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“Lets go directly to the imperial city of the dragon world.

There are dragons with overlord-level bloodlines everywhere there.

Dont be too surprised when you see them,” Fan Zhengqi said, trying to mentally prepare Chu Feng to prevent the boy from acting unnatural.

Immediately after, the Azure Dragon let out another roar, and a teleportation array appeared under its feet.

A bright light shone under its feet, and by the time the light gradually disappeared, the two people and one dragon who were originally in the array disappeared as well.

The dragons who had been trembling in fear on the ground finally heaved a sigh of relief.

In the blink of an eye, the Azure Dragon had brought the two of them to an extremely huge city.

Just looking at it from the outside, one could feel the grandeur of the city.

Even the city walls were inlaid with colorful gems of unknown materials.

Then, a huge being suddenly appeared in front of them.

[Black Shadow Dragon (Bean)]

[Level: Overlord Level 10]

[Bloodline: Advanced Overlord]

[Talent: Super shadow-type talent, super nether-type talent, top-level dragon-type talent.]

[Skills: Dragon power, roar…]

This was a Black Shadow Dragon named Bean.

It slowly exhaled a breath and then spoke in human language.

“Fan Zhengqi, I didnt expect you to dare to come to the royal territory of the dragon race.

Do you really think I dont dare to kill you” Bean said as he came to the front of Fan Zhengqi, staring at the latter with his big black eyes.

The breath he exhaled blew Fan Zhengqis and Chu Fengs hair everywhere.

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Chu Feng couldnt help but feel puzzled when he saw this.

What exactly did senior Fan Zhengqi do in the royal territory of the dragon race To think an enemy of his had come looking for him the moment he arrived.

Fan Zhengqi coughed twice to ease the awkwardness.

He turned to look at Chu Feng and said, “Its just a small accident.

An accident, haha.”

With that, he released his Black Shadow Dragon, and now there were two Black Shadow Dragons in the air.

Fan Zhengqis Black Shadow Dragon immediately called out to Bean, “Daddy!”

“You still have the face to call me Daddy” Bean was furious when he saw his son.

“Alright, let the father and son have a good chat.

Lets go first,” As Fan Zhengqi said this, he asked the Azure Dragon to pass through between the two dragons, and with that, they entered the imperial city in the blink of an eye.

Chu Feng was quite curious about the story between those two dragons.

“Dont worry and dont be curious.

Their argument between father and son has always been very boring,” Fan Zhengqi shook his head and said.

Chu Feng nodded and followed behind Fan Zhengqi.

The interior of the imperial city was huge and there were many magnificent buildings in it.

For example, there were some towering pillars that reached into the clouds.

Usually, dragons would squat on top of these pillars to stand guard against external enemies, while at the same time maintaining security within the imperial city.

All the buildings here were dozens of times the size of the buildings in the human world.

It was not an exaggeration to say that Chu Feng and Fan Zhengqi were like two ants walking within the imperial city.

“Among the dragons of the royal tribe, the totem-level ones are known as the true kings that can conquer a part of the dragon world.

However, every thousand years, the dragon world will choose a common king, known as the Dragon Emperor, who holds no less the authority of the true kings and can also control everything in the entire dragon world,” Fan Zhengqi said.

Chu Feng listened very seriously and did not miss a single word.

“The Black Shadow Dragon just now is Bean, the father of my Black Shadow Dragon.

Bean is a very ambitious dragon.

He had wanted to wait until Bilur reached the overlord level 10 so that his son could help him get the position of Dragon Emperor, but something unexpected happened.

I took away his son, and of course, directly destroyed Beans good plan,” Fan Zhengqi said with a sigh.

So that was what had happened.

Chu Feng finally understood, but was still puzzled, “There should be a lot of dragons in the royal tribe of the dragon race, arent there Just two overlord level 10 dragons can compete for the position of the Dragon Emperor”

“Of course, its not that simple.

The selection of the Dragon Emperor is very complicated.

If Bean wants to participate in the selection, he will need the support of the Black Shadow Dragon tribe.

Among them, the power of Bilur is indispensable,” Fan Zhengqi said immediately.

“I see.

In that case, the competition for the Dragon Emperor must be very intense,” Chu Feng finally understood.

In that case, if Bean became the Dragon Emperor, it would likely be a very dangerous thing for the whole of the dragon race.

Just with the attitude and pattern that Bean had shown just now, it would be as difficult as ascending to the heavens for it to become the Dragon Emperor.

“Hehe, the selection of the dragon race is cruel and complicated.

Even if Bean could become the Dragon Emperor at the beginning, he wouldnt be able to have any actual power.

If he wants to gain more power, hell need to go against some of the old overlords of the dragon race, which is very dangerous.

Besides, I still dont have the slightest bit of regret now for taking his son away back then, and I wont feel sorry for Bean,” Fan Zhengqi chuckled and said calmly.

Now, Chu Feng finally understood.

In any case, the current Bean couldnt beat Fan Zhengqi.

Rather, Fan Zhengqi releasing Bilur was already giving face to Bean.

Bean probably wouldnt be unappreciative.

“Alright, then Ill take you to meet the Dragon Emperor now.

Youll know when the time comes.

Its usually very difficult to meet a dragon with an advanced overlord bloodline,” As Fan Zhengqi spoke, he quickened his pace.

Chu Feng nodded and followed him.

Soon, the two arrived at their destination, a magnificent palace.

Just looking at the outside, and once could see its splendor.

They hadnt waited long in front of this palace before a dragon soon walked out.

“Dragon King, the Dragon Emperor has learned about your visit.

He asked me to come here to welcome you two,” The Mirage Dragon said respectfully.

Chu Feng didnt expect that the dragon who had come to welcome them was at the overlord level.

It seemed that the dragon race had a very strong foundation.

“Please lead the way,” Fan Zhengqi said.

With that, the Mirage Dragon led the two of them through the Dragon Palace and after many curves, they finally arrived at a grand hall in the middle of the palace.

This place was even more magnificent than the outside of the palace.

At the top of the grand hall was a very majestic dragon.

It looked as if its body was made of gold.


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