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[Sky Golden Dragon (Luner)]

[Level: Overlord Level 10(quasi-totem)]

[Bloodline: Advanced Overlord]

[Talent: Super metal-type talent, super dragon-type talent]

[Skills: Metal devour, gengjin dragon breath, dragon god domain, metal sword domain.]

Looking at the rows of introductions, Chu Fengs pupils shrank.

He did not expect the Dragon Emperor to be at the quasi-totem level.

Could it be that the Dragon Emperor was only one step away from reaching the totem level

“Could it be that by obtaining the position of the Dragon Emperor, the dragon can also obtain the blessing of the dragon world, and thus its cultivation speed will speed up Or could it be that it would allow the dragon to display the strength of the totem level” Chu Feng already had some guesses in his heart.

However, he just stood silently at the side.

The only one who was qualified to talk to the Dragon Emperor was Fan Zhengqi.

He did have a clear understanding of his status now.

“Your Highness,” Fan Zhengqi suddenly became serious and bowed while he said this, to which Chu Feng followed suit.

“Ive heard about your purpose of coming here.

Is this young man the junior you want to recommend” The Dragon Emperor who was sitting at the front said in an imposing manner.

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“Yes, its him, your Highness,” Then, Fan Zhengqi began to introduce Chu Fengs glorious deeds.

“His name is Chu Feng and has just recently broken through to the commander level.

It just so happens he can now bond a dragon as his beast.

He has an SS-grade nurturing-type talent, Evolution.

Presumably, in the future, he will become an existence like the Royal King, or perhaps even surpass the Royal King.

This matter is a sure win for the dragon race,” Fan Zhengqi rubbed his hands and said.

“An SS-grade nurturing-type talent.

You are here to bond a dragon of the royal tribe, are you not All dragon royalty have advanced overlord bloodlines.

Its not difficult for us to reach the overlord level 10.

What do you mean by “this is a sure win for the dragon race”” The Dragon Emperors rebuttal soon came from above.

After an intense conversation, both sides stood fast to their initial thoughts.

“In the end, the whole reason a dragon from the royal tribe can easily reach the overlord level 10 is only thanks to its bloodline.

It will still be limited by its talent, but you should know that Chu Fengs talent has the ability to break the limit.

Chu Fengs talent Evolution can easily allow his beasts skills to reach proficiency and break through the limit of level 10,” Fan Zhengqi finally thought of where his confidence came from and said this.

He was very confident in this point.

“I didnt expect it to have such an effect,” The Dragon Emperor was also shocked upon hearing this.

At the same time, he knew that Fan Zhengqi would never lie to him, which meant Chu Feng did have such strength.

Then, Fan Zhengqi continued to take advantage of the situation and stated many of Chu Fengs strengths, all of which could be used as bargaining chips.

The more he said, the bigger the chances.

He had to succeed this time, failure was not an option.

Although Fan Zhengqi had great confidence in Chu Feng, he still had to work hard at this moment.

Hearing the various introductions, the Dragon Emperor was also very shocked.

Now, even the way he looked at the young man in front of him was beginning to change, one had to know that a humans lifespan was just very short compared to a dragons.

Take the lifespan of an overlord-level Beastmaster for example.

An overlord-level Beastmasters lifespan was only around three thousand years, while a dragons lifespan was a full 100,000 years.

As long as the dragon pet beast that Chu Feng nurtured didnt reach the Dragon Emperors level, everything would be under his control.

In that case, he could indeed benefit from it.

Besides, this was a win-win project, it would be a loss not to invest in it.

Although this was a transaction, if he considered who was the beneficiary of the transaction, it was probably him.

Just as the Dragon Emperor was still hesitating, a cute voice was heard.

“Awoo!” Looking in the direction of the voice, one could see that it was a small Azure Dragon, only the size of an adult man.

It could only be considered a cub among the dragon race.

When the Dragon Emperor saw the small Azure Dragon, a trace of tenderness flashed in his eyes.

“Geer, what are you doing here” The Dragon Emperors voice was very gentle, completely different from the tone he used during the negotiation.

“Awoo! Awoo! Awoo!” The little Azure Dragon crawled into the Dragon Emperors arms and began to play around, seemingly very mischievous.

“It has been more than a hundred years.

I didnt expect the crown prince to still be at the awakening level,” Fan Zhengqi sighed and said.

However, Chu Fengs eyes were fixed on the little Azure Dragon.

He couldnt take his eyes off it.

He was extremely shocked.

[Azure Dragon (Geer)]

[Level: Awakening Level 1]

[Bloodline: Advanced Overlord]

[Talent: Super dragon-type talent, super elemental talent]

[Skill: Dragon world (unawakened), unknown, unknown]

Chu Feng was extremely shocked.

He could not believe what he was seeing.

He did not expect this little dragon to have the dragon world skill that was a heaven-defying talent, yet no one had discovered it.

After all, dragon world was a skill that only the Dragon God could have.

On top of that, the skills that followed were shown to be a bunch of unknown symbols that could not be displayed.

“Could it be that this little dragon has the legendary Dragon Gods bloodline inheritance” Chu Feng was extremely excited.

He immediately made up his mind.

No matter what, he had to bond with this little dragon.

Since such an opportunity had been placed in front of him, he did not want to miss it.

If he had this little Azure Dragon, wouldnt that be the same as having the Dragon God Such an opportunity could not be given to anyone else.

It had to be firmly grasped in his hands.

After making up his mind, he decided to take action.

He took two steps forward and slowly said, “Your Highness the Dragon Emperor!”

Fan Zhengqi was surprised to see this.

Chu Feng had no place to speak here, but he was still curious about what the boy would say.

“What is it Speak!” The Dragon Emperor was not displeased by Chu Fengs behavior.

After all, the boy was considered a genius and was now linked to the interests of the dragon race, so to allow Chu Feng to say something was not a big deal.

“I already know the reason why the little Azure Dragon is still at awakening level one, and I have a way to let the little Azure Dragon break through and continue to improve,” Chu Fengs tone was very serious, and it did not seem like he was lying.


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