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Following this, a series of piercing sounds could be heard immediately after.

Blood dripped from the Wild Bears palm where the piece of flesh had been corroded by the Sky-sea Spiders super skill.

If the battle dragged on for a while longer, the poison would most likely cause even more severe corrosion.

However, there were no ifs in a battle between Beastmasters, only results.

Seeing this, Chu Feng felt quite surprised.

“I didnt expect that the beasts of a genius in the Overlord Reserve Camp could make the Wild Bear feel pressured despite being a whole level apart.

It turns out that I underestimated them previously.

I shouldnt look down on these people anymore.”

“What the f*ck Hes that fierce Wang Hongzhis Sky-sea Spider was just insta-killed by the Wild Bear”

“This is too terrifying.

The most terrifying thing is that the Wild Bear is only at sovereign level 10, but its opponent is at commander level 10!”

“This is too exaggerated.

Originally, it wouldnt have been a problem to say that he could challenge opponents of a higher level when not in the Overlord Reserve Camp since those opponents were probably Beastmasters with A-rank talents.

However, the lowest-ranked talents in the Overlord Reserve Camp are all S-rank talents.”

“I didnt think that he would still be able to win against an S-rank Beastmaster.”

At this moment, everyone was sighing with amazement.

They didnt think that Chu Feng would still be able to defeat opponents of a higher level in the Overlord Reserve Camp.

The dragon race was an extremely powerful race.

Among them, the dragons of the five great royal families could only be considered kings at totem level.

The grand desolate ancient dragon ancestor was also a totem-level existence, so he was also one of the five kings of the dragon race.

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The current situation of the human race was not good at all.

The situation of the entire world was slowly changing, which was also somewhat disadvantageous to the human race.

“I wonder if its because of Chu Fengs good luck, or if his talent has such an effect.

I didnt expect that he could actually make his Wild Bear awaken the bloodline of the Desolate God.

With such a fortuitous opportunity, it shouldnt be a problem for the Wild Bear to easily reach overlord level 10,” Mu Yao was also awed.

“Perhaps Chu Feng really is a rare genius.

It seems the human race has produced another genius who is about to shake the world,” Zhu Haoqian nodded and was also very optimistic about Chu Fengs future.

Just based on Chu Fengs ability to fight others of higher levels in the Overlord Reserve Camp, he had already obtained Zhu Haoqians approval.

“Hehe, this isnt just talk.

In the Overlord Reserve Camp, everyone has the chance to become a legend.

Anyone who can raise a totem level pet beast will definitely become a legend.

However, just raising a totem level pet beast in itself is already difficult enough for most of us.

However, I think Chu Feng might have the best chance,” Luo Heng continued the topic.

Everyone in the Overlord Reserve Camp was a top-notch talent of the human race and all of them were proud and arrogant.

Even if the hopes were slim, they still had to pursue their dreams of becoming legends.

They had to nurture a totem-level pet beast.

Changing the fate of the human race required the hard work of the human race.

And now, these geniuses were shouldering the fate of the entire human race.

“If Chu Fengs Wild Bear really awakened the bloodline of the Desolate God, then theres a real possibility of it reaching the totem level,” Mu Yao continued.

The three of them began their intense analysis, and in the end, they did manage to come up with something that could be considered as a clear analysis of Chu Feng.

Chu Feng naturally heard the conversation between the three and knew they were talking about the Desolate God bloodline… But as the owner of Wild Bear, how could he not know The Wild Bear had not awakened the Desolate God bloodline, it had only relied on him adding points to its skills.

“Awoo Awoo” The Wild Bear could also feel someone talking about it behind its back, and was quite puzzled.

At this moment, Wang Hongzhi kept his injured Sky-sea Spider that could no longer fight.

Then, he raised his head to look at Chu Feng, who was not too far away.

His eyes were filled with admiration and he had nothing to say about losing, so he only said, “Your Wild Bear is very strong.”

Chu Feng simply nodded and smiled.

This match had ended with his victory.

Not long after, the next challenger arrived.

It was a young girl and an acquaintance… Xiang Wanzhu blinked her big, watery eyes and said, “Im here to challenge you too.

You wont mind, right”

Chu Fengs mouth twitched.

He didnt expect Xiang Wanzhu, who was also a newcomer, to challenge him.

Xiang Wanzhu had indeed only bet 100 points, so this could be considered a friendly match.

That being said, even if it was only a friendly match, he would take the 100 points with a smile.

The relationship between the two of them was quite good, to begin with.

The battle soon began.

Chu Feng still sent his Wild Bear as the beast to fight.

The battle ended quickly.

As soon as Xiang Wanzhu released her pet, the Wild Bear rushed up.

It was very fast.

In just a short while, Xiang Wanzhus pet was instantly killed.

[Chu Feng wins!] The emotionless notification sounded.

The Wild Bear excitedly slapped its chest with its claws and let out joyous roars.

“Awoo! Awoo!” The Wild Bear felt as if the shackles on it had suddenly been unlocked.

Then, its aura was instantly released and its terrifying pressure was almost overflowing.

“What the heck, the Wild Bear won in one move.

Isnt this too fast I didnt even see it clearly and the battle has ended already”

“This is too fast.

Terrifying, just terrifying.”

At this moment, the Wild Bear slowly opened its eyes.

The aura it released was much stronger than before.

The Wild Bear had broken through to the commander level! Seeing that the Wild Bear had advanced, Chu Feng was very satisfied.

Its speed of advancement could be considered to be very fast.

After all, it had just advanced to the sovereign level half a month ago and was now already at the commander level.

Advancing a large level in half a month shouldnt be fast, right

Was it fast While Chu Feng was thinking, he used both hands to hold his chin.

Then, he could feel that his beast space was slowly changing.

The royal sky crystals were rapidly disappearing, and in the end, there were only 48 royal sky crystals left.

At the same time, the entire beast space had improved by a whole level.

It became a huge space of 1,000 cubic meters.

Currently, Chu Feng could feel that he could completely control the power within the beast space.


He could even project the beast space.


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