was very bored, “Well talk after you get in.”

With that, she flew away.

Everyone was shocked, especially the middle-aged man in the lead.

His face was as dark as ink, “Everyone, since that Mirage Butterfly doesnt know whats good for it, theres no need for us to be polite.

Lets just kill it!”

The other immortals echoed, “Kill!!”

With that, countless physical and magical attacks attacked the thin transparent barrier.

The expressions of the Beastmaster squad changed slightly, already getting into the battle formation under the orders of their squad leader and vice-squad leader.

At this point, these ten or so people and the Mirage Butterfly were already in the same boat.

They had no other thoughts other than fighting with their lives on the line.

It was a pity that they still had some of the principle source crystals they had been given earlier.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have to worry if they had asked their companions who left earlier to bring those crystals out to their families…

Just as they were distracted, the overwhelming elemental, spirit, energy, and other forms of attacks smashed into the seemingly fragile barrier in an instant! Qian Hao and the others tensed up, wondering how long the barrier would last.

“It is Chu Fengs beast, after all.

Even though its only in the immortal level, its barrier should be able to last for quite a while, right” This thought flashed through many peoples minds.

However, immediately after, the immortals inside and outside were all stunned.

“Whats this”

“Its not moving”

“No! Somethings wrong…”

“Quickly retreat!!”



In an instant, the expressions on the intruders faces froze.

The originally confident immortals were panicking and fleeing like rats.

Some onlookers who were watching noticed that something was strange.

“Weird, isnt the Mirage Butterfly an illusion, space, and spirit-type beast How can it simulate so many attacks from so many intruders…”

“If its a simulation, then the power of its skill should be weaker than the simulated targets.

But from the looks of it, its much more powerful than the immortals.”

“Could it be a skill rebound” Someone guessed.

But then someone retorted, “Even if its a skill rebound, it cant rebound that many skills! Just at a glance, there are tens of thousands of them!”

“I do have a skill similar to the rebound skill.

However, firstly, it cant rebound that many.

Secondly, the rebound attack cant be more effective than the skills that have been rebound…”

“Speaking of which, when Chu Feng used his spatial skill earlier, there wasnt even the slightest fluctuation either.”

“Even my familys true God ancestor couldnt do that!”

“A hero makes a youth.”

Chu Feng and his beasts had been killing blood souls outside for an entire day.

When they returned, it was already pitch black.

The fourth day of the Bloody Pagoda opening had ended.

Midnight passed, and within an hour, everyone who was still in the pagoda started to move.

Due to the unknown source of the news, the remaining thousand or so people in the pagoda more or less had a deeper understanding of the Bloody Pagoda.

Should they just leave or continue to struggle here Different people made different choices.

After midnight, those who remained in the Bloody Pagoda would probably never be able to leave.

As if realizing something terrifying was approaching, many who entered the pagoda regretted their actions in not leaving.

However, no matter how much they made a fuss, the pagoda gates were shut tight after the time limit had passed.

Even with hundreds of immortals and the help of true Gods, the pagoda gates were still unmoving.

Ever since it sent a few notifications and a few white pillars of light to Chu Feng, but no one went over to snatch the white holy lotus, the pagoda spirit had become much quieter.

Compared to the possibility that it had given up, it was more likely that it was planning something.

From the fifth day onwards, the groups of powers that seemed to be indistinguishable suddenly became obvious.

Many factions that were originally not happy with each other erupted into battles that night.

In the midst of the flames of war, the strong didnt even spare a glance, while the weak spent the entire night on the run, but it was all in vain.

When Chu Feng and his beasts set off again, there were already many corpses piled up nearby.


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