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“Advacne to the legend level” Chu Feng smiled, “Even if I dont break through, I can still kill him.”

As the saying goes, he had already reached the eighth realm, so was the ninth realm of the core of origin even far away Although there was no such saying, it wasnt like he couldnt get his beasts to the ninth realm.

Since he could, he naturally had to do it to the best of his ability.

If he broke through to the legend level right now, wouldnt all the potential he hadnt displayed be wasted

As soon as he finished speaking, the whole place fell silent.

Monica didnt try to persuade him.

To be honest, breaking through was a matter of individual choice.

Besides, Chu Feng had only cultivated for half a year and already possessed such terrifying combat strength.

It was reasonable for him to want to reach a higher realm.

If it were not for the fact that they were facing a life and death crisis, the totems present would not have said such words.

Gradually, the desolate planet got closer and closer to the Solar System and finally stopped at the edge.

The other two magnates of the human race also teleported to the desolate planet at this moment.

When they reached Chu Fengs side, Zhong Hen had a serious look on his face.

“Third brother, can you block the army”

The corners of Chu Fengs lips curved into a smile.

“Dont worry,” Wu Yu patted Chu Fengs shoulder and said seriously, “No matter what, Zhong Hen and I will support you.

No one can force you to make a choice.”

The many totems were shocked.

Why did the two magnate trust Chu Feng so much However, they immediately understood.

Chu Feng had, after all, signle-handedly destroyed the “mountain” that had hindered the human race for hundreds of years.

In addition, he was even stronger than Wu Yu and Zhong Hen, so it was normal for the two magnates to listen to him.

Due to the two magnates backing him up, the totems that had previously been indifferent stopped taking Chu Fengs words as a joke.

Chu Feng said in a deep voice, “If you believe me, you can start a battle with the 9th Army now.”

Saying this, it was almost as if he was saying, “I will take the lead to kill the enemy!” Hearing this, the totems that had just rushed back from the Lanyu Defense Line looked at each other and finally looked at Monica, who was beside Chu Feng.

Starting a war had always been a matter of great importance.

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Monica had a small meeting with the other nine totems who were in the fourth realm.

Not long after, they returned with resolute expressions.

“Lets start the war!”

“We will fight to the death!”

“This time, I must avenge my brothers!”

“Ive long been displeased with them.

This time, I must kill them to my hearts content!”

On the desolate planet, the voices gradually converged into one, “We will fight to the death!”

The tragic aura in the voice was everywhere.

At this moment, a giant suddenly stepped over.

That powerful aura… it was in the sixth realm of origin!

“Weaklings of the sky region, would you stop hiding in the back If you have the ability, send out your strongest person.

I am one of the three great generals of the 9th Army of the wild region.

I will definitely kill that expert of yours until his soul is gone! Weaklings, do you dare to fight with me!” At this moment, the one who was looking down at the desolate planet from a distance was the sixth realm totem of the titan giant tribe, Swift.

Monica frowned and suppressed her anger, “Ignore him.

The wild region knows that we dont have sixth realm experts, yet they still want to use this “front-line general” to dampen our armys morale and boost theirs!”

Chu Feng was a little surprised.

He did know about having generals of both parties duel before wars.

So the same practice was practiced here.

“Theyre too hateful!” The Jiugong turtle couldnt help but spit, extremely furious, “A hundred years ago, Swift was already so arrogant! An Lin hadnt been able to hold back her anger then, and had charge forward.

In the end, the spectral body that she had painstakingly cultivated was dissipitated, and even her soul was almost shattered! If it werent for Monica, she might have died on the spot!”

Carole from the snow phoenix race gritted her teeth, “If it werent for him, sister An Lin wouldnt have been unciousness until now!”

At the mention of this matter, all the totems were filled with righteous indignation.

If not for the fact they knew they would be sending themselves to their deaths if they accepted the battle, they definitely would not have just gritted their teeth and swallow their hatred!

Monica was not worried about the other totems, but she kept feeling that Chu Fengs gaze toward the giant was especially meaningful, “Ignore him, just think of him as a madman.

We have no chance of winning this battle.

Even if you can destroy the entire Foreign Races Alliance, you cant do anything to a sixth realm totem.”

“Cant do anything to him” Chu Feng smiled and shook his head, saying, “Im afraid thats not true.”

He took a step towards Swift, and in the next moment, he appeared in the void before him.

With this, a titan giant and a puny human were facing each other from afar.

Compared to the giants height, which was over a hundred meters, Chu Feng, who was standing opposite him, looked extremely puny.

“Hmm” Initially, Swift had just been shouting those words out of habit.

He did not expect that someone would actually come.

Now that did not need to act as a one-man show, he was even happier.

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“To think a mere human from the Blue Planet has the courage to accept the challenge! I hope you can take a beating.

The previous ghost race creature was just too weak.

To think it dared to accept the challenge while being a mere fourth realm totem.

What a joke! Its a pity that it wasnt completely killed back then.

You wont have such luck now.”

Chu Feng looked at him coldly and turned his head to look at the infant Astral Spirit on his right shoulder.

“Hera, go.”

“Yiya!” After a tender baby beasts cry, the Astral Spirit flew towards the giant.

This time, the difference in size between the two sides was even greater.

Swift laughed wildly.

“I didnt expect that the one who came to die this time was even a mere overlord-level beast! I had thought that you were using some kind of trick to fool people, but I didnt expect that you are really as weak as an ant! To think you let a peak overlord-level beast come to die”

As he said that, he casually whipped up a cosmic storm and sent it towards the Astral Spirit!

“Yiya!” The Astral Spirit pouted unhappily and used the skill that it had just learned.

The surface of the kylin cubs body immediately emitted endless golden light… With that, tts strength, defense, and speed were increased by a hundred times! As the golden light had already been enhanced to its maximum level, all the golden light was in the Astral Spirits control.

In an instant, more than a hundred golden light swords appeared at the same time, stabbing at the enemy.

The golden swords all emitted a biting cold sword aura, sharp and fierce, causing the sixth realm totem to cry out in alarm, “Help!!”

At this moment, Swift had no other thoughts in his mind other than “help!”.

“Im coming!”

“We must kill him!”

The other two generals of the 9th Army heard the cry for help and immediately teleported to Swifts side.

They didnt have a choice to not come.

Swift was from the titan giant race, after all.

The forefather of this race was the eldest son of the Desolate God.

Even if they were each from the thunder giant race and the fire giant race, and their strength was on par with Swifts, their status was still inferior to Swifts.

In the wild region, the giant race placed great importance on the bloodline.

Suddenly, a loud shout came from behind the army, “All three generals! Please retreat immediately!”

The commander-in-chief of the 9th Army, who had been waiting at the back of the battlefield, suddenly narrowed his eyes in disbelief.

To think the peak overlord-level beast made Ming Feng feel that the other partys strength wasnt weaker than his.

Since Swift and the others were only in the sixth realm, they definitely wouldnt be able to block a totem in the seventh realm! If they didnt retreat now, they would definitely die!

Chu Feng looked into the void, as if he was looking at Ming Feng, who was guarding the rear.

The Beastmaster smiled and said, “Its already too late.”

The boundless and vast galaxy suppressed the enemies, and countless sword energies followed closely behind! In just an instant, the arrogant titan giant shattered into nothingness!

The eyes of the thunder giant Malcolm widened, “This is impossible…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he had already turned into minced meat!

“Run!!” The fire giant Randolphs heart trembled, “The legendary Astral Spirit! How could it be contracted by a human!”

Before he could turn around and escape, he was cut into nothingness by the sword energies as well.

Chu Feng sneered, “Ming Feng Its your turn.”


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