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In the meeting hall of the Myriad Beasts Mountain.

This time, the atmosphere was much more tense and terrifying than the last time…

“Serena, an overlord from the frost phantom race, has been killed in the land of heritage!”

“Bruno, an overlord from the black centipede race, has been killed by Chu Feng!”

“John, an overlord from the dharma hornet race has been killed…”


In the endless silence, only the sound of battle reports could be heard.

The terrifying atmosphere was enough to suffocate people.

Without exception, all the totems in the hall had extremely ugly expressions on their faces.

On the long list of deaths, all foreign races could hear the news of their outstanding juniors dying in battle! This included the peak overlords that had always been extremely difficult to nurture.

All 106 foreign races had overlords that were killed by the evil hope of humans! After the continuous announcements, all the foreign races in the hall had black faces.

Not only were they shocked and angry, but their hearts were also trembling… All the foreign races in the land of heritage were dead!

“Ahhhh –”

“Damn that Chu Feng! When he steps out of the land of heritage, Ill definitely skin him alive!”

“Even if he dies, I will whip his corpse!”

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“Thats 200 peak overlords and close to 100 overlords at level 9 and below, which is at least a dozen potential totems!!”

“To think Chu Feng killed all the overlords in the land of heritage.

How hateful!”

“No, he didnt kill them all…”

“I dont think I heard the death of the Titan thunder beast just now”

“Yes! Rampus and Barker from their race have survived!”

The totems in the hall all looked suspiciously at Ortes, who was sitting at the head of the hall.

All the races had suffered losses, so why could only the Titan thunder beast avoid it

Many totems thought about it and felt that something was wrong.

“Didnt Rampus unite all the overlords to kill Chu Feng Why is he still alive!”

“Not only that, when Chu Feng killed ten overlords previously, Rampus was the one in charge of the stronghold.

At that time, all the overlords in the stronghold died in battle, except him!”

“Once is a coincidence, twice…”

“Ortes, you have to give us a reasonable explanation, or else you should just scram from the position of the Alliances leader!”

“Thats right, thats right.

Why is he the only one whos lucky”

“In my opinion, maybe hes in cahoots with Chu Feng…”


Being threatened by so many totems, Ortes was truly panicking this time.

God knows, he had just been thinking that it was great that Rampus and Barker were still alive, but now, he felt that those two would have been better off dead! It wouldve stopped him from being attacked by so many totems.

After all, Ortes was only a totem emperor himself.

He did not have the ability to suppress other totems.

Otherwise, Reisha from the frost phantom race wouldnt have treated him with such disrespect.

Ortes scalp went numb, and he immediately explained, “As the leader of the Foreign Races Alliance, I will never do anything against the foreign races!”

He said what he wanted to say, but the people present did not intend to listen to his explanation! After all, there were many loopholes in the whole matter.

Just the fact that Chu Feng did not kill Rampus was enough for many possible conspiracies.

Even if Chu Feng could be deliberately letting Rampus go to make the Alliance target the Titan thunder beasts, this matter was still suspicious!

All the totems thought to themselves: “Why could you be the exception when everyone was suffering such heavy losses!” The inequality caused the totems to have extremely dark thoughts.

Especially when one of the totems stood up to impeach Ortes, the dark side in their hearts expanded and they immediately followed.

“On behalf of the black centipede race, I impeach the current leader, Ortes!”

“On behalf of the dharma hornet race, I impeach the current leader, Ortes!”

“On behalf of the frost phantom race, I impeach the current leader, Ortes.

He should have stepped down a long time ago!”

“Thats right, thats right.

Hes holding the position of the leader yet hes not doing anything.

He must step down!”

“On behalf of…”

The first round of impeachment seemed to have turned on some sort of switch.

Following that, more than a dozen impeachments followed.

Ortes was dumbfounded.

He stared at his colleagues who were making decisions without him.

At this moment, he finally understood how sinister Chu Feng was.

To think the human was making him lose the hearts of the other foreign races!

If he was slightly careless now, he might be nailed to the pillar of shame by the other totems.

If the situation was more serious, it might even implicate the Titan thunder beast race, which would force them to withdraw from the Alliance! In the midst of the crowds fury, some decisions were immediately made… In the end, Ortesposition as the leader of the Alliance was taken away.

In the land of heritage, Chu Feng carefully counted again.

It was indeed as he had predicted.

The treasures and beast cores could be exchanged for a total of more than one billion points.

Of course, other than what he had obtained now, considering that Chu Feng had single-handedly killed so many overlord-level foreign races, especially when more than 200 of them were peak overlords, the humans would definitely give him corresponding points as rewards.

With this, he estimated that he could get two billion points.

However, with such a huge sum of points, Chu Feng began to worry, “I wonder if the treasures left in the treasure trove are enough for me to exchange.”

Realizing that he had spoken his mind, he did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Then, he thought of the divine source needed to upgrade his beasts myth skills.

If he could exchange for the divine source from the treasure trove, then his current predicament of having no points to use might be alleviated, and he could continue to enhance his beasts skills! Chu Feng shook his head.

He was still in the land of heritage, so he shouldnt think too far ahead.

The massacre of nearly 300 overlord-level foreign races had also brought Chu Feng many Gods blood.

After going through them, he had 10 drops of the Tree Gods blood, 9 drops of the Ancient Gods blood, 11 drops of the Wolf Gods blood, 12 drops of the Poison Gods blood, 12 drops of the Ghost Gods blood, 6 drops of the Flower Gods blood, 11 drops of the Earth Gods blood, 13 drops of the Dragon Gods blood, 13 drops of the Fire Gods blood, 15 drops of the Water Gods blood, and 16 drops of the Metal Gods blood.

Chu Feng had been smiling at first, but he suddenly frowned after checking it carefully.

“Why is there no Desolate Gods blood!” He was very confused.

Why was the Desolate Gods blood missing out of the twelve types of Gods blood

“Awoo!” “Roar!” After killing all the foreign races in the canyon, the Wild Bear and the Dark-sky Azure Dragon still wanted more.

The two beasts were both close-combat killing types, and their bodies were now covered in blood.

After reaching the overlord level, every drop of blood would contain countless amounts of energy.

When they dripped onto the ground, they would create small pits.

Chu Feng smiled and said, “Dont worry, there should be more battles at the second stage.”

“Awoo!” “Roar!”

Hearing this, the Wild Bear and the Dark-sky Azure Dragon were both excited.

They couldnt wait to reach the next stage.

If they could fight with overlords in the first stage, then there should be stronger opponents waiting for them in the second stage, right Overlords werent even enough for warming up… As they thought so, they returned to Chu Fengs beast space.


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