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[Enhancement points: 2700!]

After strengthening the wild body and the wild domain, Chu Feng only had 2700 enhancement points left.

He pondered for a moment and decided to continue enhancing the great strength and the great transformation.

This was because the enhancement points required for the two were much lower than for the wild body and the wild domain.


After enhancing the great strength and the great transformation, the two skills also changed.

[Great strength Level 20: basic skill, instantly releases 20 times more strength than oneself.



[Great transformation Level 20: middle-level skill, body size and strength increase by 20 times simultaneously.

can be stacked with other skills.



[Enhancement points: 1770!]

After upgrading great strength and great transformation to level 20, Chu Feng only had around 1700 enhancement points left.

He thought for a moment and decided to keep the enhancement points for now.

What if the Wild Bear could learn new skills in the future


Beasts could learn new skills in all sorts of ways.

The traditional method was to follow a pet beast that had mastered a skill and learn it from the most basic way.

After learning a move, one would then learn how to utilise the energy.

Finally, they would use it in battle.

Generally speaking, it would take a very long time for beasts to learn new skills.

Even if they learned an elementary skill, it would take at least a month.

Other than that, there was another method, which was the beast core.

The beast core was the life crystal of ferocious beasts.

It contained a huge amount of energy and even the skills that the ferocious beast had mastered.

As long as one could transplant the soul fragments related to the skills in the beast core into the beasts brain, it would be able to learn the skills!

This method was called “skill transplant”.

The success rate was very low, and it was very difficult to guarantee compatibility with the beast.

If it failed, the beast core would be useless.

Overall, the cost of doing so was very high.

Even for king-level Beastmasters, there werent many who would be so extravagant as to transplant skills.

“I wonder if theres a kind of beast tamer talent that can specifically transplant the skills of beasts” This thought suddenly popped up in Chu Fengs mind.

He felt that it was very likely.

If such talent existed, it should be the same as his talent.

It was a talent that required a large amount of money.


Chu Feng had to use enhancement points for the enhancement process and 30 million yuan worth of enhancement points were directly gone.

If it was a Beastmaster without resources, how could he afford it Another example was Diming high school year 3.

They only had a budget of 10 million yuan to nurture a sovereign-level Beastmaster.

Without a commander-level Beastmaster, no one would dare to spend money like this.


Chu Feng looked at little Wild Bear in the beast space and couldnt help but sigh, “You need a lot of money to nurture.”

The Wild Bear replied, “Awoo”


The Wild Bear was currently activating all of its skills in the beast space and unleashing all of its power to its hearts content.

Due to the transformation of the space-controlling crystal, Chu Fengs beast space had become extremely solid.

The Little Wild Bear was displaying its strength within it.

It was extremely delighted!


Chu Feng could even sense that after activating the wild domain, the surrounding air around the Wild Bear seemed to have become stagnant.

It was almost impossible for the air to circulate.

It was as if the gas had become solid.

When the twenty-meter tall Wild Bear smashed down with its fist, the power unleashed was forty-one times its original strength!


Apart from that, the Wild Bears defense and speed had also increased by 20 times! Although its body had become incomparably huge, it was not cumbersome.

On the contrary, the huge Wild Bear was very agile.

The Wild Bear moved within the beast space but not even the slightest trace of weight was observed to be pressing down on the space beneath its feet.

This was because the Wild Bear had activated its wild body and wild domain at the same time.

Only when it activated these two skills could the Wild Bear control its strength so accurately.


The Wild Bear let out a low growl and slowly withdrew its power, returning to its adorable appearance.

However, the aura on its body was constantly changing! Level 8 awakening! Level 9 awakening! Level 10 awakening! …

Slowly, the Wild Bears aura became stagnant.

It closed its eyes as if it was digesting the power Chu Feng had added to it.

Suddenly, a trace of aura was released!

The boundless energy within the beast space seemed to have found an exit and surged into the Wild Bears body!

The Wild Bear instantly felt its body being filled with boundless energy! It was level 1 extraordinary!

“Awoo” The Wild Bear was stunned.

It had reached the extraordinary level just like that A few days ago, it was still at level 1 awakening, but now it had actually broken through to level 1 extraordinary so quickly! It had crossed a whole realm!

“Awooo!” The Wild Bear suddenly remembered that at the very beginning, it was still hesitating whether or not to become Chu Fengs pet beast! If time could go back to the past, the Wild Bear would definitely give it a slap! What was there to hesitate about Hurry up and follow him!

Chu Feng slowly closed his eyes, and his body also emitted an extraordinary aura.

The cultivation of Beastmasters mainly focused on the beast space and pet beasts.

When one of the pet beasts reached the extraordinary level, the beast space would undergo a transformation under the guidance of the extraordinary aura!

The current Chu Feng was at the crucial moment of advancing to the extraordinary level.

Chu Fengs beast space was frantically absorbing the energy in the void and continuously expanding! This feeling was extremely wondrous.

It was as if he had become the creator of a space!

Chu Feng was astonished.

The extraordinary-level beast space had actually changed from the initial fifteen meters in length, width and height to a hundred meters in length, width and height! This kind of spatial change was undoubtedly enormous! At the same time, it caused Chu Feng to directly use up one of his royal sky crystals! The remaining nine pieces of royal sky crystals were still floating in the air, slowly transmitting power to the beast space.


If the space of ten-meter in length, width and height was somewhat cramped, then the current beast space had become exceptionally spacious.

Chu Feng even believed that if he wasnt an SSS-rank talent, his extraordinary-level beast space would probably be no different from the size he had when he had just awakened.

The Wild Bear jumped about freely in the beast space.

It didnt have to worry at all that the beast space wouldnt be able to withstand it.

With such a vast space, if it was just a simple power attack, there shouldnt be any way to shake it.

Unless the Wild Bears power was related to the spatial attribute.


When a Beastmaster reached extraordinary-level, even if they didnt form a contract with their beast and didnt receive any feedback from their beasts power, they would still have the ability to protect themselves.

For example, if an extraordinary-level Beastmaster encountered a fierce beast in the wild, they could directly take the other party into their beast space and suppress it!

If he still had a contract quota, he could even suppress it to the point of signing a contract with it and successfully using a murderers power.

However, these conditions were very harsh.

However, Chu Feng felt that he could give it a try.

Extraordinary-level ferocious beasts probably wouldnt be able to resist.

After all, his beast space was thousands of times more than a Beastmaster of the same level, and it was almost the same as a sovereign-level beast space.

It shouldnt be a problem for him to suppress an extraordinary-level ferocious beast.


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