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Chu Feng frowned and let the other party explain clearly.

[You should already know how vast the universe you are currently in is, right But this main universe, which is known as Gods World and is divided into five divine regions, can be destroyed by my master in only a few hundred thousand years, my master being the Chaos God that all of you speak of!]

[And recently, I felt that my master, whom I have my fate tied to, has fallen.]

As if he had been punched in the head, Chu Feng was stunned.

“The Chaos God has fallen!”

He was filled with shock and confusion… To think the powerful Chaos God who had been born since the chaos era had fallen! The Chaos God, who had been invincible since the birth of the universe, had long been at the peak of the universes combat power… Even the God Lord of the Eastern Temple and the creator of the illusory world were far from being as powerful as him.

How could such a truly invincible supreme existence die From its birth until now, the Chaos God had lived for at least tens of billions of years.

During this long and endless time, he had been living well.

Even when he was besieged by the gods and demons of the same level, he hadnt been injured much! Why had it not died any earlier or any later, but now!

Chu Feng exclaimed in shock, “Its impossible for him to have died!”

Faced with such shocking news, his first reaction was to reject it.

If the Chaos God had indeed died, the commotion and the chain reaction that would be triggered wouldve definitely been enormous and insuppressible! Yet recently, he hadnt sensed any major commotion.

[In this world, how could anything be absolutely impossible]

[In any case, I have clearly sensed that my master has truly perished in this world.

I didnt sense it through my master cutting off his connection to the origin world.

I sensed it from the fact that the connection had disappeared without a trace due to my masters death!]

[The laws of this universe have long changed.

The Chaos Gods origin world shouldnt have continued to exist.

The reason why I didnt perish earlier was thanks to the laws and origin energy my master has given me.

Now that my master has died, Im going to perish as well.]

After all, after living for God knows how long and suddenly learning that it was going to perish, even the origin worlds willpower couldnt help but sigh.

After so many years, it was finally going to perish.

Although it was sighing, the willpower of the origin world had long since become indifferent to life and death.

Chu Feng asked, “Dont you want to know why the Chaos God died”

The Blue Planet was now tied to the Chaos Gods origin world.

If the willpower of the origin world chose to voluntarily die, things would be terrible.

Even if the origin world didnt want to live, it should leave the Blue Planet before it died.

If he couldnt change anything even after coming here, then Chu Feng would probably have to bring all the races on the Blue Planet and migrate to another place.

Without roots, the pain in their hearts might never be healed.

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[Does it make a difference whether I wish to know]

[Given the Chaos Gods level, even the five divine region lords of this era, like the eastern divine region lord who is already above the true God realm and can regard the invincible God Emperors as ants, cant find out the specific reason for my masters death.]

The voice of the origin worlds willpower was very calm as if it was indeed indifferent.

It was like a person who had already accepted the fact that he was about to die.

“Everything in the past is nothing, and I will sleep in the world forever.”

The origin world “looked” at Chu Feng, just like it “looked” at the Blue Planet in the past.

It had been six billion years since the birth of the Blue Planet.

For so many years, all living things on the Blue Planet had been living under the eyes of the origin world.

It could be said that the origin world had vast and endless experiences.

Seeing all living things, it naturally noticed the human race.

Seeing the recent development of the human race, it had thus naturally paid attention to Chu Feng.

Even the origin world, which was hundreds of millions of years old, was very shocked by his development.

The path of this human beastmaster named Chu Feng to becoming an expert was so exciting that it couldnt take its eyes off him.

The speed of his growth was definitely worthy of the word “terrifying”!

If Chu Feng had been from the central divine region, he might have already cultivated to become an ultimate true God at this point! At the very least, he wouldve been God General! Yet, he had been born on a Blue Planet with relatively poor resources.

Never mind the resources though.

After all, no matter how poor it was, hadnt the planet been able to nurture a legend that was now comparable to a true God The worst part was that Blue Planet was too special!

The Blue Planet was, after all, a life planet that was attached to the origin world left behind by the Chaos God.

If the origin world was destroyed, the Blue Planet outside would definitely not be able to escape this catastrophe! The relationship between the Blue Planet and the origin world was actually more like two dimensions that were tied to the same carrier.

[The beast-taming system in this universe originated from my master.]

[In my remaining memories, my master, whom you call the Chaos God, used to have twelve beasts that could fight against the chaos-type demons and gods.

My master was so powerful that he could even crush a god or demon of the same level.

As a result, he attracted jealousy and deep fear.

The conflict between them resulted in the encirclement back then.]

[Although he was besieged, my master didnt die.

He only lost one of his thirteen origin worlds…]

After listening quietly for a while, Chu Feng slowly said, “The reason why there are so many beastmasters with SSS-grade talents among the humans of Blue Planet is because of the origin world, isnt it”

[It seems that youve already noticed the Blue Planets uniqueness, the probability of SSS-grade talents is too high.]

[SSS-grade talents are a result of the tiny bit of origin power from the Chaos Gods that humans were born with.]

[After I perish completely, even if there are SSS-grade beastmasters among the Blue Planets survivors, they wont have any more of my masters origin power…]

The origin worlds willpower had revealed a lot of information, and Chu Fengs previous questions were finally resolved.

He was very puzzled earlier, not understanding why the God Controller Luo He would say that the humans on the Blue Planet had the noblest bloodline in the entire universe.

“So it turns out that the humans on Blue Planet originated from the Chaos God whos from the chaos era, and are his descendants! We have the Chaos God-level bloodline!!”

No wonder they had the noblest bloodline.

Even if another had an advanced true God bloodline, they were still far from being comparable to the humans on Blue Planet.

Even a trace of the origin from existences at the Chaos Gods level was God knows how many levels higher than those bloodlines.

Chu Feng said in a low voice, “You have the Chaos Gods origin power”

[Indeed, I do have some.]

[Why Do you want me to help the humans on the Blue Planet nurture another SSS-grade Beastmaster]

[Although I can do it, why should I help you]

[To me, everything in this world is meaningless.

Even the Blue Planet will perish with me.]

[If you still want the creatures on the Blue Planet to live, hurry up and ask them to gather the members of their race and leave this place.

The sooner they leave, the better.

When you live longer, at some point, you will realize that its meaningless to have a homeland.]

Chu Feng sighed, not knowing how to persuade it.

One could never wake another who was pretending to be asleep, and one could never stop another who truly sought death.

At this moment, the willpower of the origin world had given up.

Its mentality was already at the stage where it didnt care if it was alive or dead, and no one could change it.

Even though it had appeared this time, it wasnt prepared to do anything.

At most, it would stop Chu Feng from having thoughts about the origin world.

“As someone from the Blue Planet, I will never let the Blue Planet perish!” Chu Feng said firmly, “Whether you die or not, the Blue Planet must live!”

[You want me to leave the Blue Planet]

[I never care what other creatures think, though.

Even if the God Lord of the Eastern Temple comes, I will not listen.]

“Even so, I still have a move,” After memorizing the origin worlds coordinates, Chu Feng crushed the secret realm token.

In the next moment, his figure disappeared!


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