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Time passed, and the leaderboard soon changed.

[1, Chu Feng, 43rd floor.]

The scene should have been noisy but was not pin-drop silence.

No one spoke, and no one made a sound.

All that was left was the sound of birds chirping and the whistling of the wind.

Everyone was stunned as they stared at the row of words on the screen.

Although there was nothing special about them, they seemed to have a magical power that attracted everyones eyes.

Their eyes were glued to the row of words.

They did not expect Chu Feng to reach the top and take first place.

Luo Heng, who was originally first place, was pushed to second place.

The top three rankings all fell back by one rank, and Chu Feng had taken first place.

No one dared to believe this scene.

Luo Heng clenched his fists.

He had been in first place for so long that he could not accept this result.

He lost his calm instantly.

How was this possible

“This is impossible,” Luo Heng said through gritted teeth.

He could not accept that he had been overtaken by a junior.

Moreover, Chu Feng was only at the commander level.

How was this possible

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At this moment, Mu Yao tactfully didnt say anything else.

If she provoked Luo Heng at this moment, it was very likely that they would fall out.

Mu Yaos ranking had also been pushed down, so she was feeling a little disappointed as well.

Zhu Haoqian, on the other hand, wasnt that disappointed.

After all, his ranking had fallen before the two of them.

In the end, Luo Heng was still surpassed.

If they hadnt seen it with their own eyes, perhaps no one would believe that the person who surpassed Luo Heng was actually a commander-level Beastmaster.

Meanwhile, inside the Beast Taming Tower, Chu Fengs heart trembled as he looked at the shattered beast space.

He had never thought that Geer would be so powerful when he fully unleashed the power of his dragon world.

But now, he had witnessed how even an overlord level 3 Thousand-changing Beast couldnt withstand the terrifying power of the dragon world.

Chu Feng now understood why the dragon world was the core power of the ancient Dragon God.

He did not expect that Geers dragon world would erupt with such terrifying energy as well.

Then, could the tree world of the Mythical Tree be as powerful This was still to be proven.

[Do you wish to continue challenging the 44th floor]

An emotionless notification sound sounded.

Chu Feng immediately rejected it.

Geer had already unleashed all his power in the dragon world now.

All the elemental energy in the dragon world had been used up, and it could not be used again for now.

Chu Feng realized that if he wanted to make the dragon world usable again, he would need a lot of resources.

Replenishing the elemental energy in the dragon world would definitely require a lot of resources, but for the current Chu Feng, it wasnt a problem at all.

After all, he still had more than ten million enhancement points.

Now that he had obtained the first place in the rankings of the Beast Taming Tower, he could obtain another hefty sum of points.

[Clearing the round.]

[You have obtained 8.3 million points.]

[Student: Chu Feng.]

[Level: Commander.]

[Beast Taming Tower Ranking: First place, 43rd floor.]

[Secret Techniques Pavilion Ranking: First place, Wild Bear, 270,000.

Second place, Mirage Butterfly: 250,000.]

[Ruins Hall Ranking: None.]

[Overall Ranking: Second place.]

[Total Points: 19.3 million points!]

Chu Feng looked at his Overlord Reserve Camp interface and was both excited and touched at the same time.

It had only been half a month since he had entered the Overlord Reserve Camp, but he had reached first place in the Beast Taming Tower within this short time.

There was one thing that he was very dissatisfied with.

The fact that he was only ranked second in the overall ranking was a flaw.

Chu Feng did not like flaws.

First place was his goal, and second place was a disgrace to him.

Now, the person ranked first was Luo Heng.

There was no need to doubt his strength.

This was the top combat strength of the Overlord Reserve Camp.

However, Chu Feng had yet to challenge the Ruins Hall, which meant that Tianyu Citys understanding of his strength was not complete.

As such, he was only ranked second in the overall ranking.

If he could resolve this matter, then he would be ranked first.

He did not expect to be ranked first in half a month.

Chu Feng was still quite satisfied with this.

That being said, he had to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

The scene in front of him flashed, and Chu Feng appeared outside the Beast Taming Tower.

As soon as he came out, Luo Heng stood in front of him.

Seeing the scene before him, Chu Feng was quite puzzled.

He did not understand what was going on.

Although the top three had come to watch his matches, he hadnt had any dealings with these people.

However, out of politeness, he still looked very calm, and said in a tone that was neither servile nor overbearing, “Senior brother Luo Heng, what business do you have with me”

Luo Heng was silent for a while, then he said, “Congratulations on successfully reaching first place in the Beast Taming Tower.”

“Thank you,” Chu Feng smiled and said.

“Although you are only at the commander-level, you are already so strong.

Now, as long as you go to the Ruins Hall, your strength and potential will be judged to be above mine,” Luo Heng continued.

Chu Feng nodded.

Luo Hengs words were indeed true.

By the time he came out of the Ruins Hall, his strength and ranking would receive another large increase.

Once that happened, he would stand at the peak of the Overlord Reserve Camp, and all the remaining students would be one head lower than him.

“Im planning to go now,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

However, Luo Heng shook his head.

After thinking for a while, he finally said, “Why dont we have a beast battle first Id like to see the difference between you and me.”

Chu Feng looked around him.

The Beastmasters who had long been famous in the Overlord Reserve Camp all had a hint of a desire to fight him.

He had never fought with Luo Heng before.

Faced with such a dazzling genius of the human race, Chu Feng was quite curious about the other partys strength.

“Then, why dont we start right now!” Chu Feng thought for a while, then raised his head and said.

Luo Heng knew very well that Chu Feng could have rejected him right away, but he didnt.

Instead, he immediately agreed to his request.

Luo Hengs eyes were filled with gratitude.

The students present started discussing again.

“Holy **, he really agreed.”

“This should be the most exciting duel in the Overlord Reserve Camp!”

A very grand duel was about to begin, and everyone was looking forward to it.


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