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Chu Feng frowned.

He did not have a good impression of the champion.

Why was he so aggressive

“Return to the main faction and contribute” He repeated before asking, “I have not received any favor from the central divine region, so why would I contribute”

Hanlin was clearly talking about how advanced the central divine region was.

They were all humans.

Why did the other party think that they were the more privileged faction, while the other people in the other divine regions did not compare

Moreover, Luo He had also said before that in terms of bloodlines, the Blue Planets humans were the purest.”

Chu Feng did not agree with Hanlins words at all.

If they were to really compare, perhaps the people on his side were the true main faction.

Hanlins face turned cold.

“Tyrant! Cant you feel your own selfishness If the Human Alliance in the central divine region is suppressed, then how can the humans from the other branches, including those on indigenous planets, live well”

Chu Fengs expression was even colder.

“We dont have much to talk about.

Lets just start fighting!”

Living in a world where the strong were respected, he knew very well that no matter how much he said, his words would not be as convincing as the result of the battle.

Hanlin looked over as if he was looking at an arrogant junior.

“You are only at overlord-level.

How can you possibly defeat me”

With a howl, the Astral Spirit dashed out of the beast space, wanting to hit someone!


Chu Feng said indifferently, “Hera, suppress him.”

Hearing that, Hanlin looked at Chu Feng with a complicated expression.

That gaze of his seemed mocking.

Even in the entire Gods world, not a single totem dared to try suppress him! In fact, he could even easily kill a portion of the weaker Immortal Star Lords! Yet, there was actually an overlord beastmaster who dared to challenge him !

“How arrogant!” Han Lin said coldly, “Those who overestimate themselves should learn to recognize their own position.

Otherwise, their words will only make people laugh.

Its not just you; the other natives should also see the difference between their own bloodline and that of those of the central divine region!”

A pale wolf was summoned from his beast space.

Spatial Death Wolf.

Foundation: eighth stage totem beast with immortal-level elementary bloodline.

Talent: myth-level in the areas of space and dead souls.

Skill: boost the divine sources myth-level talents Spatial domain and Undead domain as well as the super skills Space domain and Dead Soul domain…

The Spatial Death Wolf was very small just like the most ordinary mountain wolf, but it had a special-type terrifying aura.

Chu Feng was very surprised, and he couldnt help but sigh in his heart.

As expected of a person from the central divine region.

He had summoned an immortal-level elementary beast from the get-go.

His foundation was indeed good.

Beasts with immortal-level elementary bloodline had at least Immortal domain lord-parents.

However, the Spatial Death Wolfs two talents were myth-level, which meant that its parents were true Gods! An advanced-level immortal could only come into being if they were a direct descendant of parents who came from a clan that bred generations of true Gods over the course of countless years.

The Spatial Death Wolf Clan had two myth-level skills.

One was the Spatial domain, and the other was the Undead domain.

The effects of the skills were extremely exaggerated! The Spatial Domain skill could be considered an upgraded version of the Space domain skill.

When the two skills were stacked together, they could form a special domain with a terrifying pressure effect.

It was extremely effective in controlling the battlefield.

As for the Undead domain, all living creatures killed by the Spatial Death Wolf would turn into undead puppets, which would be kept in the spatial domain when not in battle.

Just those two skills alone showed how terrifying the Spatial Death Wolf Clan was.

Although his current knowledge was very limited, Chu Feng could infer how revered Hanlin was among the humans.

The other party was a legendary beastmaster with SSS-rank talent and could be considered the number one genius among all totem-levels.

In that case, his twelve bonded beasts must be extraordinary!

As similar legendary beastmasters with SSS-rank talent, Wu Yu and Zhong Hen didnt have such likelihood.

Chu Feng couldnt help but feel regretful.

He sighed to himself, “If they were born in the central divine region, their achievements would definitely be much greater than Hanlins! ”

The more he compared them, the more unbearable the person in front of him looked.

If it wasnt for the clans full support, could Hanlin really become the number one genius among the totem-levels Perhaps not! It probably wouldnt even be guaranteed that he could have so many beasts reach the eighth stage.

“In the future, if possible, it would be best if I can have Wu Yu and Zhong Hen cultivate to a higher stage.

With their individual abilities, if they establish a good foundation, their future strength might not be inferior to the God Controller Luo He…”

Thoughts flashed through his mind quickly, and Chu Feng almost forgot about Hanlin.

Sensing that its beastmaster wasnt in the mood to fight, the Astral Spirit pretended to be mature and let out a howl, feeling very helpless.

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“Master doesnt want to move, so I can only step forward!”


At that moment, the Spatial Death Wolf suddenly pounced over.

It activated both its super skills as well as the myth-level skill Spatial domain at the same time, releasing a pressuring aura.

Chu Feng raised his eyebrows.

He seemed to see the Mirage Butterfly in the wolf.

Of course, there was a big difference between the two.

Moreover, the Mirage Butterfly had a lot of skills that could be used to control the battlefield.

The three skills used by the Spatial Death Wolf paled in comparison.

Although the Mirage Butterfly was still an eighth stage overlord, it could still fight against the ninth stage totem with all its battlefield control skills.

The Spatial domain of the Spatial Death Wolf was like a mother insects nest at the moment.

An endless stream of undead poured out from the domain, forming a huge army of different species and levels.

With a rough estimation, there was at least 100 thousand undead inside! Among the undead army, the vast majority were the totems of other species.

The other beasts aside, the Spatial Death Wolf alone could rival the eighth stage Totem that was ranked top 10 in the Totem Battle Leaderboard, the insect races Empress, Tracy.

It was no wonder that Hanlin was able to occupy the top spot of the Totem Battle Leaderboard for so many years.

He was indeed very powerful.

“You said just now that you wanted to suppress me” Hanlins gaze was very cold.

“Dont you know that my SSS-rank talent is the strengthening types 100 Times Bonus”

With the auxiliary support of the SSS-rank beastmasters talent, the terrifying aura surrounding the Spatial Death Wolf became even more intense.

“A hundredfold increase” Chu Feng chuckled.

He didnt even bother to mention that none of his beasts had less than a hundredfold increase.

Sensing that powerful suppressing aura, the Astral Spirit howled in great displeasure.

They were both Totem beasts, but the Spatial Death Wolf actually dared to use a suppression skill in front of it Among the six beasts, Heras suppression skill wasnt just one or two and could also be said to be the strongest.

A vast galaxy filled with suppressive force immediately appeared.

Hanlin keenly sensed that there was a river flow with a special-type attribute in that galaxy.

After forming a contract with the Spatial Death Wolf, Hanlin had heightened senses toward anything concerning the undead.

That river was the famous Lethe! Legend had it that the undead all rushed to the other side of Lethe to undergo the cycle of reincarnation.


Suddenly, a roar sounded.

Under Hanlins incredulous gaze, both the Space and Dead Soul domains and even the Spatial Domain were completely destroyed! The army of over 100 thousand undead was like moths darting into a flame as they madly rushed toward the other side of Lethe.

However, without a shore on the other side, all the undead were trapped in the galaxy and were completely swallowed by Lethe.


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