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“The Black Flood Dragon Gang” Chu Feng rolled the words between his teeth and found them interesting, “Youre from the wild region”

The old man shook his head and added that he was a green flood dragon elder, “The wild region is just one of the regions that the Black Flood Dragon Gang has set foot in.

Its not that special.

We dont live there.”

Chu Feng chuckled, “If thats the case, then what do you want to talk to me about”

The green flood dragon elder narrowed his eyes.

Something seemed to flash in his eyes, “Since My Lord is the sovereign of the wild region, I think you should help the residents of the territory, no I wonder if residents of your territory have a share of your white holy lotuses”

“You want the white holy lotuses” Chu Feng repeated it and smiled, “Just hand over half of your belongings.”

His attitude was so natural when he said this that even the passersby felt that it was only natural.

However, the members of the Black Flood Dragon Gang all showed disapproving expressions and were filled with righteous indignation.

“Even if you have the power of a God King, you cant have such a big appetite!”

“If you want to sit firmly on the position of the wild regions sovereign, youll have to rely on the Black Flood Dragon Gang.

Rather, you should clearly take the initiative to offer the white holy lotus to us!”

“In my opinion, its best to imprison him.

When the time comes, we can have as many white holy lotuses as we want.”

“Although the white sacred lotuses are good, Chu Feng can kill God Kings as he pleases.

Elders, why dont we just forget about it…”

“You coward! No matter how powerful Chu Feng is, hes still only an immortal-level beastmaster.

He has also gone through many battles in the Bloody Pagoda.

Hes probably at the end of his rope now! We should take this opportunity to attack!”

“Haha, if we can sell the sovereign as a slave, the Black Flood Dragon Gang will have another outstanding battle record!”

“Its said that theres no battle that cant be won if we tire out the opponent while waiting in ease before making our move.

In my opinion, well definitely win this round!”

“When we capture the Beastmaster, no matter how powerful those beasts are, they wont be able to do much then.”

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“The Beastmaster can be sold for his talent, while the beasts can be split up and sold…”

“Its a pity that his beasts are so little.

Otherwise, we could sell them as a combination of twelve beasts.

If the bundle was sold in the auction house, God knows how many times higher the price would be!”

“Speaking of which, that Mirage Butterfly doesnt seem to be following him though”

“Its fine.

Without the Beastmasters talent bonus, the Mirage Butterfly is only so-so.”


As if sizing up goods, their gazes swept over Chu Feng and his five beasts, looking just like merchants.

Chu Feng was so angry that he laughed instead.

He looked over coldly and said, “Kill them all!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he dashed forward at lightning speed.

The Wild Bear, dragon, fighter jet, and Astral Spirit all responded and attacked at the same time.

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear clenched its fists tightly and threw several punches at the true Gods.

Under the attack of the demon god sky splitter, even the God King had no choice but to retreat!

“Roar!” The Dark-sky Azure Dragon used a max-level skill as well.

With the dragon gods roar, the enemies were all intimidated! Then, the dragon claw followed.

Even if it was not a skill, under the support of the dragon gods body, battle divine body, holy blood bathing dragon, and saint dragons soul, it was like an invincible God of battle.

“Boom! Boom!” The Mystic Fall Fighter Jet opened its mechanical treasury and activated the mythical mode to start a massacre.

The time domain was instantly activated, causing the enemys already bad combat state to become even more chaotic.

The first moment clearly seemed to be even faster than reality, but in the next moment, the time flow was so slow that it was as if time was stopping.

What was even more terrifying was the dense and omnipresent artillery fire.

It was like it didnt consume any energy.

If one was directly hit, even if one didnt die, one would be half dead! In fact, even a true God had to retreat from Mystics terrifying artillery fire.

Not only that, the Astral Spirits light and sword combination skill, eye technique, and suppressive ability were also shocking.

“Yiya!” The small creature that looked like a young kylin was so shockingly strong that the enemy wanted to flee.

This battle started very quickly and ended very quickly.

At most, it could only be considered a small snack after the main meal.

The other enemies had all died, and Chu Feng had originally wanted to use soul search on the green flood dragon elder, but the other party had simply glared at him viciously before self-destructing!


In the terrifying explosion, Chu Feng used the Mirage Butterflys skill to illusionization, dissipating the true Gods power.

Even if he didnt gain anything from this battle, he couldnt let the enemys power escape! If the grass wasnt burned cleanly enough by the fire, it would grow again when the spring wind blew.

This ancient poem from his previous life was very suitable in terms of killing true God enemies.

Chu Feng had seen Lilas resurrection skill, so he naturally wouldnt be so arrogant as to think that he was the only one in the entire universe who had such a heaven-defying skill.

“Boss,” Mystic gathered all the divinities and principle source crystals on the battlefield and presented them to Chu Feng.

Both had each Gods belongings inside.

Only then did Chu Fengs gloomy mood slightly improve.

After taking out the treasures and various resources, he either crushed the divinities or kept them for trade.

The principle source crystals, on the other hand, were distributed to the beasts as before according to their respective attributes, which they then absorbed.

Although the principle source crystals could be considered an external auxiliary, absorbing them more would only bring benefits.

Looking at the large pile of principle source crystals in the beast world, Chu Feng felt that it was time for his seventh beast to be brought up on his agenda.

However, for now, he still had to get out of this pagoda first.

His brows furrowed slightly.

No one knew what he was thinking about.

Killing and rushing the whole way, the Sun was gradually setting in the west.

The rising and setting of the Sun in the pagoda were naturally different from the outside world.

At most, it could be considered a projection of the outside world or some sort of simulation.

To Chu Fengs team, no matter how many blood souls there were, it didnt matter! Even if the blood souls levels soared to the God King realm, they could still be easily killed.

Of course, there werent many God King realm blood souls.

Moreover, every resurrection of those blood souls would bring a white holy lotus.

The accumulation of resources in the beast world was increasing.

Chu Feng didnt count them in detail anymore.

He only had a rough idea.

To be honest, he was now somewhat interested in the production of resources.

After all, as long as resources were produced continuously, the accumulation of wealth was no different from a number.

In the future, he wanted to establish and develop his God country, and also help the Blue Planet develop and prosper…

Money was naturally of fundamental importance.

The more battles he fought, the more he experienced, and the less he actually thought much of.

Chu Feng looked into the distance and sighed.

No one could tell what he was sighing about, even himself.

On the fourth day, before the end came, many rushed back to the center of the pagoda.

Perhaps it was because the blood souls were getting fiercer and fiercer day by day, but many immortals and even true Gods were in a sorry state.

Even if they kept chewing on the blood soul flowers, it was hard to squeeze out any remnant energy in their bodies.

With their divine strength exhausted, many immortals fell into inexplicable despair.

They stared at a certain spot as their initial envy turned into burning jealousy.

“You human Beastmasters, what right do you have to receive special treatment !”

“Youre just lowly humans.

Even if youre a beast, you should consider yourself a member of the beast races!”

“Mirage Butterfly, dont bother about them.

Quickly come and protect us…”


The ten or so young men and women who were being scolded through the barrier looked at each other in dismay.

After watching the bitter battle outside for a day, they knew that they were undoubtedly extremely lucky to have the protection of the Mirage Butterfly.

The Mirage Butterfly danced in mid-air, watching the commotion of the immortals as if it was watching a monkey play.


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