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“To think its a small fragment of the heart of the plane!”

“With this fragment and a few more royal sky crystals, thats over a million military credits!”

“Since he could obtain such a treasure after only staying inside for two days… What kind of treasures can the others obtain after entering”

“Could there really be treasures everywhere inside”

“If even the heart of the plane is a bonus reward, then what kind of existence would the inheritance in the land of heritage be!”

After receiving the latest news from the eliminated creature, many of the totem-level existences in the foreign races couldnt remain calm and were extremely shocked.

At a certain moment, in Tianyu City.

After strengthening his four beasts, Chu Feng still had 20 million enhancement points left in his hands.

With nothing to do, for the time being, he decided to wander around the city, experiencing this rare moment of leisure.

Along the way, discussions were incessant in his surroundings.

“Hey, look!”

“Isnt that Chu Feng”

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“I heard that hes ranked number one in the Overlord Reserve Camp.

Hes publicly acknowledged as a genius among geniuses.

Even the foreign races know about him!”

“I heard that hell definitely advance to become a legend-level Beastmaster in the future!”

“Hes indeed a peerless genius.

Even his beasts can easily defeat those who are higher in level!”

“I heard from someone that he has many trump cards in his hands.

I even heard that he joined forces with the totem-level beasts of the two magnates to kill the two emperors of the foreign races!”

“How is that possible! Chu Feng is only at the king level now.

Its impossible for him to kill a totem-level emperor, right”

“I think I heard some rumors as well.

Its said that after the death of the totem-level emperors of the mystic race and poluo race, many foreign races totems went into a rage! Hahaha, dont you think that theyre just showing the rage of their incompetence”

“… Chu Feng… Genius… tricking and killing totems of the foreign race! Trump cards… beast tamer talent…”

Hearing these words, Chu Feng didnt bother with them.

The Tianyu City he was currently strolling in was mostly inhabited by Beastmasters with relatively strong combat strength.

Everyone in the city was essentially living under the magnates nose.

Everyone knew that their words and actions were under the magnates supervision, so they naturally wouldnt do anything excessive.

Whatever they were saying was just rumors and wild guesses, so Chu Feng naturally didnt pay any attention to it.

Gradually, his footsteps stopped, and he sat down on a chair by the roadside to rest.

He said that he was resting, but his hand turned on his AI as he read the news inside.

“Land of heritage, the overlords and existence below the overlord level may enter to participate in the trial…” Chu Feng muttered a certain message and suddenly smiled, “Then, wont I be invincible in there”

Chu Feng came to the Machinery Research Institute to bring his mechanical beast back.

After entering, he told the staff about his request, and not long after, he was brought to the depths of the institute.

A battle-type mechanical beast in the form of a fighter jet that was equipped with various battle equipment appeared before him.

Seeing how the beasts form had been completely transformed, Chu Fengs shock was indescribable!

On the whole, it was in the form of a fighter jet.

Its entire body was pitch-black, and the surface of its skin was suffused with some sort of deep and silent darkness.

The main body of the fighter jet was streamlined.

It was about ten meters tall, thirty meters wide, and its length-width ratio was nearly one to three! Among all the forms of the mechanical race, the fighter jets performance was the most balanced.

While having powerful firepower, it was also extremely flexible.

Luo Hengs Moving Fighter Jet was mainly used for warping, so his fighter jet paid more focus to flexibility.

As for Chu Fengs fighter jet-form mechanical beast, it was nurtured in the direction of powerful firepower.

Gong Jiayu walked to his side, smiling as he said, “Isnt such a unique fighter jet worthy of a unique name Do you want to give it a name After all, among all the Beastmasters, youre probably the only one who chose to do it this way.

Others wont take this path of nurturing.”

“Mm, then lets call it the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet.”

“Mystic Fall The fallen Mystic Race” Gong Jiayu laughed, “This name is just asking for a beating.

If the foreign races hear it, I wonder how angry theyll be.”

Chu Feng said casually, “I didnt mean it like that.

I just thought of it casually.

Dont you think that the name sounds very mysterious”

Gong Jiayu fell silent for quite a while… Then, he raised his eyes to look at the fighter jet before him and changed the topic, “All the devices of the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet are produced by the research institute.

The core mainframe of the fighter jet inside is connected to the database.

With your current level of authority, the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet can directly access most of the information.”

Chu Feng nodded and entered the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet.

Just as he thought, the cabin was indeed huge.

There were even all kinds of entertainment facilities.

Everything had been well-considered for, though he might not need them.

Ever since he had awakened his beast tamer talent, he had become increasingly restrained in life.

It had been a long time since he had any entertainment.

After all, if the Beastmasters didnt work hard themselves, how could they ask their beasts to work hard Even though it was fine if the beasts bonded with Chu Feng didnt work hard either…

“Mystic Fall.”

Hearing the summons, the Mystic Fall Fighter Jets speakers were activated, “Awaiting your orders.”

Chu Feng said again, “Try the twists and turns.”

“Order executed.”

Outside of the jet, the more Gong Jiayu looked at the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, the more satisfied he was.

This jet would definitely become the most perfect masterpiece of his life! The Mystic Fall Fighter Jet focused on firepower output.

Added to Chu Fengs mysterious and unpredictable beast tamer talent, the combination of the two would definitely produce the strongest effect.

When Chu Feng reached the totem level in the future, the combat strength of the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet could even be compared to the mechanical beast under the mechanical magnate Zhong Hen!

With a sizzling sound, a hole was opened in space.

In the next moment, the scenery around the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet changed from the Mechanical Research Institute to the sky above Tianyu City.

“Tidal acceleration.”

“Order executed,” As the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet replied, some kind of rhythm seemed to be spreading out.

With that, the jet seemed to have been blessed with some kind of mysterious force as it suddenly accelerated!

“Whoosh–” Just as the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet almost rushed out of the city, it suddenly stopped.

The cause was only one word from Chu Feng — “Stop.”

These were the fruits of human technology development on the Blue Planet.

Many of the physic laws of the past had been broken one after another.

Even if the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet was traveling at maximum speed, it could still stop in an instant and even change direction! This was something that even the totem-level Poluo Behemoth ancestor of the foreign races could not do!

“Can I control it myself” Chu Feng suddenly said.


After the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet responded, the door to the control room opened.

Chu Feng got up and walked inside.

This control room was different from what he had thought.

There were no buttons or joysticks.

When he walked to the specific area according to the instructions, he felt that he had become one with the jet.

It was a strange feeling.

It was as if his body was no longer composed of hands, feet, body, and brain.

Instead, it was composed of various machine parts.

When he controlled the jet, it was as if he was using his own arms to move.

It was a wonderful and indescribable feeling…


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