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“Everyone, dont any of you want to do something”

“To think this person ignored the willpower of the origin world, skipped the Ancient Worlds assessment, and simply put the Ancient World into his pocket.

Hes clearly cheating!”

“Since he can take away one realm, is he going to take away all immortal Realms next!”

“Whats wrong with the Eastern Temple Why did they let such a person in…”

“If he takes away all the treasures, then whats the point of our trip to the secret realm of the Blue Planet”

“Why dont we make a move together to suppress him As for the treasures in his hands, as well as the mysterious treasure he has that allows him to ignore the test power and take away the Ancient World, anyone who is capable will get them.”


“Ive long disliked this brat, I have to kill his arrogance!”

“Thats not good…”

“Count me in!”


There were hundreds of immortals in the Ancient World region, and they were looking at Chu Feng with bloodshot eyes at this time.

Chu Feng frowned, wondering if these world lords were brainless.

Otherwise, how could they not even recognize the level of Heras sword energy Forget it, with these horizons of these immortal world lords, they probably couldnt recognize true God-level skills.

Even if they did, they would probably feel that they had the advantage in numbers and could thus gain a huge advantage.

He shook his head helplessly.

It had been many days since he had killed a God, and yet some other Gods have come making trouble.

If he could choose, Chu Feng couldnt even be bothered.

After all, compared to killing Gods, it was better to just take the treasures.

Besides, according to his calculations, killing ten world lords was only equivalent to obtaining an Ancient World!

The Ancient World that he had just put into his beast space had completely merged into the beast world.

Compared to before entering the Blue Planets secret realm, his beast world was now five times stronger! Even if a world king came, Chu Feng could simply summon his beast world and smash the other party to death!

“Its not all good that the beast world has become so powerful though.

In the future, when I create my God country, itll probably be more difficult than others,” Although he thought as such, Chu Feng didnt think of it much.

Bottlenecks on the path to a higher level couldnt stop him no matter what.

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“Yiya!” Hera flew in front of her Beastmaster and looked at the hundred or so immortals with extremely sharp eyes.

Without saying anything, the world lords who wanted to snatch the treasures attacked.

All kinds of moves came densely packed together!

“Falling Fist!”

“Suppressing eye!”

“Freezing technique!”

“Void fire!”


Faced with all sorts of attacks, Chu Feng somehow felt as though he was facing Mystic.

When its mechanical treasury was unleashed, the enemies who were bombarded by countless cannons would probably feel as dazzled as he was now, with all sorts of attacks appearing one after another.

“To think the combined attacks of over a hundred immortal world lords can only be compared to Mystic…”

With this comparison, it had to be said that the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet was even stronger.

Although Mystics current combat strength couldnt compare to the Astral Spirit Hera whose skills had all been maxed out, it was only second to the latter.

If one were to look at its foundation only, Mystic would definitely be unrivaled amongst the immortal world lords.

It could even fight against a beginner true God! After all, Mystics seventy myth skills had all been upgraded to the normal limit of level 10!

“Yiya!” Even though she was still in her infant form, Hera seemed especially dangerous at this moment.

A special divine light flashed in her eyes.

In just an instant, all attacks were suppressed by gods eye! All the immortals looked over in disbelief, momentarily speechless.

After a while, they finally recovered from their shock.

“Why are all the attacks ineffective!”


“I dont know…”

“Did you see what he did Why cant I understand”

“Logically speaking, his Astral Spirit is only at totem level.

It shouldnt be able to comprehend such a terrifying skill.

Even if it learns the skill, it shouldnt be able to unleash much of its power… How can it be so powerful”

“We have over a hundred immortal world lords attacking, how can he be unharmed…”

“Does the mysterious supreme treasure of true God Luo He really have such power How can it block the combined attacks of so many of us world lords”

“Just what kind of treasure is it This is too heaven-defying!”


The hundred or so immortal world lords who had thought they were on the verge of victory were so shocked that their faces turned pale.

If it was just that their attacks were ineffective, they wouldnt be so shocked.

The reason they were so shocked was that they felt a threat of death crisis in their hearts!! Their instincts were roaring: Run!

“Yiya!” Incomparably dazzling golden light gathered layer by layer, forming endless sharp sword energy that formed a terrifying sword formation filled with killing intent! The golden light plus sword energy was simply a simple dual-skill combination.

“Faced with 103 immortal world lords, two super skills are enough,” Chu Feng looked at the 100 immortals and sighed.

It was one thing if they were weak, why didnt they have eyes One had to know that the moment Hera appeared, no matter how many immortals there were, they would all be killed!

“Whoosh, whoosh…”

The same scene where the sky was covered with attacks replayed.

But this time, it was the opposite.

Countless waves of golden sword energies rushed over! The pupils of the 100 immortal world lords constricted, their emotions surging.

“Run… hide, we cant hide!!”

“Hes crazy! Hes actually going to kill us all!”

“My father is a true God, if you dare to kill me, youll definitely die without a burial ground!”

“My teacher is only one step away from breaking through to become a God General! If you dare to kill me, my teacher will definitely kill you…”

“Please spare me.

My family is willing to pay a large ransom!”

“Ah! If I had known this would happen, I…”

“Lord, spare me!”


At this moment, the once high and mighty Gods no longer cared about their dignity.

Some had vicious faces while some had tears flowing down their faces.

From the looks of it, it could be considered an ordinary scene among living things.

“When you killed others, didnt you ever think that you would be killed” Chu Feng looked at the flooding blood and broken limbs below, his ears filled with all sorts of screams.

Within Heras golden light sword formation, many immortals were slashed until their souls were destroyed! Amongst them, a portion of the immortal world lords with space-time abilities wanted to escape, but before they had even taken two steps, the golden sword energy followed closely like maggots, forcefully killing them!

Let alone the immortals, even space-time had been torn apart! In the end, the space battlefield was sliced into nothingness, only the golden energy lingered.

Chu Feng waved his hand and the chaotic space immediately returned to calm.

Following this, he put away the over 100 principle source crystals and various treasures.

“The treasures in an Ancient Realm are roughly equivalent to 300,000 divine source points, which is 10 Treasure Realms… On the other hand, the treasures of the over 100 immortal world lords in the battle just now are worth at least 3 million divine source points!” Chu Fengs expression didnt change, but he couldnt help but feel excited as he calculated in his heart.

The sum of divine source points was enough for him to enhance all the skills of his six beasts to the max! Even Mystic, who had the most skills, could be maxed out! The same went for the 18 principles! As such, even Chu Feng, who had always been calm and composed, couldnt wait any longer.

If he converted all his gains from the origin world to divine source points, his combat strength would definitely rise tremendously!


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