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While the construction was going on outside, Chu Feng was picking through the pile of supreme treasures.

He did not lie earlier.

There were no divine weapons in the origin world known as the secret realm of the Blue Planet, and most of the supreme treasures were just miscellaneous items that contained the divine source.

Those that were not useful were thrown to a side, and he planned to exchange them for divine source points later.

In the end, Chu Feng only kept five simple beast stones and two wooden carving discs that could speed up cultivation.

He played with the five special stones that were vaguely beast-shaped and suddenly thought of the piece of impure jade that he had given to senior Luo He earlier.

Compared to other jades that had the same effect, that piece of jade could increase the absorption speed of the power of chaos by ten times! However, Chu Feng did not feel that it was a pity.

In all honesty, if he were to compare that jade with Heras full-grade power of chaos, the latters efficiency would be a hundred times faster than the former!

Just the difference in absorption efficiency alone would cause ordinary cultivators to spend at least tens of thousands of years accumulating the power of chaos.

It was no wonder that cultivators had to spend hundreds of thousands of years.

Cultivation was boundless.

Chu Feng retracted his scattered thoughts and sent the wooden carving discs that he casually took out to Wu Yu and Zhong Hen respectively.

The two wooden discs were engraved with arrays, which could increase the cultivation speed of those in the immortal star lord realm and below.

With the discs, the magnates would be able to return to their original positions sooner and continue working hard.

Thinking of this, Chu Feng couldnt help but smile as he thought of how he could laze around.

He looked down at the five beast stones, then took out an array diagram from the supreme treasure basket beside him, as well as the key points of creating arrays that he obtained from the Mirage Butterfly.

After confirming that there were no mistakes, everything was packed and sent to the array research center of the Blue Planet.

Next, he only needed to worry about the defense of the Blue Planet and the Solar System.

Suddenly, he received a special signal.

He raised his eyebrows and teleported to the void outside the Solar System.

The Flower God and the Tree God, whom he had met once before, smiled even more sincerely when they saw the figure that had teleported over.

“What do the two of you want” Chu Feng walked over to a place not far from them and asked indifferently.

The two immortals looked at each other as if they had communicated before.

The Tree God spoke, “Chu Feng, the Flower God and I want to join you.”

“Join me” Chu Feng repeated, “Why would the two seniors choose me”

There were a total of twelve gods under the War God.

The six gods of Wolf, Poison, Ghost, Earth, Fire, and Ancient had all died, and the three gods of Desolate, Dragon, and Water had been transformed into his spiritual slaves.

The Metal God had disappeared without a trace, then there was the Flower God and the Tree God, who had come to express their wish to take refuge in the Blue Planet out of nowhere.

“We only found out recently that you have killed the War God,” The Tree God, who had transformed into a human form, sighed helplessly and said, “Not only that, but even the God Subduer has fallen at your hands.

Although the Flower God and I were once subordinates of the War God, we were not trusted by him.”

As she spoke, she was also paying attention to Chu Feng.

The Flower God unfurled her branches in a half-human and half-demon form, “A summary of our situation is that the other gods do not like the two of us, so we came over to take refuge with you.”

She smiled as she stretched out a flowering branch and shook it.

Her posture was very relaxed, “You are only an immortal, yet you can kill four God Generals of the Eastern Temple.

Your future achievements will definitely be unimaginable! A bird will choose a good tree to roost in.

It shouldnt be too much for us to pursue a brighter future, right”

Chu Feng turned sideways to avoid the approaching flower branch.

He frowned and said, “If you continue to stretch your branches, I will cut it.”

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“Haha, you are really interesting…” The Flower God leaned on the Tree Gods shoulder and laughed so hard that her flower branches trembled.

The corners of her eyes were wet with laughing tears as she teased, “Little boy, you are not yet an adult, are you”

Chu Fengs expression darkened as he grew impatient, “If you have something to say, then say it.

If theres nothing else, then Ill take my leave first!”

He did not believe their words.

The Tree God and the Flower God might be weaker in terms of combat power, but how could the people noticed by the War God be simple characters Even if the War God had died, no one would be able to look down on them.

Furthermore, after losing so many God Generals in a row, even the Eastern Temple should be lacking in manpower.

Maybe the underlings of the God Subduer, Green Blade God, Ancient God, and River God have already been gathered by the temple to do other things.

If that was the case, could it be that the Flower God and Tree God had escaped because they didnt want to work

Seeing Chu Feng turn to leave, the two immortals panicked.

The Flower Gods branch was just about to touch his shoulder when suddenly, a Mirage Butterfly appeared out of thin air and a spatial blade slid past the branch, slicing off some of the skin.

Obviously, this was a warning.

The Tree God said anxiously, “Chu Feng, do you know that immortal Gods can be slaves too!”

Chu Fengs footsteps paused and he subconsciously turned back, “What do you mean gods can be slaves too”

The Tree God sighed, “Immortals are indeed quite decent in the regions, but in Gods world, only the immortal world kings and world supremacies would have a chance to improve.

The immortal star lords and region lords at the bottom of the immortal level are actually just a little better than ants.

This is especially so for those unaffiliated cultivators who dont rely on large organizations.

Their cultivation speed isnt fast, and they dont have contribution points to rely on like the Eastern Temples gods.

Usually, when unaffiliated cultivators meet those who have joined a big organization, the former will definitely lose.

The loser will either die or become a slave.”

The Flower God said seriously, “Chu Feng, since youve enslaved the Desolate God, Im sure his wild region is yours now.

If you want to reclaim it as your territory, you cant bypass the natives who have been sold as slaves and some of them are at the immortal level.

To be honest, once you touch those merchants money bags, they wont let you go.”

Chu Feng raised his eyebrows and smiled, “Since you know that Desolate God is now my spiritual slave, why did you come to me Arent you afraid that Ill enslave you”

The two immortals tensed up when they heard that.

The Flower God said uncertainly, “You probably wont think that highly of us, would you”

The Tree God smiled and said, “Chu Feng, although you have also enslaved others, mental enslavement is not much different from killing someone.

On the other hand, the buyers and sellers of the slave market dont have your abilities, but they are more ruthless than you.

They make people suffer alive to the point those people wish they were dead.”

The Flower God echoed, “To be honest, the two of us dont like the way they do things, so we wanted to use the temple to get rid of the slave trade.

Unfortunately, the temple doesnt care, and we were even targeted because of that.”

“Oh” Chu Feng chuckled, “So, you came here to seek my protection”

At this moment, he somewhat believed the other partys story.

From Luo He, Chu Feng knew that although the Eastern Temple was currently the largest faction in the eastern divine region and the other relatively small factions were under its control, in reality, the temple wouldnt take the initiative to take action under most circumstances.

It was basically only responsible for major matters in the divine region.

Moreover, the slave trade had always been profitable.

Perhaps the temple was even in charge of it.

A massive mountain that only revealed its tip in the outside world naturally could not be moved by two immortal region lords.

The Tree God and the Flower God had not obtained any official titles in the Eastern Temple, so the protection they received was limited.

It was quite reasonable for them to now come and seek the protection of a stronger expert.

“Yes, so do you want to take us in” The Flower God winked at Chu Feng.


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