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After leaving the city owners residence, Principal Gao used his pet beast to shuttle to Chu Fengs house.

Qiao Xiong had just returned home after work.

He was greatly astonished to see Principal Gao walking into Chu Fengs courtyard.

“Am I seeing things Principal Gao is a king-level Beastmaster.

Why would he come personally to look for Chu Feng”

Qiao Xiong shook his head as waves of emotions stirred in him.

He worked in the city owners residence.

Although he was only a squad leader of the city owners guards, his status wasnt low, and he knew many secrets.

Naturally, Qiao Xiong knew Principal Gaos deeds and even regarded Principal Gao as his lifes goal.

However, he knew that he could not reach the sovereign-level in this life with his C-grade talent.

The squad leader of the city guards was already in the highest position he could obtain.

Meanwhile, Principal Gao handed Chu Feng a piece of space-splitting stone, “This is a year supply of the leaves of the Giant Elven Tree.”

Principal Gao said casually like obtaining a years supply of Giant Elven Tree leaves was simple.

However, it surprised Chu Feng, “Thank you, Principal Gao.

You are amazing! I might not even know where to get leaves of such high-level if you didnt help me.”

Principal Gao enjoyed Chu Fengs flatter.

He patted Chu Feng on the shoulder and said with a smile, “These arent important.

Ill trade for some more when the Mirage worm finishes this supply.”

“Thank you, Principal Gao,” Chu Feng thanked him with respect.

President Gao smiled, “You have to work hard and reach the extraordinary level as soon as possible… Huh Youve already reached the extraordinary level”

Principal Gao didnt sense Chu Fengs aura detailly when he came in.

Only now did he discover that his aura was surprisingly the aura of an extraordinary-level Beastmaster.

He was sure that Chu Fengs Wild Bear was only at awakening Level 7 when Chu Feng came out of the heritage ruins.

It hadnt been long after the heritage ruins, yet Chu Feng had reached the extraordinary level.

That was abnormal.

Chu Feng nodded, “Ive just reached the extraordinary level today.

The Mirage Worm could hatch because of the nurture of my extraordinary level beast space.”


The Mirage Worm popped its head out from Chu Fengs clothes.

Principal Gao looked at it for a long time before confirming that it was indeed a Mirage Worm.

Principle Gao lamented, “It has an advanced overlord-level bloodline with space and spirit type talent.

It even has an auxiliary talent of illusionary.

You can bond with the Mirage Worm when you are at the extraordinary-level.

Once you train it, it will be a great pet beat in the future.”

Chu Feng kept the Elven Trees leaves into the beast space.

The beast space immediately emitted a dense aura of life.

The Wild Bear looked at the leaf and felt envious.

The sweet honey seemed to be less precious than the leaves.

As expected, the Mirage Worm had taken way the Beastmasters attention from it.

The Wild Bear sighed.

Chu Feng asked, “Principal Gao, the food for the little Wild Bear, maybe…”

Principal Gao was speechless, “Eating sweet honey is enough for an extraordinary-level Wild Bear.”

Principle Gao knew Wild Bears well.

He thought, “Dont even think about deceiving me!”

“Im just joking,” said Chu Feng.

Chu Feng continued with a serious look on his face, “I will nurture the Mirage Worm.

Principal Gao, you can rest assured.”

Principal Gao looked at chu Feng seriously.

Naturally, he knew that Chu Feng meant every word he said.

Principal Gao was willing to sacrifice his dignity for Chu Feng because Chu Fengs determination moved him.

Chu Feng put the Mirage Worm into the beast space.

The Mirage Worm was already hungry and immediately began to eat when it saw the food.

A leaf of the Giant Elven Tree was several times bigger than the Mirage Worm.

One leaf was enough for it to feast for a day.

But as the Mirage Worm became more powerful, it would naturally eat more.

Chu Feng calculated the leaves of the Giant Elven Tree brought by Principal Gao were just enough for the Mirage Worm to eat for a year.



The Mirage Worm was touched.

Even as a pet beast egg, the Mirage Worm possessed a consciousness.

It had existed in the space-splitting treasure chest for a long time.

Finally, Chu Feng had taken it away.

Not only could it perceive the beautiful world, but it could also eat delicious food.

That was enough to make it happy.

Time passed by quickly.

Chu Feng had received special permission from Principal Gao and did not need to go to class anymore.

He could ask Lan Xi or Principal Gao directly if he had any questions.

Chu Feng had found the answers to most of the questions regarding beasts in the library.

He had stayed in the library of the Diming High School for three days, and knowledge filled his mind.

“The spiritual power of an extraordinary-level was indeed different.

Moreover, I have the Mirage Worm…”

The Mirage Worm possessed a spiritual talent of an extraordinary-level, which greatly affected Chu Fengs spiritual power.

His current usage of telekinesis power was similar to that of some extraordinary-level pet beast.

Of course, it would take a long time for Chu Feng to fight against an extraordinary-level pet beast.

If it were the Wild Bear, it would only take one punch to defeat any pet best of extraordinary-level.

“Im a nurturing type.

Why am I thinking about fighting with pet beasts”


Chu Feng thought to himself.

He began to recall the knowledge he had just learned.

“Sovereign-level, commander-level, king-level, overlord-level…”


“There are countless beasts on Earth alone.”

“It took me three days just to remember them.”

Chu Feng sighed.

Principal Gao had given him temporary access to the library, allowing him to search for plenty of information.

Thus, Chu Feng spent three days reading the Beast Illustration Handbook.

It was a small, illustrated handbook.

But it had countless information that human ancestors had sacrificed their lives to obtain.

It was valuable.

Chu Feng stood up and prepared to leave.

When Chu Feng passed by the librarian, he patted the librarians shoulder and said, “Bro, Ill be leaving first.”

These few days, Chu Feng did not go home because he felt energetic.

It was not a problem for him to stay up late to read.

However, what surprised him was that the young librarian did not go home at night either, just like him.

He read in the library every day.

This librarian always wore a hat and a mask, as if he was afraid of being recognized.

However, Chu Feng didnt care so much.

He greeted the librarian casually.

“Bye,” A gentle voice came from behind him.

Chu Feng was shocked, “Youre a girl”

He felt a bit awkward, but he couldnt help but glance down.

Although the librarian indeed sounded like a girl, it was not easy to identify that through her attire.

“Chu Feng, I know you.

Youre the only student who doesnt have to go to class in Grade 12, specially authorized by Principal Gao.

However, you have the bond with a king-level Wild Bear which meant you have the rights to have such an authority.”

The girl took off her mask and hat, revealing her beautiful face.

Chu Feng was somewhat surprised.

The girl had been reading with her head lowered.

Only then did he realize that she had a pair of bright eyes.

Chu Feng greeted, “Hello.”

“Senior year, Qiao Shi.”

The girl reached out her hand, and Chu Feng shook her hand.

Chu Feng said, “Grade 12, Chu Feng.”

“Are you available today” asked Qiao Shi.

“Yes,” Chu Feng nodded.

Qiao Shi said, “I know of a lost ruin that no one else knows.

Do you want to explore it with me”


Chu Feng was speechless.

He thought Qiao Shi wanted to have dinner with him!



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