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The Dragon Emperor was also somewhat helpless.

It had only been three days.

He had originally planned to talk about it after some time, but he did not expect that Geer would just put forth his full abilities and shine in the dragon whelp competition this time.

After the Dragon Emperor said this, all the dragons were stunned.

It was pin-drop silence.

No one would have thought that the good-for-nothing who was once ridiculed by others actually had the bloodline of the Dragon God.

Moreover, the strength the “good-for-nothing” now displayed now was also extremely shocking.

Rather, no dragon would believe that he did not have the Dragon Gods bloodline now.

“Any dragon that awakens the Dragon Gods bloodline is extremely powerful.

He will also have the opportunity to reach the totem level.

If he does, it will definitely be a powerful support to the dragon race in the future.

This is great,” The Ancient Desolate Dragon tribes chief said excitedly.

The dragon race was extremely united.

Everyone was working hard in cultivation for the future of the dragon race.

Hearing these words, the eyes of the other dragons present lit up.

The dragon race could have another totem-level existence It was extremely difficult to cultivate to the totem level.

Unless ones bloodline could support one to reach the totem level, or unless one encountered a fortuitous opportunity, otherwise, it was impossible to reach the totem level.

But now, the dragon race had hope.

With this, the dragons were all in high spirits.

“Geer already has such a powerful talent now.

In addition, he didnt improve in cultivation level for more than a hundred years, which is a large number of reserves for himself.

So now he can fight beyond his level.

This is somewhat reasonable,” The Gem Dragon tribes chief analyzed.

Hearing the discussions of the other chiefs, the Dragon Emperor had mixed feelings.

He thought for a moment and finally decided to speak up, “To be honest, Geer only awakened the Dragon Gods bloodline three days ago.

He could only cultivate in the past three days because the dragon races dragon whelp competition was coming up.

I didnt want to affect the dragon whelp competition because of this, so I had originally planned to say it after the competition was over.”

Hearing this, the other dragon tribes chiefs couldnt believe it.

How many days Three days Geer could reach this level in three days This was even faster than riding a rocket.

“Your Highness, this is a major event that concerns the whole dragon race.

Please dont joke about it,” The Gem Dragon tribes chief said with a smile.

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How was it possible for one to reach the commander level ten in three days In ones dreams, maybe.

Such a thing had never happened in the entire history of the dragon race.

It was inappropriate to joke about it at this time.

“I know.

Three days ago, some humans came.

Fan Zhengqi had brought another human to meet Your Highness.

I have heard some things about the person.

The young man is the newest genius of the human race and seems to be here this time to bond with an advanced overlord of the dragon race,” The Black Shadow Dragon tribes chief said.

The Dragon Emperor was very helpless.

He had no choice but to tell them everything.

Since the atmosphere was such now, he had no choice but to come clean.

“Thats right.

Chu Feng was the one who discovered Geers Dragon God bloodline.

It was Chu Fengs suggestion to awaken Geers Dragon God bloodline.

For Geers bloodline to be awakened, he needs to fuse with an alternate dimension.

This point is not recorded in any ancient books of the dragon race,” The Dragon Emperor paused and cleared his throat twice before continuing, “Furthermore, Geer has currently been bonded with Chu Feng.

It was all Chu Fengs doing that allowed Geer to reach the commander level ten in such a short time.

Although I dont know what method he used, I can tell you that Chu Fengs beast tamer talent is an SS-grade nurturing type.”

When the other dragon tribes chiefs heard this, they found it unbelievable too.

However, the Dragon Emperor definitely wouldnt lie to them at this time, so they still trusted his words.

“Although Chu Feng is only a commander now, Geer is already at the commander level ten.

I believe that he will have another bond spot soon.

The Gem Dragon tribe has many outstanding juniors as well.

I hope Your Highness can help introduce him to me,” The Gem Dragon tribes chief said with a smile.

It seemed that Chu Feng was really not simple at all.

“The Black Shadow Dragon tribe also has many outstanding juniors…” The Black Shadow Dragon tribes chief quickly said as well.

“Awoo!” Geer raised his head and roared.

There were many hurricanes in the alternate dimension, but none could do any damage to Geer.

Geer simply waved his hand casually, and the hurricanes disappeared immediately.

Then, Geer found his target, a Black Shadow Dragon.

It was Billet, a Black Shadow Dragon whose strength had reached the king level seven.

With a roar, Geer rushed over with the hurricane and was in front of the Black Shadow Dragon in an instant.

At the same time, an extremely terrifying pressure fell.

There was a lot of elemental power in the power, and the elemental power interweaved before suddenly exploding.

Like a cannonball, the power shot out and exploded on the body of the Black Shadow Dragon.

“Boom!” With a loud sound, the Black Shadow Dragon was instantly defeated.

Fortunately, the referee was quick, or else the dragon would have really died.

Even so, it was already on the verge of death.

Geer did not stay.

He once again controlled the hurricane under his feet to fly to another place.

Looking for the next target, he soon saw a very beautiful female dragon.

At this time, the Gem Dragon, Matilda, was strolling among a pile of stones.

She looked very aloof and relaxed, but she did not know that she had already been targeted by Geer.

In the next moment, she felt a chill.

An aura locked onto her, and she soon sensed that the owner of the aura was Geer, She was originally very nervous, but Geers strength was only at the commander-level ten, while she was at the king-level seven.

No matter what, he should not be a threat to her.

With that, the Gem Dragon Matilda simply smiled.

Immediately after, the dragon scales on her body began to change.

The change was quick.

In the blink of an eye, Matildas body was covered by a layer of gemstones.

The gemstones were emitting a very bright light.

However, Geer was not afraid at all.

The one who should be afraid should be Matilda.

She had not seen how powerful Geer was.

“Awoo!” Geer roared, then dived.

Being unafraid, the Gem Dragon Matilda also charged forward.

She wondered why Geer, who was only at the commander level ten, dared to challenge her.


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