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Chu Fengs gaze was cold, “How much credibility do you think your words have”

The Water Gods expression froze and she began to plead, “Chu Feng, your combat power is so strong, even stronger than the world kings.

Are you still afraid of our little tricks Please let us go, the Dragon God and I will definitely hide far away from you in the future, we wont hinder you…”

Seeing that Chu Fengs expression didnt change at all, her attitude changed again, “No matter how strong you are, your combat power cant possibly surpass the immortal leave.

Within the immortal level, even someone as strong as a world supremacy cant escape the fate of being killed by a beginner true God.

If you provoke the war god, then you definitely wont be able to escape the killing of a God General!”

Chu Fengs smile didnt reach the bottom of his eyes, “Heh, you still dare to threaten me”

The Water God replied, “I wouldnt!”

“Whats the point of saying so much Just kill us then!” The Dragon God beside was furious, “So what if you kill us Either way, if the war god wants to, he can revive us!”

“I didnt say I wanted to kill you two,” Chu Fengs voice was slow, “Rather than letting you die just like this, why dont I make you my spiritual slaves so that you can create more value.”

Hearing this, the Dragon God and Water God were shocked.

The Dragon God was shocked and unconvinced, “Im an immortal world lord with extremely powerful spiritual power! How can you enslave me!”

Water God wailed, “Chu Feng, let us go, Ill definitely plead for you!”

At this time, the two immortals were panicking.

What was spiritual slavery This punishment was far more terrifying than any other form of torture in the world! Any expert that had some dignity would rather turn into a low-level fierce beast that had just awakened than become a spiritual slave!

The weak didnt have the right to say no.

Chu Feng immediately pressed his majestic spiritual power on them and wash their consciousness away… His current foundation was even comparable to a beginner true God.

No matter how one looked at it, his foundation was incomparably vast! Let alone an immortal world lord, he could even transform immortal world kings and world supremacies into his spiritual slaves! Boundless spiritual power as vast as the ocean poured into the bodies and souls of the two Gods!

The Dragon God was in unbearable pain, “I… You, a world king Thats not right, boundless spiritual power at the level of a world supremacy How can this be… Never mind, defeat is defeat! After being enslaved, I will no longer be me.

Just take it that I, the Dragon God, have already died in battle!”

The Water God begged and pleaded at one moment, then became hysterical at the next, and was extremely crazy, “Chu Feng, please let me go, I didnt mean to be your enemy… Gow terrifying, spirit Soul… Damn Chu Feng! If I had known this would happen, I would have exterminated the human race long ago! Damn it!!”

When all the commotion died down, two sounds of kneeling could be heard.

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The Gods were respectful, “Im willing to give up everything for Master!”

Chu Feng nodded, “Get up.”

“Yes!” After getting up, the two immortal world lords followed beside Chu Feng with fanatical expressions.

“Yiya!” Hera couldnt help but fly around the Dragon God and Water God, feeling that their change of expression was too fast.

One second they were shouting “no” and the next second they were treating their enemy as their master.

The difference was huge!

“Sigh, its a pity that I dont have a spirit-type talent so I cant do anything delicate like a soul imprint…” Chu Feng rubbed his hands.

He had to admit that mental enslavement was very useful.

Speaking of which, in terms of the spirit type, many of the Mirage Butterflys moves were very handy.

Although the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet also had spirit-type talent, in comparison, it used its talent more in the aspects of calculation and coordination, as well as making its spiritual power more offensive.

After dealing with the minions, Chu Feng released his perception and began to investigate the surroundings.

The Chaos Gods origin world that he was currently in seemed to be so vast that it was boundless.

With a rough estimation, it seemed to be many times larger than the Solar System!

“Eh” Sensing a special area, Chu Feng immediately teleported.

What greeted him was a continent floating in mid-air.

It occupied an area of more than ten million square kilometers with countless stardust lingering around it.

Its aura was very chaotic!

The Dragon God stepped forward and explained, “Master, this continent is the Treasure Realm.”

Chu Feng only knew about the Treasure Realms through Luo He.

In the previous era, the Chaos Gods origin world that was known as the Blue Planets secret realm had a total of 12 Treasure Eealms! Every one of them was filled with treasures!

In the previous era, after the 12 Gods entered, only the three gods of Dragon, Water, and Ancient had obtained the Treasure Realms and thus broke through to become immortal world lords! The remaining nine realms that didnt find a Master were then taken away by the war god.

Chu Feng didnt expect to find a Treasure Realm not long after he entered!

“Yiya!” The Astral Spirit had never entered the Treasure Realm before and was extremely curious as to the treasures that would be in the Treasure Realm.

Just as they stepped onto the floating continent, a thought came over.

[To obtain this Treasure Realm, you must first pass a test.]

At the same time, the thought crushed him with a powerful pressure, as if it wanted to suppress him for eternity!

Chu Feng frowned and shouted coldly, “Youre a mere Treasure Realm.

Id like to see who can stop me from obtaining the treasures!”

With a casual wave of his right hand, the powerful pressure coming at him instantly shattered! Vast and boundless energy spread out, melting the restriction array outside the Treasure Realm!

Without any obstructions, the Treasure Realm before him was completely exposed.

With a thought, the entire Treasure Realm was absorbed into his beast world! Furthermore, the piece of land fused into the beast world straight away, causing the space to increase by 10%! As for the various treasures on the floating continent, they were left floating in mid-air and were collected by Chu Feng.

He estimated their value while he was ay it and gathered that the treasures were worth about 30,000 divine source points.

As expected of a Treasure Realm.

The treasures here are indeed enough for an immortal region lord to break through to become a world lord.

Chu Feng was very happy.

With these 30,000 divine source points, in addition to his first talent of Unlimited Enhancement, he could train his beasts to become immortal world lords or even beginner true Gods! The two Gods behind him looked at each other with shock in their eyes.

Their admiration for Chu Feng grew even stronger!

The Dragon God and Water God had both passed the test of the Treasure Realms.

Even though they had passed, as immortal region lords back then, they had had a tough time.

Now, following after their master, they didnt expect to not even need to take the test! After destroying the power of the Treasure Realm, their master had simply taken the whole continent away!

Chu Feng thought to himself, “The Treasure Realms test might have something to do with the origin worlds initial thought.

Looking at it from another perspective, the test was set to protect itself.

The origin world left behind by the Chaos God has been releasing all kinds of treasures to protect itself from being completely destroyed by the Eastern Temple!”

As his thoughts raced, he came to a conclusion.

If he wanted to protect the Blue Planet, he would have to contact the origin world itself.

After leaving where he was, Chu Feng found another Treasure Realm not long after.

Different from the previous one which seemed like a continent, this Treasure Realm looked like an asteroid.

Its structure was similar to that of a planet, but if one were to look closely, there was no spirituality at all, which meant living beings could not reside here.

Because of this, Chu Feng was even more certain of his guess.

“The life planets in the universe must have been created by the gods during the Chaos Era!

Since even the spirit of the origin world left behind by the Chaos God could not create a life planet, then many things could go unspoken.

Speaking of which, even the most basic beast spaces could allow creatures to live in them… They were somewhat like the embryonic form of life planets.

Was it that the true Gods countries couldnt even compare to the most ordinary origin worlds

[If you want to obtain this Treasure Realm, you must first pass the test.]


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