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“How is that possible How did you guys kill Cleveland Oh right, Mu Yao, you have an SS-grade weakening-type beast tamer talent.

After using it, Cleveland will only have the strength of the overlord level 4.

But still, hell be stronger than an ordinary overlord level 4,” Luo Heng lowered his head, pondered for a moment, then raised his head and said.

By now, Luo Heng had the answer in mind.

There could only be one answer, and that was that Chu Feng had completely crushed Cleveland.

Even if Luo Heng had fought against Cleveland with his strongest beast, the Moving Fighter Jet, he was not fully sure that he could crush and instantly kill the latter.

At most, he would have a slight advantage.

Yet, Chu Feng had done it.

How was this possible

“Mu Yao, just follow me,” Chu Feng smiled and said.

He looked straight at Mu Yao.

When their eyes met, sparks flew.

“Why should I” Mu Yao asked with some puzzlement, not understanding Chu Fengs intentions.

“Well, your weakening-type talent is very useful.

I believe that if we work together, we will be able to overcome all obstacles and be very fast.

Of course, I will give you a third of the resources we get along the way!” Chu Feng said very generously and casually.

After witnessing the strength of Mu Yaos weakening-type talent, Chu Feng immediately had a devious thought.

The weakening-type talent was very useful such that it could actually weaken the opponents cultivation by two levels.

This meant that even if the opponent was at the overlord level 8, they would be weakened to the overlord level 6 under the effects of the weakening-type talent.

With this, Chu Feng would have more opportunities to display his strength.

Moreover, since Mu Yao had reached the overlord level, only totem-level existences could resist her weakening-type talent.

Those below the totem level were all small fries, and those below the overlord level would all be affected.

Mu Yao lowered her head and pondered for a moment.

Then, she raised her head and said slowly, “Okay, Ill follow you.”

This meant that she had agreed to Chu Fengs invitation.

At the same time, Mu Yao also realized that in this alternate dimension, other than themselves, the four geniuses of the human race, every other creature was their enemy.

On top of that, these enemies might have already made sufficient preparations and were just waiting for their arrival.

This would undoubtedly greatly increase the danger in the alternate dimension.

Therefore, the best choice now was to follow Chu Feng.

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Upon hearing this, Chu Feng chuckled.

Now that he had obtained the help of Mu Yao and her weakening-type talent, unless he encountered a peak overlord, he would be able to walk unhindered in this alternate dimension.

He could even come and go as he pleased even in the strongest city in this alternate dimension.

“Hehe, then lets go!” Chu Feng chuckled.

With the help of Chu Fengs Mirage Butterfly, Chu Feng and Mu Yao were basically invisible in the vicinity of the northern region as they walked unscrupulously in the courtyard of the north kings mansion.

None of the passers-by noticed them at all.

Mu Yao was shocked by Chu Fengs methods.

She did not expect all this to be so easy.

The northern region was more prosperous than the western region.

They had plundered a total of 15 cities in the northern region.

With that, they obtained treasures that were worth 7 million.

Mu Yao only needed to use her weakening-type talent and did nothing else to obtain treasures that were worth more than 2 million points.

This was all thanks to Chu Feng.

Otherwise, if she had to rely on herself, she would have had to pay a much higher price to obtain the treasures she had now that were worth 2 million points.

Mu Yao felt like she hadnt done anything, and these two million points had just fallen from the sky into her lap.

Chu Feng had just given them to her for free.

The alternate dimension was originally extremely dangerous, but she felt as if Chu Feng was in his home.

It was as if he was in his own backyard and was crazily picking flowers.

In this case, the flowers were the treasures of the alternate dimension.

Mu Yao even felt that even if she didnt use her weakening-type talent to help, Chu Feng could still crush the foreign races here.

“Im seemingly useless,” Mu Yao sighed and said half-grumpily, with a hint of sadness in her tone.

“Haha, dont spout nonsense.

If we meet a truly powerful opponent, like those at the overlord level 7, level 8, level 9, or even at the peak, the effects of your talent will be very obvious,” Chu Feng chuckled and consoled her.

Mu Yao nodded.

She knew that very well.

Then, her pupils suddenly constricted.

Could it be that Chu Feng wanted to challenge a peak overlord Just the thought of it sent chills down Mu Yaos spine.

A peak overlord would be the core force of this alternate dimension.

It was an existence that was only second to the totem level.

If the totem was to be disregarded, a peak overlord was definitely the overlord of a whole region.

Mu Yao was only at the overlord level 1.

No matter how strong Chu Feng was, if he wanted to bring her to fight head-on with a peak overlord existence, he was simply mad.

Chu Feng could naturally see the shock in Mu Yaos heart, and he also knew what she was thinking.

However, he only chuckled.

He did not say anything and went to look for the north regional king.

The north regional king was currently in a deep sleep.

Why It was because he had fallen into Chu Fengs Mirage Butterflys virtual reality plus and true world illusion.

The north regional king was only at the overlord level 5.

Chu Feng did not put him in his eyes at all.

The Mirage Butterfly could easily deal with him, to begin with.

And now, with Mu Yaos weakening-type talent, the north regional kings strength had been reduced from the overlord level 5 to the overlord level 3.

As such, the Mirage Butterfly could kill the north regional king instantly.

After putting the north regional kings corpse into his beast space, Chu Feng turned his gaze to the side to look at the north regional kings guard.

The guard had also fallen into an illusion.

It was worth mentioning that the guard was at the overlord level 6.

Unfortunately, under the suppression of the weakening-type talent, his strength had been reduced to the overlord level 4.

As the Mirage Butterfly used its skills, the guard, whose strength had been suppressed to the overlord level 4, broke into pieces.

Under the pressure of space, his body turned into shreds and blood rained.

These maxed-out basic skills were unprecedentedly powerful against individuals.

As the guard was torn into pieces, he eventually disappeared and his body was sucked into the chaotic space.

A spiritual core dropped.

Chu Feng reached out his hand and the spiritual core fell into his hand.


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