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After Chu Feng received the final inheritance from the Tree God, which was a piece of wood that contained a portion of the Tree Gods origin, he left first.

Speaking of which, he wondered if those who entered the Ancient Tower of Gods later to receive the inheritance would still be able to obtain the final inheritance.

After Chu Feng left, he turned around to look at the ranking on the door and smiled.

[Tree Gods inheritance ranking list]

[1st: Chu Feng of the human race, 100th platform]

[2nd: Wan Wanqing of the human race, 21st platform]

[3rd: Elma of the shadow elf race, 1st platform]

In the temple, a few foreign races were pointing at the third line of words, and the more they talked about it, the stranger they found it.

“Whats wrong with this shadow elf Why is it staying on the first platform”

“That cant be right.

Isnt the first platform very easy to pass”

“Chu Feng has reached the 100th platform.

Is that the highest platform could he have already obtained the Gods inheritance”

“His growth rate is too fast.

If he gets the other Gods inheritance as well, will the foreign races still have a chance of survival!”

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“No, we cant let him get out alive.

Chu Feng must die!”

“Hey, hes out! Why dont we just kill Chu Feng on the spot and snatch the inheritance”

Realizing that Chu Feng might have obtained the Tree Gods inheritance, the few totems present immediately turned green with envy.

This plan of killing and snatching his treasures was brilliant!

“Hehe, it looks like you guys really want to kill me…”

Without waiting for the foreign races to react, Chu Feng had the Mirage Butterfly teleport him to the next door and entered directly.

Right now, the most important thing was to obtain the inheritance.

As for killing the totems, that could wait until he met one on the stairs.

The totems did not expect to be ignored so cleanly…

“That Mirage Butterfly is indeed unique.

It was clearly using spatial teleportation, yet it did not even cause a ripple in space.”

“Stop sighing in amazement.

Its just at the king level 10, its not as great as you guys say.”

“Thats right.

Chu Feng has already gone into the Flower Gods door to receive the inheritance.

Should we stop him… Is there anyone who has to go there to receive the inheritance”

“The Flower God controls plants and spirit.

Only Desno fits those criteria here.

Why dont we let him go over and kill Chu Feng”

After a quick discussion, a certain totem with the carnivorous flower attribute was pushed out.

Desno wasnt averse to this mission.

The flesh of a genius Beastmaster was always rich in spiritual energy and incomparably delicious, deeply loved by the carnivorous foreign races.

Seeing Desno walk into the Flower Gods heritage space with ease, the remaining totems felt that the matter was as good as done.

“Desnos combat strength can be ranked in the top thirty in the Alliance.

He wont be at a disadvantage even against the human magnates… Hes even stronger than the emperor of the mystic race.”

“Chu Feng is dead meat for sure.

Its such a pity though.

His body is so coveted by the necromancer race!”

“Hes about to die.

Whats there to discuss”

“Speaking of which, what is Elma doing inside Why isnt she moving at all”

“Its also that kids luck that he entered the tower ahead of time.

Otherwise, Elma, who lost her sister, would definitely not let him come out alive!”


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The few foreign races gathered and discussed about a few possibilities, but none had thought about the possibility that Chu Feng might not be killed by Desno, nor did they think that Elma mightve already been killed by Chu Feng.

If at this time, someone took the initiative to tell them that Elma had already been killed by Chu Feng, these totems would probably not believe it either.

They might even retort, “Do you think that totems are such weak existences”

All living beings knew that totems were low in numbers and powerful in strength.

The totem level was something that creatures below that level would most likely not even be able to pry into in their entire lives.

Otherwise, these totems would not have the thought of “all existences below the totem level are ants”.

In this world, no matter how many ants there were, they would not be able to kill an elephant! Therefore, Chu Feng simply could not defeat the totem-level Desno.

He was definitely going to die today!

As soon as he entered the Flower Gods space, Chu Feng could smell the fragrance.

When he looked up, he realized that he was surrounded by flowers.

He casually broke off two or three colorful flowers.

The flowers had just left the branches, but in the next moment, they dissipated into invisible energy.

It was the elemental energy of the spirit and plant attribute.

Chu Feng released the Mirage Butterfly and the Mythical Tree.

He smiled and said, “Now, its your turn to perform.”

Unlike those foreign races who had to receive the inheritance of the Gods by themselves, Beastmasters could allow two or more beasts to receive the inheritance at the same time if their attributes were compatible.

“Mi-meh!” The Mirage Butterfly danced happily among the flowers, absorbing the spiritual elemental energy that was overflowing in the air.

After absorbing the spiritual energy on the first platform, the Mirage Butterfly broke through from the king level 10 to the overlord level 1!

“Mi-meh!” The Mirage Butterfly flew around Chu Feng, extremely excited.

It was as if it was saying, “Look! Arent I super awesome after reaching the overlord level”

Chu Feng was speechless.

He didnt expect the breakthrough to happen so quickly.

It was so fast that he didnt even have time to react… The breakthrough speed also meant that the Mirage Butterflys realm was extremely stable.

At this moment, all the flowers on the first platform scattered.

It was as if the sea of flowers that he had seen before was illusory, and the empty space he was seeing now was, instead, real.

In fact, the sea of flowers was indeed a perceptible illusory realm constructed from the energy of two elements, spirit and plant.

Such an illusory realm could be experienced by the five senses of a human, and it was not much different from reality.

It could even be said that the illusory realm in this region had become real.

The Mirage Butterfly had such abilities as well.

Although it could do the same, it did not play much of a role in actual combat.

For example, the vibrating space sword that the Mirage Butterfly had conjured earlier had a destructive power similar to that of realization.

Rather, it might even be a level higher.

“Unless… Theres a realization skill.

That way, the destructive power would be considerable,” Although he had some ideas, Chu Feng didnt think much about it.

The quality of the skills was more important than their numbers anyway.

Besides, the Mirage Butterflys many skills were working well like a system.

There was no need to ask for more.

With this thought in mind, he planned to go out and communicate with Zhong Hen.

Perhaps he could give the Mirage Butterfly a realization skill that was suitable for use.

Chu Feng chuckled and stepped onto the second platform.

Desno, who had arrived a little later, had a completely black face at this point.

He did not know what was going on with the Flower Gods space.

Chu Feng had to leave the first platform before he could enter.

If this continued, he would have to be one step behind Chu Feng forever.

He would not be able to kill anyone!

Desno asked angrily, “What right do you have to have such a privilege !”

Chu Feng spread his hands and said helplessly, “Theres nothing I can do about it.

Perhaps the Flower Gods space has also sensed that the Tree Gods inheritance belongs to me now, so it has to protect its own people…”

Desno stared straight at the human on the second platform and said coldly, “Youd better keep it up.

The land of heritage wont protect a cripple!”

“Hehe, you dont have to worry about that.”


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