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Under the intense collision of the two rays of light, the Divine Suns shattered.

At this moment, the Thousand-changing Beast said disdainfully, “My Divine Sun did not shatter, but yours did.

Cecil, why are you getting weaker and weaker Back then, you were much stronger.

Have you become trash now that youve left the human races worship”

Cecil wanted to say something, but his origin was in a state of depletion and due to his Divine Sun being shattered, even his mind was in a mess.

The nerves in his mind collided with each other, and he could not manage to spout a word at all.

The Virtual Light Brain sent its voice over, “Dont talk nonsense.

Quickly kill him.

This is a great achievement.

After we get rid of Cecil, we will kill the Poluo Behemoth.

Today, we will kill two totems in a row.


“Alright, lets do this together!” The Thousand-changing Beast nodded and said.

Immediately after, its terrifying spiritual energy fused with the Virtual Light Brains cosmic wave attack, instantly destroying Cecils physical and spiritual body.

“Lets split it in half,” The Virtual Light Brain said as it worked with the Thousand-changing Beast to quickly sweep away the remaining spiritual fragments.

At this moment, Cecil was already dead as a doornail.

Following that, the two totem-level beasts shifted their gazes at the Poluo Behemoth.

“Damn it, to think the trashy Cecil would be restrained by his race and have his spirit disrupted.

As a spirit-type totem, he was actually affected by his spirit What trash.

If you dont deserve to die, who does” The Poluo Behemoth was extremely speechless at the moment he almost cursed.

He dived down into the void and sprinted.

Even if there was nothing in the void that he could borrow power from, he could still accelerate.

He kept sprinting and his speed grew increasingly faster.

There was no resistance in the void, and nothing was stopping him from becoming faster.

Without turning back, he said indifferently, “Do you want to catch up with me Hehe, you cant.

As long as I reach the territory of the Foreign Races Alliance, it will be impossible for you to catch me.


At this point, the Poluo Behemoth finally heaved a sigh of relief.

He knew that the war had been a failure and they had even lost a totem.

That being said, at least he was still alive and hadnt died like Cecil.

Although the alternate dimension was gone, as long as he was around, there would be hope.

“This guy is heading towards the alternate dimension.

Its a very simple matter for him to destroy the dimension on a whim, but Chu Feng and the others are all there.

If thats really the case, it will be very dangerous for them!” The Virtual Light Brain said anxiously.

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“Chu Feng, Mu Yao, Zhu Haoqian, and Luo Heng are the top geniuses of the human race.

Theyre the core of the younger generation.

We definitely cant let anything happen to them, especially Chu Feng.

Hes someone that even our Master values.

Hell definitely become a legend-level Beastmaster in the future, and we definitely cant let anything happen to him,” The Thousand-changing Beast said with a solemn expression.

“Ive already informed the Royal Lord and the Dragon King and told them to quickly take those four away.

There shouldnt be any problems,” The Virtual Light Brain said at this moment.

“In that case, I can rest assured.

Most importantly, Chu Feng cant be in danger.

Thats the most important thing,” The Thousand-changing Beast said with a long sigh.

At the level of the Thousand-changing Beast and the Virtual Light Brain, they knew very well that even a peak overlord-level Beastmaster would only be the middle force of a race.

The only ones who truly determined the war were those on the totem level.

At this moment, Chu Feng looked ahead in the alternate dimension and said with a surprised expression, “I can sense that theres a totem-level existence rushing towards us.

So youre saying that the totem is actually a Poluo Behemoth, and those chasing after him are the Thousand-change Beast and the Virtual Light Brain”

“Thats right.

Cecil has already fallen.

If the Poluo Beast ancestors were to come to this alternate dimension, he would be able to destroy this place in an instant.

With just a casual strike, he will be able to shatter the land under our feet,” Fan Zhengqi said slowly.

“Stop talking.

Hurry up and get ready.

That is a totem-level existence.

We must evacuate as soon as possible.

All of you are the hope of the new generation of the human race.

You must not die here,” Bai Yong said anxiously.

Mu Yao, Luo Heng, and Zhu Haoqian looked at each other, then strode into the wormhole.

Fan Zhengqi and Bai Yong followed closely, but Chu Feng didnt budge at all.

Fan Zhengqi turned to look at Chu Feng and said, “Chu Feng, youre the hope of the human race in the future.

You have the highest chance of becoming a legend-level Beastmaster.

In the future, youll definitely be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the two magnates of the human race.

You cant die here.

Hurry up and leave.

Dont think that you can fight against a totem-level existence with your strength.”

“Hehe, isnt this the Poluo Behemoth who offered a reward of 10 million military credits to kill me Hehe,” Chu Feng couldnt help but laugh coldly.

Fan Zhengqi and Bai Yong looked at each other and saw the incredulous expression in each others eyes.

Something was very wrong.

“Hehe, then Ill kill him today.

How dare he put a bounty of 10 million military credits on me Hehe, Ill make him pay the price!” Chu Feng said coldly.

To be honest, he had originally planned to retreat, but when he heard that the current situation of the war was so good, he suddenly had another thought.

He thought to himself, he might as well try killing a totem.

“Mirage Butterfly!”Chu Feng roared.

Immediately after, the Mirage butterfly used its space power to seal the wormhole.

Chu Feng glanced indifferently at the wormhole, then turned around and slowly said, “Lets go.”

In the blink of an eye, Chu Feng was teleported to the back of the alternate dimension.

At this time, he could already see a huge object that was frantically running and rampaging in the dark depths of the universe.

At this time, the Poluo Behemoth ancestor, who was rampaging and running, saw Chu Feng who had suddenly appeared.

In an instant, his eyes lit up and turned red as his blood boiled.

He saw his chance to kill Chu Feng.

If he could kill the human now, it would definitely be a great achievement.

It would be best if he could get rid of the human races future magnate.

“Haha, the heavens are really on my side!” The Poluo Behemoth said excitedly.

Who Was Chu Feng Chu Feng was the genius Beastmaster of the human race.

He was publicly acknowledged as the third magnate of the human race.

If he could kill Chu Feng here in this instant, he could already imagine the sorrowful state the human race would be in.


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