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Seeing 300 overlord-level foreign races, including 200 peak overlords, swarming over and surrounding Chu Feng and himself, the Sword Kings doubtful voice entered Chu Fengs consciousness, “You didnt mention this before.”

With so many peak overlord-level foreign races, could they really walk out of here alive today

Chu Feng took a step forward, and his beast space suddenly appeared! Lila, who was inside, sensed her Beastmasters will and immediately merged with the Mythical Tree… The Mythical Tree was thus a hundred times more powerful!

“Mi-meh!” The Mirage Butterfly immediately activated its spirit-space domain and three-layered absolute array! In an instant, all the overlord-level foreign races, including the peak overlords, who were rushing over to kill, were all sealed in the “easy to attack but hard to defend” canyon.

However, they still didnt know what kind of desperate situation they were in.

Even if they knew, it was too late.

Under the influence of the Mythical Tree, the plants in the canyon grew rapidly.

In the blink of an eye, the canyon was filled with countless max-level plants, turning the place into a primeval forest that seem like it had been around for eons.

Countless towering trees tightly protected Chu Feng and Sword King Xiang Yunfei, completely isolating them from the outside worlds probes.

The foreign races who were clamoring to fight outside did not know that there were many overlord-level vine treants appearing in places that they could not see or sense.

The treants orderliness could even be compared to a specially trained army! Outside the primeval forest, seeing this sudden change, some of the overlord-level foreign races felt that things were not looking good.

Rampus shouted, “As you can see, Chu Feng only has Xiang Yunfei by his side, while we have 300 overlords, including 200 peak overlords! Chu Feng has already escaped into the forest.

If we dont kill him now, when will we!”

With that, dozens of overlords below overlord level 10, as well as a dozen of peak overlords immediately charged in.

Boom! Boom! Multiple waves of wood energy produced by the vine treants gathered into a ball, blasting towards the overlord-level foreign races.

After a huge “boom”, many overlord-level foreign races died on the spot!

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Some of the surviving peak overlords were extremely shocked as they passed on the message with their voices trembling, “There are over a thousand overlord level 7 vine treants inside!!”

The foreign races that were waiting outside to be the next wave of reinforcements were shocked and fearful.

“Over a thousand vine treants Overlord level 7!”

“How can there be so many vine treants here It cant be all Chu Fengs doing, right”

“Now that the canyon has been transformed into his plant domain, its equivalent to Chu Fengs home ground! Can we still kill him”

Many of the overlord-level foreign races started to hesitate, especially those that were below overlord level 7.

Let alone their battle intent, their hearts were now filled with fear.

After all, there were so many vine treants inside, and each one of them had a higher battle strength than them… How could they fight them They would probably become cannon fodder as soon as they entered!

In the primeval forest, the Sword King Xiang Yunfei was completely stunned when he witnessed how Chu Feng killed overlord-level foreign races like killing chickens.

Where did this cheat come from Why did Chu Feng have so many overlord level 7 treants It was one thing for these treants to have super strength, but why could they obey orders like an army… Xiang Yunfei felt like he had just seen a fantasy.

It was too terrifying, completely beyond the scope of understanding of the world!

After killing a wave of overlords, Chu Feng grew impatient as his prey didnt come, “Are you guys scared You only have such meager strength, yet you dare to threaten to kill me Why dont you wait until I become a legend-level Beastmaster and exterminate the remaining 107 foreign races”

Outside the forest, all the overlord-level foreign races were furious when they heard that Chu Feng wanted to exterminate their races.

“Kill Chu Feng!”

“Chu Feng must die!”

“Avenge our companions!”

“Cut off the hope of the human race!”

All the remaining foreign races eyes were filled with fury and killing intent, and all of them looked at Rampus at the same time, drowning in their fury.

“Just as His Majesty Ortes said, Chu Feng must die in the land of heritage!” Rampus continued to shout, “Now is the critical moment of the battle, and the best time for us to kill Chu Feng! To prevent him from escaping midway, all overlords who can seal off space must do so immediately! All of us will enter together to kill Chu Feng!”

Hearing this, some of the peak overlords frowned slightly, feeling that something was wrong.

But… Rampus had brought his majestys orders here, so they should be doing the right thing by listening to him! Besides, they had so many overlords here.

No matter how many tricks Chu Feng had, he wouldnt be able to escape.

They shouldnt hesitate anymore, today was the day that Chu Feng would die!

Thinking to this point, over 200 overlord-level foreign races followed the lead and charged into the primeval forest.

The first to charge in began to destroy all the plants in the surroundings to completely destroy the plant domain.

Soon, the originally airtight domain was torn apart, basically losing its ability to block the enemy.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Countless explosions sounded, combining into an earth-shattering roar.

All the vine treants began to attack.

Their well-trained military offensive posture forced all the overlords to retreat to the point they couldnt retreat anymore.

In the eyes of the foreign races, these treants were like the most terrifying nightmare.

They were not afraid of death and also endless… This was especially so for those whose levels were lower than the treants.

At this moment, they were even worse than cannon fodder.

The moment they came into contact with the vine treants, they were blasted into pieces, leaving only crystal-clear beast cores on the spot.

As for the peak overlords, the reason why they dared to charge in was naturally because they believed that they had the ability to protect themselves.

Thus, they joined forces with the other peak overlords in an attempt to kill Chu Feng.

As long as they werent that unlucky to be killed by the treants, their lives were basically safe.

Many peak overlords scurried around in the primeval forest, vowing to find Chu Feng and kill him! As the saying went, “To catch a thief, one must first catch the leader”.

As long as Chu Feng died, his beasts wouldnt be able to turn the situation around.

“Seeing that you guys are quite tired from searching, I came out myself,” Hearing Chu Fengs voice, all the surviving peak overlord-level experts immediately looked up at the sky.

To their surprise, he was riding his Mirage Butterfly high up in the sky!

Immediately, some foreign races asked in surprise, “Weve already sealed off the space, why are you still able to teleport!”

Chu Feng smiled but didnt say anything.

They werent on the same level, so naturally, they couldnt understand how powerful the Mirage Butterflys control over space was.

He looked at the Mirage Butterfly, and with a thought.

“Mi-meh!” The Mirage Butterfly spread its wings, and countless spatial blades swept down, causing the entire void to vibrate and collapse! These were the maxed-out super skills, vibration sword formation and spatial zero!

With that, the other overlapped spaces in the canyon immediately collapsed.

The peak overlords that used space-type skills to hide themselves in the cracks of the void were all forcefully driven out, and blood of different colors spurted out from the cracks on their skin and from their mouths.

With this, the space-type peak overlord-level foreign races were all heavily injured and on the verge of death!


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