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The Poluo Behemoth ancestor knew humans like the back of his hand.

He did not know everything about them, but he knew their military outview.

The humans would never allow a genius like Chu Feng to die for nothing.

Since that was so, Chu Feng definitely had a trump card, and he definitely had the strength to fight him to the end.

If that was really the case, it woudl be hopeless for him.

Thinking back, if there really was a human who would commit such a suicide attack, then it must be out of a sense of sacrifice for the sake of the race.

It was this kind of noble consciousness that made such self-sacrifice possible.

When he recalled the time when humans rose to power and the uncountable totems who were chased out of the Blue Plane, the Poluo Behemoth ancestor felt his entire body trembling and sweat pouring down.

The deepest fear in his heart was thus stimulated, and a chill that climbed up his spine instantly spread throughout his entire body.

The Thousand-change Beast and the Virtual Light Brain looked at each other and nodded.

Then, they said in unison, “Kill!”

In this situation, they could no longer care about so much.

They could only believe that Chu Feng had such strength.

Otherwise, death would be inevitable for him.

With no other choice, the Thousand-change Beast and the Virtual Light Brain rushed over.

Especially since the Thousand-change Beast looked exactly like the Poluo Behemoth ancestor, it was hard to tell which was real and which was fake.

“Hehe, Poluo Behemoth ancestor, have you tasted the feeling of being engulfed by the cosmic waves” The Virtual Light Brain sneered.

At the same time, its endless killing intent condensed into a substance as if it was going to come whistling over in the next moment, like a hundred-foot-high wave.

“Rumble,” A loud sound was emitted from the Virtual Light Brains body.

The Poluo Behemoth ancestors expression was solemn and extremely miserable.

His face was distorted, and his expression was malevolent because the endless cosmic waves were already sweeping towards him.

To resist the damage caused by the cosmic waves, he was having a hard time.

The cosmic waves from the Virtual Light Brain could cause absolute and irreparable damage to the body, consciousness, and spirit.

This was also a special method that the Virtual Light Brain had specially developed just to deal with the totems.

Now was the perfect time to put it to use.

Most importantly, the mechanical magnates beasts were all at the limits of technology.

Only after achieving such results were they finally able to be branded as totems.

It was precisely because of this that these mechanical beasts were so terrifying.

Their technologies had probably reached the limits of the universe.

At the same time, the Thousand-change Beast transformed into the appearance of the Poluo Behemoth ancestor and charged towards the real Poluo Behemoth ancestor.

Faced with the continuous attacks of the two, the Poluo Behemoth ancestor was simply unable to resist.

He narrowed his eyes and a malevolent look flashed across his face, “Since you wont let me go, then I can only drag the future of your human race with me.

Chu Feng will die with me!”

At this moment, his expression was crazy and malevolent.

He stomped his feet as if he was about to release all the humiliation he had suffered over the years, vowing to tear Chu Feng into pieces.

This humiliation had been with him for 300 years, and he was almost unable to bear the weight.

His heart was thus twisted.

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His eyes were like firing comets as he stared fixedly at Chu Feng.

Then, he said in a trembling voice, “Chu Feng, I will make you die here today!”

With that, an enormous force suddenly pressed down towards Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng was unmoved.

He remained floating in mid-air as if he did not care at all.

He could feel that the power of the Poluo Behemoth ancestor couldnt even trigger his life guard.

“Hehe, is that all you have” Chu Feng said with a cold smile, not thinking much about the other party at all.

Soon, the expression of the Poluo Behemoth ancestor froze, and his vicious smile froze.

The hatred, terror, and hatred on his distorted face had now turned into fear, shock, surprise, and fear.

He simply couldnt believe what he was seeing.

“How is this possible How could this be!” The Poluo Behemoth ancestor cried hysterically.

Such a thing was completely out of his expectations, it was unbelievable.

To think his first wave of attacks didnt work.

He couldnt believe it and quickly launched a second attack.

This time, he increased the strength of his attack.

He even came to Chu Feng and stretched out his large hand, wanting to crush the boy.

However, no matter how hard he tried, Chu Feng still stood there.

His attack was useless and couldnt cause any damage to Chu Feng.

“Hehe, what You find it unbelievable” Chu Feng chuckled and looked at the Poluo Behemoth ancestor in disdain.

Seeing this, both the Thousand-change Beast and Virtual Light Brain were relieved.

As expected, Chu Feng had a trump card.

If he didnt have such a trump card, how would he show himself It was simply suicide to appear here.

It was different now..

After being attacked so many times, Chu Feng still didnt receive any damage at all.

“Haha, I knew that this kid was hiding his strength.

This is great.

Theres a layer of shield around his body that completely protects him within.

Now, I can finally be at ease,” The Thousand-change Beast immediately laughed.

Seeing that the protective shield around Chu Fengs body was so sturdy, he immediately felt at ease.

“Thats right.

This is indeed Chu Fengs trump card.

To think its so strong that it can even withstand the Poluo Behemoth ancestors attack,” The Virtual Light Brain sighed in amazement.

Even though they were talking to each other, the movements of the Thousand-change Beast and the Virtual Light Brain didnt slow down at all.

Instead, they increased in speed and arrived beside the Poluo Behemoth ancestor in just a few minutes.

The Thousand-change Beast instantly raised its sharp claws and smashed down with all its might towards the Poluo Behemoth ancestor.

In that instant, a crazy power surged out and shielded the latter, cancelling out the attack.

The Poluo Behemoth ancestors expression changed drastically and became increasingly ugly.

At this moment, he could no longer care about so much.

What he had to face was the combined attack of the Thousand-change Beast and the Virtual Light Brain.

He did not have time to think.

However, he also understood that the current situation was not optimistic.

Faced with two such powerful totems, he was simply not a match for them.

Unless another totem came at this time to save himself, only then would hee be able to survive and escape successfully.

However, how was this possible In his desperation, the Poluo Behemoth ancestor could only choose to break Chu Fengs shield.

He had no other choice but to take this path.

After he held Chu Feng hostage, he would escape.

Only by doing so could he have a chance of survival.

Without the protection of the shield, Chu Feng would be no match for him.

At that time, the boy could only be at his mercy.


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