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Back when he first laid eyes on the Golden Book, Chu Fengs heart was already attracted by the special-type beasts.

After learning about the Ancient Bronze Bell of the Ancient King, he had been increasingly fascinated.

Special-type beasts that were better known included Xiang Yunfeis Life Sword.

It was precisely because the other party had nurtured a consciousness out of his sword that he was respected as the Sword King!

Fan Zhengqi continued to explain, “Special-type beasts include supreme treasures that have their own consciousness.

Once their intelligence is activated, they will immediately become totems.

Many of the supreme treasures like these that have become totems have a deep relationship with us humans.

Over the long years, they will occasionally give birth to supreme treasures that will come to life.

These can also be called totem cubs, but they dont have a divine source.”

Chu Feng nodded.

So that was how it is.

Then, after he left the land of heritage, he would go directly to the magnates.

If there was a suitable special-type totem cub in the treasure trove, then he would bond with that cub.

If there wasnt, then he would choose another special-type cub.

He would see when the time came.

Chu Feng walked step by step to the higher platform of the Wolf Gods space.

Then, he stopped at a certain platform and summoned the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet.

Since he was already in the Ancient Tower of the Gods, he couldnt let this rare opportunity slip him by.

The other beasts had all received huge improvements to different levels.

If the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet were to miss out alone, the loss would be too great!

Besides, the mechanical race was different from the other races.

Even if they were suddenly upgraded to the extreme, they wouldnt be injured by the backlash of their power.

Any automaton beast would have extremely powerful computing power in their body.

They could adapt to the new level of power very quickly and use it in the best way possible.

Therefore, there was no need to worry about enhancing the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet.

After being summoned from the beast space, the Mystic Fall Fighter Jets electronic voice sounded, “Master.”

Chu Feng smiled and opened the beast interface.

[Mystic Fall Fighter Jet]

[Level: Commander level 5.]

[Bloodline: Advanced overlord]

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[Talents: super spirit-type talent, super energy-type talent.]


[Super Skills: A total of seven level-one equipment, namely the mechanical treasury, overload origin, quantum detection, twist and turn, tidal acceleration, photon calculation, and totem armor.]

[Mechanical Treasury]

[There are a total of 58 types of offensive weapon skills, all at level 1]

[Basic: A total of 20 types, namely the laser beam, laser wave, armor-piercing bullet, electric arc cannon…]

[Intermediate: A total of 14 types, namely the electromagnetic cannon, laser cannon, light wave cannon, star cannon…]

[Advanced: A total of 10 types, namely the air-piercing cannon, meteorite cannon, air-splitting cannon, air-shattering cannon…]

[Supreme: A total of eight types, namely the wormhole cannon, star destroyer cannon, anti-air cannon, reflection cannon…]

[Super: A total of six types, namely the universe constant wave cannon, space suppression cannon, time domain, nuclear explosion extreme boundary, quantum invasion, and broken wings.]

After the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet was loaded with all seven types of equipment and all the weapons that could be loaded, its level was passively raised to the commander level 1.

This was one of the many advantages of a mechanical beast.

It basically had no bottlenecks.

At the same time, the mechanical races shortcomings were also very obvious.

With all the high technology developed by the human race, it was simply insufficient to raise the mechanical beasts foundation to the totem level.

In other words, it could not touch the universes origin.

Even Zhong Hen, who was known as the mechanical magnate, first became a legend-level Beastmaster, then used his SSS-grade beast tamer talent to nurture his mechanical beasts into the totem level! Due to this obvious flaw, most overlord-level Beastmasters wouldnt choose to bond with a mechanical beast.

After all, who wouldnt want to continue advancing to the totem level after reaching the overlord level

Yet, mechanical beasts couldnt be upgraded to the totem level, which made them useless to overlord-level Beastmasters.

However, this flaw, which made mechanical beasts a relatively unpopular choice, wasnt a problem for Chu Feng at all.

Let alone a mechanical beast, even if it was an innately deficient beast, Chu Feng could still pile up its foundation to the highest level! After all, he had his strongest trump card… unlimited growth with its boundless enhancement points!

Mystic Fall is a fighter jet.

Its mechanical race body is loaded with seven super components, and one of them is the mechanical treasury.

It contains all the weapons the fighter jet holds, as well as some offensive skills.

Overall, the mechanical treasury contains 20 types of basic skills, 14 types of intermediate skills, 10 types of advanced skills, 8 types of supreme skills, and 6 types of super skills.

Currently, the most advanced technology of the human race has been combined to form… the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet!

Chu Fengs eyes sparkled.

The excitement did not even need to be highlighted with words.

At this moment, he used 15,000,000 enhancement points on the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet right of the bat! With that, the aura emitted from the body of the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet soared at a terrifying speed beyond ones imagination!

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After a burst of growth, the Mystic Fall Fighter Jets level soared to the king-level 1! This wasnt the end.

King level 5, king level 10… The advancement still hadnt stopped.

Finally… Overlord-level 1!

The Mystic Fall Fighter Jets level rise finally stopped.

Chu Feng looked at his interface and sighed helplessly, “Im running out of enhancement points.”

58 types of offensive weapon skills and seven types of machine parts added up to 65 skills.

Chu Feng only had 5,000,000 enhancement points left, so it was only a given that he wouldnt be able to take care of every aspect in the later adding of points.

However, after that wave of enhancement points just now, all the skills of the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet had been upgraded to the max.

“HMM… I wonder if there will be any derivative skills later”

Chu Fengs eyes lit up as he tried to enhance a basic maxed-out skill.

First, the laser beam skill that was stored in the mechanical treasury was converted into a super skill!

[High-density Ray (level 1): A super weapon evolved from a single weapon.

It can release high-density laser rays that can kill all living beings.

Two available modes: Maximum overload mode and level-one super mode.]

Chu Feng raised his eyebrows.

It was as he had expected.

The laser beam was emitted from a weapon fixed to the exterior of the Mystic Fall Fighter Jets fuselage, and the number of equipment was fixed at one.

Enhancement points couldnt change the exterior, and could only change the interior.

That was why upgrading the skill would have an effect similar to the evolution of a skill.

Unlike the other beasts, Mystic Falls number of skills didnt increase.

Instead, it evolved from a maxed-out basic weapon skill to a level-1 super weapon skill! This change also meant that this semi-new super skill could be further enhanced.

The other change was that this super skill had two types of activation modes! One was the overload mode that existed in the beginning, and the other was the super mode derived from evolution.

Chu Feng thought to himself, “I wonder if these two modes can be used at the same time If it is possible, then the number of the Mystic Fall Fighter Jets weapon skills can probably be doubled.”

There was nothing to hesitate about.

He directly enhanced all the basic, intermediate, advanced, and supreme weapon skills in the mechanical treasury with enhancement points.

Compared to before the enhancement, the current Mystic Fall Fighter Jet had 52 additional level 1 super weapon skills!


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