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The rain of arrows carried with them darkness and came menacingly.

But before they could get close, they were firmly blocked by all kinds of plants that were not afraid of death.

The plant creatures at the forefront either died or were seriously injured.

But whether they were still intact or not, all the plant creatures moved forward bravely.

Divine Light fell from the branches of the Mythical Tree, healing all the wounds.

Lila pointed her finger at the enemy again, “Kill.”

At the same time, she cast the life guard skill, and a protective barrier covered the plants.

Only plants that could withstand the trials and tribulations, and bravely charged forward even if their future prospects were no longer bright, would be protected by the God of Life.

And only those that survived the war could enter the tree world!

After sensing that they were protected, the plants became increasingly devout believers and fought even more crazily for their God of Life.

Meanwhile, Elma, who was being targeted by countless plant creatures, was in an incomparably miserable and painful state.

The pain in her heart was worse than the pain in her body.

Everywhere she looked, she could only see large patches of terrifying green.

There was nowhere to run!

The scariest thing was that even though she was a totem-level existence, she could not even cut through the weeds in her opponents domain.

Those shields seemed to make her enemies immune to all attacks… Elma kept retreating, however, she was still surrounded and attacked by a large number of plants.

Finally, she roared in despair, “No, impossible! Im the totem!!”

When she was slightly distracted, a group of plants pounced on her and firmly bound her, cutting her into pieces bit by bit.

“Whats impossible This is the truth,” Lila looked down at the shadow elf who was still struggling like a trapped beast and replied expressionlessly, “When I was still at the king level 10, I was already able to resist the totems.

Now that Im already at the overlord level 10, what can you do”

Elma struggled frantically, still finding such an unprecedented thing unbelievable.

Even a peak overlord should not be able to withstand a single blow from a totem.

That should have been the case!

Lila suddenly waved her hand, and the space instantly split open.

A pure and incomparably powerful aura emanated from the crack… The tree world had descended! The terrifying force forced Elma to kneel on the ground.

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Despair appeared in her eyes, “Why!”

Even at this point, Elma still could not understand how things had become like this.

Shouldnt overlords bow their heads and beg for mercy when facing totems Why was she, a totem, being suppressed instead How could such illogical power exist… Why… in the last few moments of her life, Elma had many questions, but no one could answer them.

Of course, even if someone answered for her now, she would not be able to hear them.

Because she had been completely torn to shreds by the plants, and the only proof that the shadow elf had been here was perhaps the dark green beast core.

The slaughter was over, and the plants stretched themselves and looked eagerly in Lilas direction.

“I have sensed your devotion, and I allow you to ascend to the tree world,” Just as Lila finished speaking, a holy light poured down from the sky.

All the living plant creatures in the plant domain were sent to the tree world by the light.

From now on, they were also a member of the tree world.

To be honest, something like this was no different from shifting them from the left hand to the right hand.

After all, both the plant domain and the tree world were skills derived from the Mythical Tree.

However, this step was very necessary because all the plants in the plant domain had their spirits.

After this, even as their creator, Lila could not casually command them.

After all, all living things had their own ideas.

If she wanted to truly display their superpowers, she had to make sure that they were at least willing.

Just like now, all the plants created by Lila worshiped her as a God.

Because of the existence of faith, all the believers would become the sharp blades in Lilas hands.

To gain the attention of their God, they could give up everything, including their lives.

After all her devout believers entered the tree world, Lila, who had been keeping up her pretense all this while, immediately relaxed.

She walked to Chu Fengs side and revealed a miserable look, “Chu Feng, Im really tired.”

Chu Feng smiled and asked, “Why Dont you want to be a God”

Lila was very distressed, “Being a God is so tiring.

I have to put on airs in front of plants.”

“You really dont want to I feel that youre quite suitable to become a God.

Of course, if you dont want to, thats fine too…” Chu Feng said.

Lila hurriedly interrupted, “Im not saying that I dont want to! Ill work hard to become a God!”

“Haha, then Ill wait and see.”

After exchanging feelings with his beast, Chu Feng walked over to the battlefield just now and took the beast core and treasures of the shadow elf.

As soon as he touched the ultimate treasure, Shadow, a negative emotion was born in his heart.

Chu Feng focused slightly and removed the dark emotion.

[Divine source detected.

Convert to the divine source]

Suddenly, a robotic voice rang in Chu Fengs mind.

He was stunned for a moment and instantly understood.

The treasure contained the divine source! The divine source was very precious, and one could usually only absorb some of it from the origin of the universe when one broke through to the totem level.

Chu Feng thought for a moment and chose to convert.

Although the amplification effect of Shadow was not bad, its limitations were also very obvious such that it could only increase the dark attribute.

If one did not only wear it, but also refined it, then one could truly use Shadow, but that would also be a loss.

From the state of its previous owner, it could be seen that Shadow could even corrode the intelligence of a totem-level existence.

Otherwise, as a totem, Elma would not have been defeated so easily.

[Current Possession: A bit of divine source.]

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After receiving this notification, Chu Feng was somewhat gratified.

This progress bar had finally moved forward.

As for how he would use this bit of divine source, he planned to put it aside for now.

After all, the Mythical Tree could easily kill totems now, so it was not that urgent to level up or not.

Moreover, a little divine source was only enough to level up a single skill.

It was not enough to achieve a qualitative change effect.

After dealing with one of the spoils of this battle, Chu Feng turned around and began to go through the other things he had obtained from the shadow elf.

This was his first time obtaining a totem-level beast core.

Just this beast core alone was worth close to a hundred million points!

In addition to a large number of rare treasures in the storage space dropped from killing a totem, it converted to about 500 million points, not to mention the points awarded from killing a totem-level foreign race.

In total, Lilas battle with the shadow elf had earned him about 700 million points! Once converted, killing a totem-level foreign race was about the same as killing a hundred overlord-level foreign races..

“As expected of a totem at the top-ranks of the Blue Planet.

It does have many treasures,” Chu Feng happily put away his spoils of war and walked towards the upper right.

Wan Wanqing had a strange expression and didnt know how to face this person, “Chu Feng, why can you even kill a totem”

Chu Feng laughed heartily, “My Mythical Tree is now a peak overlord, so of course, it can kill a totem.”

Hearing this, Wan Wanqings eyes twitched and she was speechless.

Of course! Was it normal for a peak overlord to easily kill a totem! She knew that Chu Feng had previously slaughtered over 300 overlord-level foreign races with his king-level 10 pets, and she had also heard that the other party had even killed a totem-level foreign race ancestor, but… How long had it been! Now, Chu Feng could actually kill a totem head-on!

Such a feat was simply impossible for a normal person! It was like a battle between a giant mountain and a small child.

The seemingly weak child had flipped over the giant mountain and even shattered it! Wan Wanqing was so shocked from witnessing the unbelievable scene that she was dazed.

As a result, she didnt even know when Chu Feng left.


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